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Help Would like to what could possibly be wrong based on my phone behavior described within

Sanjit Keksar

Jun 14, 2021
Of late, when my MOTOROLA G5S+ phone drops to around 80% (from a full charge) an outward call or video viewing will cause it to trip and reboot without notice. When I turn the phone back on the charge has dropped straightway to 69 %. This will happen again at circa 40% and the charge dead drops to 28% or so. From 10% to 0% charge this does not occur al all
It also does not happen at any charge level when the phone is plugged in and used

What may be causing these sudden dead drops?
I have tried calibrating the battery twice (issue does not go away) and have scanned for possible rootkits and virus too (none are there)

May i have your educated guesses as to what this is pinpointing to?
Those odd power issues would appear to be battery-related, the issue being that is a 4ish year old phone. So do you want to spend the money to have the battery replaced in the hopes that is indeed the problem or devote that money into buying a new phone?
If you have the necessary tools and are comfortable tearing down a smartphone, the iFixit site has a nice step-by-step guide on replacing the battery in your model:
Note that you'll also need a slow, patient hand and a good heat gun, there's a lot of glues and adhesive involved. Also, it might be prudent when searching online for parts that in Motorola's infinite wisdom it released two different but closely related models - the Moto G5S Plus and the Moto G5 Plus within months of each other. (...and just for the lulz, there's the newer Moto G 5G Plus)
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