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    How do i change dpi in android 11 source?

    I'm trying to build android 11 automotive from source for my Raspberry pi 4, but all elements are way too big on a 1024x600 screen. Everything looks fine on a 1080p screen, though. How do i change the screen density then? i tried searching all configs that are related to what i build, but there...
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    Help!: Need to compile source code file/folders into APK

    I am recently employed into this new company as a junior IT support. I mainly do hardware with very2 little programming knowledge. Recently my company upgraded to a newer server and we have changed the location of the databases. However our apps are still pointing towards the old server...
  3. Android News

    Motorola releases Moto G5S Plus kernel source code

    Just yesterday, Motorola uploaded the Moto Z2 Play's source code to GitHub. It seems like the Lenovo-owned company has been working hard on getting these kernel sources out, as it today released the source code for the Moto G5S Plus, which has the odd code name of "sanders."
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    Xiaomi releases the source code for the Redmi 4 Prime kernel

    Xiaomi generally gets a bad rap for releasing kernel sources so late but today they released the code for the Redmi 4 Prime.
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    HTC is uploading the kernel source code for the HTC 10

    As part of the GPL, it's required that Android OEMs published the kernel source code for any device they release that uses Android. We rarely see these published before the devices are released though. So now that the HTC 10 has been for sale for a while, the company has finally started to...
  6. Android News

    Samsung release kernel source for Exynos-based Galaxy S7 Edge

    Samsung seems to be getting better about getting their kernel source code out. The company has already released the Galaxy S7 Edge's kernel source, with the device's full availability only lasting less than a day so far. It's safe to assume the regular Galaxy S7 will eventually have its kernel...
  7. Android News

    HTC Releases Its First Marshmallow Kernel Source Files, For The One A9

    The HTC One A9 is making its way to various parts of the globe, so now the company is pushing out open source kernel files. Over at the HTC developer center, you can find downloads for models released in Austria, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and Arabic-speaking nations.
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    Motorola Releases Android 5.1.1 Kernel Source Code for the Moto Maxx

    For those unfamiliar with the device, a Moto Maxx is essentially a DROID Turbo without Verizon and now the source code for the kernel is now available to the public.