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help me

  1. S

    Can you please help me identify this icon

    Please help identify the app icon on the right?
  2. I

    Good smartphone under 400 USD with headphone jack?

    I'm so tired of looking for a phone. Googled smartphone forum and found this place. Can you guys help with this? What's a good smartphone with: 1. Good display with low PWM 2. Headphone jack 3. NO ADS in the system (like in Xiaomi phones) So hard to find a decent one it's insane. Don't care...
  3. r_pie

    I Need help with Android App Development

    Im new to Android Development, and I need to create an app that opens another app like so: I open App 'X', which then goes and opens App 'Y' and App 'X' closes itself in the background. Any assistance as to how I would make this? I need very specific guidance, because Im very stupid lol...
  4. J

    expired picture messages issue

    I have an s21 plus and the issue I'm having is that when I get sent pictures, it comes up as automatically expired.. like it expires the minute it's sent and when I click it, it says somethings wrong. Here's the catch though, for some reason it doesn't work when my sister, (Galaxy, verizon, diff...
  5. D

    I can't access edit SD memory in different file browsers

    Hoy cambié mi memoria SD y cuando quiero editar archivos me pide permiso para la memoria SD desde el directorio raíz, sin embargo, me dice "esta carpeta no se puede usar" "para proteger su privacidad, elija otra carpeta"
  6. cocotus

    Help I Forgot the name of an android game [Pls help]

    When I was a child in 2016, I played a game about Kung Fu. There was a character who resembled Bruce Lee and you could move him by swiping the screen. He was very flexible and you could make him do splits. In the game, you had to collect coins and there were different levels with different...
  7. S

    Apps MySQL connect and query

    Hello dear helpers, I'm new to app development and with the help of a youtube tutorial I started an app that should connect to an SQL server and query data, but now I get an error that I can't sort and hope for help from you. Code MainActivity.java: package com.huth.system; import...
  8. M

    Icons- F in a box

    Looking for info on two apps. One with an F in a box and the other looks like 3 people?? Names of apps? Please
  9. E

    Phone stuck in boot loop

    Good day. I tried rooting my phone with magisk and fastboot but after flashing the patched image and trying to reboot, phone has been stuck in a boot loop with a text saying "Orange state: Phone can't be trusted. Will boot in 5s" but the phone never boots. It just goes back to reboot. I can't...
  10. C

    Who can help me?

    Who knows wich app this can be? on android top bar left, see screen: Skull-android by Cheesecaketiny posted Jul 20, 2021 at 8:47 AM
  11. Syahhhh3333

    Help Lenovo A6000 can't reboot to TWRP recovery

    It hv been a week that I'm stuck to install custom rom for my mom's phone and I desperately need help. The main issue right now is that lenovo a6000 can't reboot to TWRP recovery. 1st I did in pc, bootloader unlocked, usb debugging on, oem unlocked, img flashed but for cmmd "fastboot boot...
  12. D

    Apps Text recognition on Android TV

    Hello, I try create an app on Android TV with text recognition. I know, that I can use MLKit for recognition on phone or tablet, but MLKit don't work with Android TV Google Play Services. Do we have any other options or libraries for scannig/recognition text on Android TV?
  13. 1

    Help Help finding an app with this logo

    Greetings...can anybody please tell me what app uses this logo on its notification bar? Im suspecting foul play on my SO and Im trying to do my investigation on the matter. Any help will greatly be appreciated
  14. N

    HELP - SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T310

    My tablet battery was recently replaced. It started to show on by the rotating symbol and suddenly it stopped. Now the positive and the negative points are short circuited. What could be the reason? Please guide me.