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Which database user registration solutions for android and ios app


Nov 11, 2021
I'm building my first quiz app in android studio with Kotlin. I have the .xml file ready for the registration and login page, what are the best options to store login data?
  • I want to make a commercial app.
  • Because its my first app I search for a free (or low cost) solution.
  • I have experience (course) in postgresql
  • I want to store also gamedata (for answer and question analysis)
  • I want also ios.
Is sqlite a good solution? Is this free or do I need to work/pay with/for an api? Is firebase a good solution? is the phone vertification of 0.06 high or dont I need this? Or are there better options?

Thanks for your answer, I have a few questions.
I have only data analysis skills in postgresql. Is it diffecult to make a back end database for apps?
Is MySQL enough, or do I need to pay for an api or something else?
I have Python skills for data analysis, so MySQL is a good solution.
It is not difficult to make just a back-end database. But you need to develop your backend application which is maybe a web api in order for your apps(iOS & Android) to call.
If the size of the data you want to store in DB is medium, I think MySQL is sufficient.
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