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Help!: Need to compile source code file/folders into APK


Jul 31, 2023
I am recently employed into this new company as a junior IT support. I mainly do hardware with very2 little programming knowledge.
Recently my company upgraded to a newer server and we have changed the location of the databases. However our apps are still pointing towards the old server url/location. I have been in contact with the app developers on how to change the configuration of the apk; in which it needs to be decompiled. They are engaged in a big project and was unable to assist me at this moment. Instead, they have given me the whole folder containing all the source code (Shown in the screenshot).

I was asked to:-

1. Change the URL setting in on of the config.ts file contained in the res folder - done -
2. Recompile everything to APK so that the 'new' apk can be installed on our mobile android devices.

I have used the Android Studio program to open this folder and made the necessary url changes.

However i am unable to find "Build APK" from the Build drop down menu. It only displayed "Make module 'projectname'", "Analyze APK" and "Deploy module to app engine" . Did I miss something out? Please see screenshots
Screenshot 2023-07-29 193033.png
Screenshot 2023-07-29 193145.png


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