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  1. K

    my code works fine in simulator but crashes in play store

    Hi, I have updated my app for target sdk 34 and min sdk 24 my app has got 4 tabs and the first and main tab is a google maps which displays markers on maps but the app works fine on simulator and even launched with my phone connected but I uploaded it to google play store but the app...
  2. L

    help wechat qr code scan

    @mikedt can u help me
  3. M

    PUK code at start up

    Hi Everyone, My wife has been playing with the settings on her Samsung A22 (wish she would stop doing that) and now every time she powers it off and then switches it back on, it asks for the PUK code. How do I change it back to a simple pin code? Many thanks.
  4. E

    I can not open virtual phone

    When I run the code I wrote, the virtual phone does not turn on.
  5. D

    Help!: Need to compile source code file/folders into APK

    I am recently employed into this new company as a junior IT support. I mainly do hardware with very2 little programming knowledge. Recently my company upgraded to a newer server and we have changed the location of the databases. However our apps are still pointing towards the old server...
  6. blfngl

    [Solved] Prevent TextView component from detecting touch

    SOLVED: The component was an EditText rather than TextView lul Hi there, some questions about preventing a component from detecting touch from users (like the title). I'm developing an app that has a background rendered with OpenGL that also has a few TextView components layered on top of them...
  7. M

    A bug in a simple code/where is it ?

    I cannot find a bug in the following application for Android Studio. We have a set of players {1,...,n} and a valuation from the set of all subsets to {0,1}. The apllication is supposed to read numbers labeled with binary strings of length n corresponding to coalitions S (1 indicates that this...
  8. C

    How can I make my android apps which I build using android studio to work properly.

    Hello, i if this is the right place for this kind of question. If it is not the right place please point me into the right section. I created a simple app using android studio to stream my audio/music from my website, but the problem is that it is playing/streaming very very slow, I know it is...
  9. J

    Ways to improve technical debt for improving the functionality of the ap.

    I am building an android app that will allow the user to scan and convert various images and pre-planned material into high definition printable formats allowing the user to print any content with ease. But my team recently started facing issues while rolling out v2 for our tool. We noticed a...
  10. R

    I need help with subroutines (methods)

    Hello, In an app that i 'm writing i 've code that is the same for several views, it is code to save/load data in different files views are: parameters, history,personal info, medication. files are parameters.txt, history.txt, medication.txt How should i create a kind of util class with code in...