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Aug 20, 2023
I'm so tired of looking for a phone. Googled smartphone forum and found this place. Can you guys help with this?
What's a good smartphone with:
1. Good display with low PWM
2. Headphone jack
3. NO ADS in the system (like in Xiaomi phones)

So hard to find a decent one it's insane.
Don't care about camera or games but would prefer if it was decently built and didn't lag.
My budget is around $400 buy I can squeeze like +$200 if needed
have you tried using gsmarena's phone finder? its a pretty good tool to weed specifics of a phone that you want.

here i did a basic search for phones under $400 that have a headphone jack:

i only buy flagship phones so i can't help with the price. and i use bluetooth headsets so i can't help you with that either. but there is the Samsung Galaxy S9 on that list.
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