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Strange use of zero battery


Aug 16, 2017
It keeps happening very sporadically on my 6-yr-old unrooted doogee s60 lite.


In case the image does not show, this is a battery app screenshot showing that for some 7 hours, my phone did not use a single percent of energy. It was on, lying on the table half a day untouched, screen off.

As I look at the system battery reading - the same.

What does it mean? how is it possible, and if it is, why does it happen sometimes and otherwise does not?

The phone has not been restarted for several days, it has icebox installed which does make much difference, but so spectacular?

Most importantly, how to replicate this? :)


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Thank you for your replies. I am surprised not to hear this is commonplace actually because my previous phone an android 6 Nomu 20 rooted with some battery saver, hence, a completely different setting, would occasionally behave the same. To the extent that in a most extreme case, it would not use a percent of battery for more than 24 hours being on with use next to none, and a normal downward graph afterwards, which seems to imply there is no discontinuity in the readings. If the level suddenty went to zero or any substantially lower value, this would be much more unambiguous. Not the case here either - see pictures.

Also, see the phone's battery reading of yesterday - flat as a desert for 7 hours, as in the app.

Thus, the battery app seems irrelevant, also because I am sure I was not using this one back then.

The only thing that makes the current battery app stand out is it rings alarms when levels reach upper and lower thresholds, which is very useful if android is not smart enough to just deactivate charging at 80%. App is called battery hd made by smallte.ch

still another case months ago, in minor use the battery would be good for 3 days, which is outstanding.
the only thing that has seemed to make sense was that when play store gets deactivated and so are play services, sometimes no app happens to wake this monster up, and this is when it shows what a 6000 battery is really capable of but then central sends an impulse and this whole network of applications gets awoken.


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