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cat s60

  1. CAT S60

    CAT S60

  2. CAT S60

    CAT S60

  3. CAT S60

    CAT S60

  4. CAT S60

    CAT S60

  5. Android News

    Cat launches the world's first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera

    The Cat S60 has launched in India and features the world's first integrated thermal camera. The device also features the following specs: - 4.7-inch HD Display - Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Processor - 3GB RAM - 32GB Storage - 5MP Front Camera - 13MP Rear Camera - 3,800mAh Battery - Android 6.0...
  6. slimbobaggins

    My camera quality terrible after the most recent update... anyone else?

    I'm not imagining this. I don't know why the image quality is so bad, but it's bad enough that I'm considering buying a different phone. I'm not asking for the world, but I need a camera that takes a usable image. Here's a picture from my coworker's 12MP cell phone camera: And here's the...
  7. slimbobaggins

    How to lock screen during call with bluetooth?

    No matter how many times I hit the lock button during bluetooth calls, the damn screen keeps turning itself on. I either feel the phone burning up in my pocket because the screen is on, or my leg hits buttons and mutes and/or hangs up my call. I've google searched a little online regarding...
  8. A

    S60 airplane mode when talking

    it's going on airplane mode suddenly when I'm on call.... often
  9. Calicosniper

    S60 brokedown-

    After 3 months of using my S60, it bricked. No root, no mods. Just stock. Had to pull a hard reset 3 times to get out of black screen. Now, that doesn't do the trick, neither does the reset button under the Sim/SD cover. Status blinks red 5 times when trying to charge, and will vibrate when...
  10. havok209

    SD Card keeps becoming corrupt after restart.

    Have SD Card formatted to be internal storage, containing mostly all of my Spotify offline music. The first 2 or 3 times the battery completely died, it became corrupt each time. Then I went a few weeks without shutting it off or letting it die until today. It was being really slow so I rebooted...
  11. J

    How is audio quality?

    I am in B2B sales, and on a good day, I make 50+ phone calls to customers and potential customers. Most of those calls are on speaker (I work from home). How good is the audio quality on a S60? I currently have a Samsung Rugby (ruggedized S3). I don't want something that will be worse than...
  12. J

    New Update on 12/2/16

    I just got a notification that a new update was available and I just got done installing it. I am posting and wondering if everybody on here also got this update. I t said it updated security, the camera and some other things. I hope it addresses some of the battery wifi issues also.
  13. havok209

    Terrible wifi speed.

    I'm becoming more and more disappointed with my S60. Reduced headphone volume, SD card corrupted after battery completely ran out of power, but what's been annoying me the most lately is the terrible wifi speed. I have and run several peripherals at separate or at the same time in different...
  14. havok209

    Low heaphone jack volume?

    I noticed a significant change in volume level when compared to my previous phone while having my phone connected through the headphone jack to my car's auxiliary input. Are these phones just overal more quiet or is there a setting to be adjusted? Thanks
  15. Riba

    CAT s60 died

    I bought this phone a couple of months ago and it did not went well (water ingress) with the first one as I mentioned in another thread on this forum. Everything went well with the new one (no deep water exposure) until couple of hours ago. Ironically, I was reading post about battery drainage...
  16. R

    Should i get an S60 ?

    I love the look of this phone, i work in construction, so its ideally suited to me. But there seems to be alot of negativity about it online, so i ask current owners of the S60, would you recommend getting this phone ? thanks
  17. The Dark Knight

    Help Network/Carrier compatibility?

    According to Cat Phones and Bullitt they only produce this phone currently as an unlocked GSM version. However, one gentleman on their Facebook page claimed that he has this phone working for him on Sprint. I understand the general differences between GSM and CDMA, so I can't imagine this being...
  18. slimbobaggins

    Just got a system update notification

    Anyone else? I did not apply.
  19. S

    Assign sim card to contact?

    Hi New owner of said phone (coming from iOS) - I cannot find a way to assign sim cards to separate contacts, is it not possible? Only the default sim card for all calls/texts can be selected (or prompt every time). Also, there isn't a button to close all open apps in Recent apps view like on...
  20. slimbobaggins

    Setting to disable GPS background scanning?

    So I finally installed Greenify last night to see what the buzz is all about. Haven't done the ADB permissions stuff yet, but set a couple thing anyways. Checked my battery stats a couple times this morning, all was well, and then I noticed that Maps was the highest percentage consumer...
  21. S

    Help Ring/notification volume is behaving erratically.

    Ring volume is behaving erratically. Mainly while listening to music via bluetooth. Sometimes the only reason you know you have a call/notification is music volume drops. Both ring and notification volumes are set at full
  22. J

    How do you save a picture sent to you in a text?

    I have never had this problem before, but with this phone I cannot save a picture I received in a text. I try long pressing the picture, I try hitting the three dots. I am using the text program that came with the phone, and I use the Google photos to view pics. Thanks.
  23. Z


    Anyone having issues with their screen or glass shattering? Had my s60 for less than 24 hours before the glass shattered. Took maybe a 2 foot tumble off my night stand onto the carpet, phone was fine (as it should be). about 15-20 minutes latter I'm scrolling through my emails on it it and it...
  24. slimbobaggins

    uSD Card reading issues

    I have randomly, over the last two weeks, gotten an error that my SD card is an unsupported device. After this happens, the phone sometimes reads it, and sometimes it doesn't. In today's case, it started out reading it (and recording pictures that I took on it), and 20 minutes later, it wasn't...
  25. minkhs

    CAT S60 3G issue

    My phone cant turn on 3G, only 2G. I tried to reset factory but its not work. Help me pls.