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  1. T

    Help How can I reinstall Android on my car's tablet display?

    I bought a used Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020. The previous owner apparently replaced the stock display with a tablet that runs Android. The connections seem fine (power, stereo, BT, Wi-Fi). But the UI is clunky, there's no access to the Play Store, and in general the OS seems unofficial. How can...
  2. C

    3 button navigation bar, hide this until I need it

    Edit: How can I hide the standard 3 button navigation for Android on a Motorola? Google responses only point to using swipe gestures navigation. I want to use the 3 button. Navigation system I've been using for years. This morning, I could swipe down and the buttons would appear. Then I...
  3. B

    Set display of number of unread xmessages to 0 without showing as read?

    Unread messages are displayed with a number in several places in the phone, e.g. on the WhatsApp icon in the main window. E.g. 5 for five messages. Can the number be set to zero without the messages being displayed as read by the sender?
  4. S

    Display issue on samsung s9

    Display issue on samsung s9. Screen goes dark on adaptive brightness (often after like 4-5 hrs). If I adjust the brightness to anything below 60%, it goes real dark (with or without adaptive brightness). For now I have kept the brightness to max. Seems to work now. But looks like over all the...
  5. R

    Help Display corruption when video is playing

    I experience display corruption whenever a video is playing or in certain apps with my S6 running Android 7. With videos the corruption is seen outside the video frame (when not full screen) and it looks like little squares of the video itself moving around. For certain apps (eg: gmail) my...
  6. Anes08

    Help Galaxy M20 screen acting weird

    Recently I discovered that my phone's screen is leaving semi transparent stuck pixels on the edges of the screen , I don't know if it came like that from the previous owner (the phone is used) i just noticed it while using the phone in low brightness , if i set the brightness to 20% or above the...
  7. G

    Mi 9 Lite - Broken Display

    My Mi 9 Lite fell off display down. Just from 3 feet, but the impact sound was nasty. There was a tempered glass and a silicon back cover which had a bit high edges. But the cement floor was not perfectly flat. The tempered glass already had cracks from a previous fall months ago. No new cracks...
  8. V

    Do most OLED screen on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 get the screen burn in problems?

    Do most OLED screen on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 get the screen burn in problems, and do LCD displays get screen burn in?
  9. MoodyBlues

    How can I stop unwanted refreshing?

    This is driving me nuts! At seemingly random intervals, my display refreshes, and when it does it causes problems with apps I'm using. For example, file managers that are opened to various locations, both local [device] and remote [networked drives], reset to their start-up locations when this...
  10. Android News

    Samsung showed off forcetouch OLED display tech at MWC

    A report out of Korea claims that Samsung showed off a new OLED panel which included pressure sensitive features similar to forcetouch. The company also have a 1200 ppi display to show off which is intended to be used for VR.
  11. A

    Help Blank display temporarily

    When using Google Maps on my phone during a long trip, how do I shut down the display to conserve battery without having to reenter my password to bring it back? I am using Android 6.0.1.
  12. Android News

    Asus Designo Curve MX38VQ desktop display sports Qi wireless charging

    The 37.5-inch, 3,840 x 1,600 Asus Designo Curve MX38VQ desktop display is impressive on its own, but it's more appealing if you own a smartphone with Qi wireless charging capabilities. The new monitor features a Qi wireless charging built into the base of the stand, allowing you to move the Qi...
  13. Android News

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 rumored to include a pressure-sensitive display

    Samsung may be the next smartphone manufacturer to equip its flagship smartphone with a 3D/force touch pressure sensitive display. The new rumor claims that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a pressure sensitive display, but it would be several years before the tech trickles down to Samsung's...
  14. A

    Help Image Chache On The BG of Every Screens. LG G6

    Recently ive noticed my whatsapp chat image is being struck in the background of my display. Its a bit difficult to identify. But its too annoying. So i uninstalled my whastapp, Changed the keyboard. Still the same. Any hope mates ? Does anyone had the same issue ?. Please help me out.
  15. Android News

    Sharp shows off its Corner R Free-Form Display featuring rounded corners

    Samsung's flexible display technology is cool, there's no denying that Sharp's Corner R Free-Form Display with rounded corners looks promising. The technology allows the corners of the display to be cut off, giving a device a unique profile. Unfortunately, Sharp isn't quite ready to bring the...
  16. Android News

    How to add an always-on display to any Android device

    A lot of newer phones have some sort of "Always-on Display." This allows you to quickly check things without fully unlocking the device. Nick from Phandroid shows you how to add an always-on display to any Android device.
  17. Android News

    E Ink's new Advanced Color e-Paper display supports 32,000 colors

    The new Advanced Color e-Paper display from E Ink is officially rolling out, offering a 150ppi e-paper panel which can display 32,000 colors. Unlike LCD and AMOLED panels, e-paper does not consume any energy when displaying a static image. The technology is mainly suited for e-readers or static...
  18. Android News

    AMOLED display shipments to grow 40% in 2016

    The days of LCD's dominance appeared to be numbered as IHS is projecting a 40 percent year-over-year growth for AMOLED display, resulting in the shipment of 395 million units by the end of this year. AMOLED's smartphone market share should sit at 21% by the end of 2016, but that number will grow...
  19. Android News

    Next Huawei phone will sport 2K display, says CEO

    Huawei's CEO, Richard Yu, took to Weibo to announce that the company's next device would sport a 2K display. Previously, Yu has made it well known that he was not a fan of QHD or 2K displays due to constraints on battery life, but that's all about to change. The reason for the change is due to...
  20. G

    Help Display settings and locked screen

    Hi, I'm new to android and trying to find out if and how I can configure the following things (that comes as default on iPhone): First, is it possible to wake the screen up while the phone is locked by using finger tapping / knuckle tapping or any other action with the fingers without using the...
  21. Android News

    Tesla reportedly taps LG to make the Model 3's giant display

    With Tesla beginning to start production on their "economy" electric car, the Model 3, reports are coming out stating that the console display will be manufactured by LG. This move will help both parties by allowing Tesla to jump into mass production without any hiccups, and hopes to bring LG...