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  1. E

    Valu Event listener being skipped for firebase database

    I get an error in the requests adapter saying list.size = null. When debugging, I noticed the value event listener is not being triggered and it jumps directly to the adapter = new request adapter I have used the same instantiation of the database reference in other parts of the code and it...
  2. W

    Which database user registration solutions for android and ios app

    I'm building my first quiz app in android studio with Kotlin. I have the .xml file ready for the registration and login page, what are the best options to store login data? I want to make a commercial app. Because its my first app I search for a free (or low cost) solution. I have experience...
  3. TheOneGuy

    Help Invalid Dynamic Link Error in Google Maps

    Hello, After getting link to share my location with other person it doesn't work and I get error.
  4. A

    Firebase authentication succeeds and yet doesn't work

    Hello, I've ran into this problem today and it drives me nuts, any help would be appreciated. I'm using Firebase authentication with email and password, the user is created and appears in the Firebase console, but FirebaseAuth.getCurrentUser() as well as task.getResult().getUser() returns some...
  5. W

    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
  6. I

    How users can only see their own data in Cloud Firestore?

    I'm building an app with Kotlin. In the app, the user can sign up and log in. After the user log in, the user adds some text and pictures, and these data is successfully added to the firebase cloud store and displayed in the app as a list. However, this list can be accessed by anyone registered...
  7. T

    Firebase Cloud Functions - Detect Changes to List inside Document

    I have tried searching around to find how to best do this in Firestore (I am new to nosql/non relational databases). I recently discovered Cloud Functions as a way to send notifications to users of my app when changes have been made to a document in the database. That part is very clear, however...
  8. BushraEisa

    Button Visibility Based on Firebase User

    Hello everyone hope you're all well. I'm developing a social network app and I want one of the buttons to only be visible to specific Firebase users and invisible to the rest of the users. how do I do that? Thanks in advance x
  9. Cinemato

    App Inventor How to make a text view equal to firebase string

    Hello, I'm making a project using android studio and java. I have some data in a realtime firebase database and I'm trying to take the data in an activity then making a text view in another activity have the value of that data. I was able to get the data but I when I try to set the textview to...
  10. A

    Habitube - The Movie Library

    Hi there! I recently uploaded my first app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=az.siftoshka.habitube I hope you find it well. Pleas, sshare your emotions here and what I can improve by your opinion. More about app is in the link above :)
  11. Android News

    Firebase is completely redesigned with Crashlytics integration

    Google has updated its Firebase console with Crashlytics integration, A/B teting framework, Predictions engine, and more.
  12. Android News

    Google announces that Fabric is now joining Firebase

    Fabric was a developer platform that was created by Twitter and it has now been acquired by Google. The technology, along with the team, will now work for Google's Firebase division to help growing developers create and scale their products for the world.
  13. admyrick

    The Firebase team gives us a look at what's changed since Google I/O

    The Firebase team is at the Dev Summit in Berlin and gives us a look at how much things have changed since Google's new unified app development platform was announced at I/O 2016.
  14. Android News

    Google Play Services 9.6.80 is causing some apps to crash

    Apps that use the Firebase Crash reporting tool, have noticed an issue with the latest update to Google Play Services. It seems there are some conflicts going on because removing this tool from the app fixes the issue. So developers can either remove it and recompile their app, or wait for...
  15. Android News

    You can ask Google developers questions about Firebase during a live Hangouts session on May 26th

    The Firebase co-founder James Tamplin, and developer advocate Mgnus Hyttsten will be hosting a live Hangouts session on May 26th at 3PM Pacific. The two will be talking about the latest Firebase update, and will also be taking questions from the audience (for those who register). So if you're a...
  16. Android News

    Google announces a huge update to Firebase, making it a unified app platform

    Google wants to help developers create apps once and then deploy them on multiple platforms. This is where Firebase comes into play. With the new Firebase, you can develop an application once and it can be made available on Android, iOS and the mobile web.