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casio g'zone commando 4g lte

  1. Willster419

    Careful about running "lagfix" or "trim" apps

    Hey all, some helpful info for you. Some of you, especially those who have had a commando installation for over 6 months and/or is low on space, may notice that it is a bit slow. There are apps to fix that, like these: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grilledmonkey.lagfix...
  2. Willster419

    Anyone try lagFix of trimmer on their devices?

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grilledmonkey.lagfix https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fifthelement.trimmer first one i saw little improvement, second one bricked my device
  3. Willster419

    Help 2 Bricked phones, can anyone save them?

    One is in the QPST Download mode, but won't flash, complains of a "cookie error" the other is in a bootloop, but the casio eMMC drivers show up for about 10 seconds before going away.
  4. piludo36

    Help It worked on C771... Green Power Battery Saver

    On my old Commando C771 this app reduced my charge needs by 100%, no negative impact on performance. I think the effective features were an ability to schedule syncing i.e. 1 min, 5 min, 20, 30, 60, and the ability to throttle down from 4g to 3g when not needed (on phone). Also, managing Wi-fi...
  5. R

    Root Post rooting: SD Card problems

    Here's what I'm observing: Pre-rooting: Any apps can be moved to the SD card. Google Maps has the menu option to store offline map data to the SD card. Post-rooting (latest Kingo Root): Any apps installed before rooting can be moved to the SD card. Any apps installed after rooting have the...
  6. G

    Help me please

    Hello members I need your help My casio c811 4g lte . locked and screan show email and password But the device non recovery and non enable usb depuging I tried hard reset but screen show ropot android logo and no thing show Please any dev or member help me how to hard reset thise device...
  7. M

    CAT S50C

    FYI CAT recently dropped the price of their Verzion rugged phone. It was around $400.00 when first released it is now $274.99. http://www.catphones.com/en-us/phones/s50c-smartphone
  8. piludo36

    Help Safe 2 Use OEM Car Charger From c771 On c881?

    Hi, After 3 years of faithful service, and one year of storage frustration. It was time to "decommission" my c771. So, I just bought a used, very "cherry" c881. (waiting on my Strait Talk sim card... I thought this phone was going to be CDMA..., surprise:) been with them so long they're 3 day...
  9. C

    Help A Curious Brick

    Hello, I've had a free soft bricked c811 for a while now a friend gave me to try and repair. He had rooted and modified build prop for something related to cpu and it would boot past the "Now loading" splash and black screen. No recovery installed or accessible, no fastboot accessible to my...
  10. R

    What to replace Commando with?

    I really like the Casio Commando but it is finally getting to the point that some of the newer apps I use are just too slow with it :-( What are people moving too? (I really would like to keep the ruggedness and ability to change batteries) Is there another Casio commando like phone on the...
  11. J

    Root G'zWORLD and G'zGEAR

    hi.. It seems that the G'zWORLD and G'zGEAR is only for US market? My GPS is tested working with Google Map but G'zWORLD keep saying no GPS detected. In G'zGEAR ..the tide station listed seems to be limited too.. Joel
  12. Y

    Can we change casio commando c811 and ca201L, LTE frequency?

    I found that regarding the specific frequency that Verizon and Korean versions have it is not possible to use LTE of this phone in other countries. therefore, the only way is finding a method for changing the LTE frequency. it is worth mentioning that at this moment I just have 3G connection not 4G.
  13. Y

    Instead of 4G or LTE connection, I have just 3G or G connection.

    I installed GzOne_World_Stock_v1.0 (base Ca-201l Rom) on my casio commando C811. All the time I have just 3g or G connection, but not 4G. I changed my sim card to 4G. I asked my service center, and they told me my 4G is activated already. Please help me
  14. M

    Casio c811 battery project

    Hello, I am new here so bare with me here. I am starting a new project for my casio commando c811, becuase iam sick of the short battery life. I dont care to buy one of those big ass, expensive extended batteries. I have research this very throughly, yeilding very little results. Does anyone...
  15. Y

    Nearly all of the Casio commando problems will be solved

    Nearly all of the Casio commando problems will be solved if you flash this rom (GzOne_World_Stock_v1.0) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_691U8qGnlFLWFRdGxWU0xLZXc/view The rom is flushable on both c811 and ca201l models. The rom is base Korean model (ice cream 4.0.4). The only problem is...
  16. Y

    Root Nearly all of the Casio commando problems will be solved

    Nearly all of the Casio commando problems will be solved if you flash this rom (GzOne_World_Stock_v1.0) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_691U8qGnlFLWFRdGxWU0xLZXc/view The rom is flushable on both c811 and ca201l models. The rom is base Korean model (ice cream 4.0.4). The only problem is...
  17. J

    Root Root -> softbrick after VZW OTA, question re: reroot

    Hi, I have a c811 with M070 running on Verizon. Kernel 3.4.0 Baseband M8960A-1.5.38_c811M070 I successfully rooted with Kinguser before finding this forum and all was good...that is until an OTA was rammed down my throat courtesy of Big Red. Then I was bootlooped. So, now that I'm out of...
  18. Y

    Installing m020 baseband on m070 rom

    Why, whenever I tried to install m020 baseband on m070, I saw that I did not have any signal.
  19. Y

    Root Does any professional person know how the problem of Chinese USSD code request in Casio Commando can

    Nobody has not solved the ROM problem of Casio commando C811 (m070) ussd cod request or Chinese respond code . I visited different forums for finding a solution that a lot of other owner of other brands of cellphones have been faced with such problem also. I have not found any thing so far. I...
  20. R

    APN Settings

    I have found an alternative method of editing the APN settings. I never was able to get offline APN editor to actually change the APN. What's needed: A rooted Commando HiAPNGlobal application - google it Root Explorer or some application that will allow you to edit an xml file. HiAPN will...
  21. nugiedha

    Help Casio C811 Soft Brick, possible fix?

    Hello excuse me.. I'm new here. Just want to ask..if there's anybody have RAW backup (eMMC backup) from CA-201L / C811 I have mbn and hex that can bring bricked qdload 9008 CA-201L / C811 become 9006 or USB MMC device..just need RAW backup image from fresh/healthy CA-201L / C811 so my bricked...
  22. Y

    How can the USSD problem of Casio commando c811 be solved????????

    There are a lot of ways for solving the other problems of this handy. However, anybody has not solved the problem of USSD that comes back in Chinese word. I have seen this problem in different kinds of mobile phones. This problem should be in a specific place in android phone rom.
  23. L

    Editing Address Book on C811

    Can anyone provide guidance on this phone I just got? I need to edit several contact records for placing calls.
  24. Larry_Hale

    Upgrade from M070 to 150 Build

  25. Larry_Hale

    Help My C811 Not Ringing on Incoming Calls

    I have a C811, Baseband M8960-1.5.38_C811M070, Android 4.1.2, Kernel 3.4.0, that has topped ringing on incoming calls. I've checked the sound settings and they're OK. The phone is rooted and has cwm recovery v6.0.2.8 on it. I don't know what to check next. Any suggestions?