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  1. P

    "Fully charged in 8 hours"

    OK, this was just a catch phrase but it did say it. Suddenly my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is saying incorrect or bad charging times. It said "8 hours 12 minutes to fully charge at 19%" I unplugged and plugged back in "1 hour 55 minutes" I click the lock screen on and off "3 12 minutes until charged"...
  2. codezer0

    OnePlus unsatisfactory. Need something else, but what?

    In some ways, a continuation of this thread. Help - Upgrade or service loss deadline approaching Preface: After as long, simply, I'm very disappointed in my Nord N20. Battery life is still not anywhere near where it should be. This summer has already had me encounter a few too many times...
  3. J

    moto g stylus 5g 2023 battery issues

    hi everyone, i just upgraded from a samsung a32 5g on boost mobile to a motorola G stylus 5g 2023 on boost. I have it setup as close to the setup on my samsung but the battery is draining wicked fast and the phone is very warm.. Can anyone please give me any advice. I dont use it for heavy stuff...
  4. H

    How can I stop my phone charging at the recommended 80%?

    If, as recommended in several videos I've watched, it's helpful for battery longevity to avoid full charging (and leaving on charge when full) how can I best do that? I have a Galaxy A13 and as far as I'm aware there's no way to make it stop charging automatically. My next step was apps that...
  5. E

    Help Help me choose a budget rugged phone

    My fellow mp3 player is beyond repair, and it's sad to go out without music. So i am thinking about replacing it, and my old nokia cellphone on the smartphone. If nothing bad will happen, i should be able to save around 60$ till the end of this year. That's my budget. But i can save a bit...
  6. G

    Samsung S22+ battery drain

    My battery has been drainign fast since the last update. Anyone else having the same issue. I could go an hour or more with just a 1% drop in battery life. Now it drains almost 10% with no usage. Running version One UI 5.1 Android Version 13 Kernel Version Galaxy S22+
  7. S

    Ampere app - strange readings?

    Ampere (an app to show battery charge or discharge rate) doesn't seem to work properly for me. I'm using a Samsung A10. The charging socket is poor (rusty/dirty?), so I was checking the charging speed. With the phone idling and the screen on, with it plugged into the charger, the battery...
  8. A

    How to prevent apps/services from restarting once closed?

    On my old phone, I had powerful battery options to prevent apps from consuming battery in the background. On stock Android, however, the options seem to be more limited, which is why I use the "KillApps" app to get rid of these battery suckers. However, I have noticed that after several hours...
  9. P

    Strange use of zero battery

    It keeps happening very sporadically on my 6-yr-old unrooted doogee s60 lite. https://mega.nz/file/SVcVFLQI#GjU85CF_8zes43CZxF66l3LahLt7-mKGwG-bNBbuFpo In case the image does not show, this is a battery app screenshot showing that for some 7 hours, my phone did not use a single percent of...
  10. Irfan Latif

    [APP][7.0+] WhatsRunning - Know what's running on your Android device

    Have you ever been suspicious about the services, processes and apps running on your device? We have a unique all-in-one solution. WhatsRunning shows: A lot of information about native processes and Android apps running on your device A detailed breakdown of RAM and swap usage System services...
  11. kumaranil13k

    How to cure Battery draining and lagging problem

    Question How to cure Battery draining and lagging problem I have lyf water 7 ls-5504 mobile it's been rooted through super user to use link2sd and link apps. But before rooting it's have huge proble of draining battery it's battery drains 25% within if screen off to 10-15min from 100% to 75%...
  12. Z

    Help Charging while powered off causes shutdown

    Soon after I started using my new phone almost three years ago, it was shutting down randomly once in a while. It would stay on for about an hour at a time. Once it starts doing this, it takes a few days to return to normal. Then it would be fine for a month or so. After trying different things...
  13. kumaranil13k

    How to optimize manage and stop Battery draining leakage? With setting or apps?

    I have one of mobile Lyd water 7 LS-5504 Android 6.0 it has 3000mAh battery whenever I charge it charge quickly but if it's kept it switched on without using or even opening and kept aside screen display locked it's battery gets drained within approx 5hrs -6hrs means it's standby time is...
  14. Sanjit Keksar

    Help Would like to what could possibly be wrong based on my phone behavior described within

    Of late, when my MOTOROLA G5S+ phone drops to around 80% (from a full charge) an outward call or video viewing will cause it to trip and reboot without notice. When I turn the phone back on the charge has dropped straightway to 69 %. This will happen again at circa 40% and the charge dead drops...
  15. MoodyBlues

    [SOLVED] Is my battery on its last legs?

    My current Z² is barely a year old. Lately, I've had to charge it an additional time during the day. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary with it, nor have I added any new apps or anything like that. At just a year old, could its battery already be conking out?
  16. D

    Help v30 won't boot, not sure what to replace

    Hi new friends! So My Aunt had an LG V30. She has actually already bought a new phone, but she may have some pictures left on her V30 and also if I can get it working again within 14 days, she won't have needed to spend the extra money on a new phone and we can return it. So I'm wondering if I...
  17. K

    Battery Life Question

    Well I've finally after 2 years had my first faulty battery. Had no clue why my Otter Box wouldn't fit for over a month. I just assumed I tore the clue part when I removed the Otter Box a month back. Anyways finally decided to Google and found out it was most likely caused by a bad swollen...
  18. rickaltman

    My battery capacity has fallen off of a cliff

    On Monday, my Galaxy Note 8 was functioning perfectly fine. Now three years old, its battery doesn't quite last all day any longer, but that was manageable. Tuesday morning was a whole different story. It began dropping about 1% every 90 seconds. It was at about 20% by noon, and then after a...
  19. Android News

    Android battery management is about to get better

    Battery life on Android is about to get easier with the app telling you specifically which apps are draining your battery.
  20. Android News

    Bluetooth battery level indicators come to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    We knew it was eventually coming, but it would appear that the Pixel 2 phones have yet another surprise hidden in them. Right now, supported Bluetooth devices on the Pixel 2 and 2XL are able to report and display their battery level.
  21. Android News

    Leaves could help scientists crack the secret to longer battery life

    Scientists have created a porous material that mimics the flow of nutrients through plant leaves, which could help greatly improve battery life. It also helps reduce the stress on electrodes, which could allow for 25 times more capacity, charger fasting, and a longer lifespan for batteries.
  22. A

    Help Phone turns off at high battery

    Samsung Alpha turning off at 34%battery. Turning it back on itll only stay on for a few seconds as if it was at 1% etc. We've tried fully draining the battery and longterm charging since a few articles mentioned it, as well as resetting it to factory but nothing has worked so far. The phone...
  23. Android News

    This battery won’t explode even when cut or punctured

    A professor at Tufts University has shown off a new type of battery that won't explode or catch on fire when it's been cut or punctured, unlike lithium-ion batteries.
  24. P

    Help How much battery % do you lose overnight?

    Hi. I'm just a bit bothered with my Huawei P9 lite. I've been losing on average 15%-20% just by leaving it unplugged while sleeping. Wifi is off, and basically I kill all my apps and Greenify them before going to bed. Are these numbers normal? And P.S, if anyone can still recommend good...
  25. Android News

    New battery tech promises to charge fully in seconds and last for days

    A new battery technology being researched by UCF is showing promising strides. The technology allows batteries to be charged in mere seconds and last for days. Furthermore, charge cycles may be extended greatly as battery capacity didn't degrade even after 30,000 cycles.