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Help Display corruption when video is playing


Feb 7, 2021
I experience display corruption whenever a video is playing or in certain apps with my S6 running Android 7.
With videos the corruption is seen outside the video frame (when not full screen) and it looks like little squares of the video itself moving around.
For certain apps (eg: gmail) my enitre screen is full of these little squares making it hard to read.
Since I can screenshot it on the phone, I dont think its a screen connection issue
i'm not sure i see the issue in your screenshot. does this happen on any video? all the time or sporadically? only on a certain app like youtube or something?
Youtube, insta, fb apps are actually ok. It happens with any video in chrome browser. Apps like gmail and outlook it occurs as soon as I open an email.
In the screenshot you should be able to see those little squares in the bottom half (It is pixelated)
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Yeah, I would try a different browser with the same websites, and see if the problem disappears.

I am not a fan of chrome.

Anyway, if you hve an Androud, you have Android System Webview built right in.
This is good, because all you need is a 'wrapper' app to give you an interface to that, and then you have the fastest browser available for that device.

Luckily, there are a few out there.
There is one in particular that many imitate- Lightning.

I have my favorite, IDM+, and it is an advanced version of the original.

Following are links to the original, and a couple others that have different features (but are based on Lightning).

There are other browser wrapper apps for Android System Webview, but Lightning and its children are fast, secure, and extremely easy to use.
I have been using them for years.
Let me know of any questions or issues.



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