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  1. A

    Help Bootloop stuck on logo and orange state

    Help tried to flash custom rom on my infinix hot 10 using fastboot but i used the wrong rom, bootloader was already unlocked so it got stuck at an orange state bootloop. How to fix cause fast boot cannot recognize device and cannot eneter recovery mode.
  2. C

    Realme c30 bootloop problem. won't enter recovery mode

    Hello, I just want to ask what should I do if my phone is in bootloop. I already tried entering it into recovery mode, but it didn't work. I tried pressing the volume down + power button, but it didn't work. I also tried pressing the volume up + power button, but it still didn't enter recovery...
  3. G

    Galaxy Tab S4 in bootloop - I need to delete something from the storage through ABD

    Hello. The tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 itself turned off and got into a bootloop - it doesn't boot into the system because there is not enough memory. Before that it worked fine. All on the tablet is stock and official, there is no root. Wipe cache partition tried many times already. The...
  4. S

    Help How to copy files to sd card when phone does not boot?

    Hello guys, I am having problems with my phone, so i am seeking an advice. Do you know any method of how to move files from internal storage to sd card while you are in recovery, or, even better, by using computer, through terminal or something like that? If not of how to move them then at...
  5. itsmedude

    Help Bricked Lenovo Tab M10-X505X

    Hi, Few weeks ago, I tried rooting my Lenovo Tab M10-X505X unofficially(https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/root-tb-x505x-rooting-lenovo-tab-m10-tb-x505x.4171351/ by flashing patched_boot.img via fastboot), but unfortunately I got stuck in a Boot loop. Then I tried flashing unofficial TWRP...
  6. X

    Help Help With phone stuck in fastboot

    So full information. I have a Motorola G7. Last night while it was on its charging dock, the cable got unplugged and the battery died. I have had it on the charger all morning, but no matter what i do (tried rebooting from recovery, using the options in fast-boot to reboot it, hard reboot with...
  7. F

    Corrupted SD Card backhanded Android Firmware

    I have been the owner of this Samsung Galaxy S9 for about 13 months now, and earlier today my battery died. When I turned the phone back on after partial charging, it acted extremely strangely. It rebooted to the secure boot pin screen a few times, and even to recovery mode a couple of times...
  8. I


    Hi, I've modified the stock bootanimation of an Lg Lucky (L16C) with another one (custom) from XDA. Once I gave root permissions to the smartphone with KingoRoot, downloaded a file explorer, copied the "bootanimation.zip" file in the proper folder (/system/media), edited the R/W permissions to...
  9. userde

    Help Bootloop, but I can't access the Fastboot

    Hello anonymous citizen! In an attempt that didn't work to install a GSI, during fastboot I removed the recovery.img and vbmeta.img and gave fastboot reboot fastboot to acess fastbootd and I can no longer do any action on the device, being pressed the (+) and (-) and power buttons, but it...
  10. Y

    Help Motorola e2 wiped all the partitions in twrp recovery (internal storage also).

    Please help me as i have wiped all the partitions in twrp recovery and it shows this picture when i choose recovey option in the bootloader menu.Please help me as i am using a tablet instead of my moto e2 because can't afford a new one and i am not able to manage any futher with my tab as that...
  11. N

    Help Moto E4 Plus (XT1772) Infinite Boot Loop

    Hello good afternoon I have my Moto E4 Plus XT-1772 that turns on in fastboot mode, but does not connect to the pc. I tried with two USB cables, on all ports and with a computer with Windows 10 and another with Windows 7. The computer does not recognize me, nor in the device manager. In...
  12. L

    Help How can I avoid the bootloop.

    I have a LG G4 H811 I've been hearing about the boot-loop issue. I would really like to know the best way to avoid the boot-loop issue so I could make the device last more than a year or two because it is a really good phone. My phone serial starts with 505 so it was made in May 2015. I bought...
  13. A

    Help Alcatel Ideal in a bootloop

    I hard reset and wiped the cache and I factory restored it but I am still stuck in a boot loop any help would be appreciated http://www.bestbuy.com/site/at-t-gophone-alcatel-ideal-4g-lte-with-8gb-memory-prepaid-cell-phone-slate-blue/5443800.p?skuId=5443800 this is the phone
  14. A

    Help Bootloop, cant flash recovery eventough I can boot it

    Moto G x1032 is in a bootloop and Ive tried everything. -Cant flash custom recovery eventough I can boot it (Mismatched partition size) -Cant sideload Cyanogenmod (Error 7) Help please
  15. E

    LG says LG G4 bootloop issue is due to hardware troubles

    There's been some LG G4 bootloop petitions going around the community lately and now we are seeing an official response from the South Korean electronics maker. LG says the bootloops are caused by "a loose contact between components" and that those affected should contact your local carrier or...