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  1. R

    Not really new but not charging

    This time it"s the Moto G Plus. It had been doing fine but when I plugged it up, it didn't. I've tried the usual, checking the connections and using different cords. I shut it off for now.
  2. H

    How can I stop my phone charging at the recommended 80%?

    If, as recommended in several videos I've watched, it's helpful for battery longevity to avoid full charging (and leaving on charge when full) how can I best do that? I have a Galaxy A13 and as far as I'm aware there's no way to make it stop charging automatically. My next step was apps that...
  3. S

    Ampere app - strange readings?

    Ampere (an app to show battery charge or discharge rate) doesn't seem to work properly for me. I'm using a Samsung A10. The charging socket is poor (rusty/dirty?), so I was checking the charging speed. With the phone idling and the screen on, with it plugged into the charger, the battery...
  4. S

    Does connecting to computer via USB reduce smartphone's battery lifecycle?

    We have to connect smartphone to computer with USB to transfer files which also charges it. Does this reduce battery lifecycle (the number of times battery can be charged) which causes earlier battery replacement? Are there any methods to avoid this?
  5. Z

    Help Charging while powered off causes shutdown

    Soon after I started using my new phone almost three years ago, it was shutting down randomly once in a while. It would stay on for about an hour at a time. Once it starts doing this, it takes a few days to return to normal. Then it would be fine for a month or so. After trying different things...
  6. B

    Help Screen not turning off when locked after charge

    Hi everybody, my phone around 1-2 weeks ago got this weird behavior where after I insert the cable for charging or just for connecting it to the PC (which is recognised as charging status all the same) if I try to lock it manually, or even after the automatic locking timer, it will lock but the...
  7. Sanjit Keksar

    Help Would like to what could possibly be wrong based on my phone behavior described within

    Of late, when my MOTOROLA G5S+ phone drops to around 80% (from a full charge) an outward call or video viewing will cause it to trip and reboot without notice. When I turn the phone back on the charge has dropped straightway to 69 %. This will happen again at circa 40% and the charge dead drops...
  8. K

    Battery Life Question

    Well I've finally after 2 years had my first faulty battery. Had no clue why my Otter Box wouldn't fit for over a month. I just assumed I tore the clue part when I removed the Otter Box a month back. Anyways finally decided to Google and found out it was most likely caused by a bad swollen...