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htc chacha

  1. M

    Help Screen stays off but phone recongnized on windows

    Hello, I have tried to repair a non starting htc chacha to backup contacts again and messages. When I press on, the phone vibrates one then nothing. I connect it to computer (i tried 2 windows) and the charging led work. It is also recognized in device manager and in disks management (driver...
  2. Soren

    Help Need Scandinavian letters

    I have had to change from a Scandinavian to an Australian HTC ChaCha, with slightly different keyboard. That'd be no problem if only I could choose also a Scandinavian keyboard enabling to enter the five letters differing, æøåäö (and their capital versions ÆØÅÄÖ) - no matter with what key...
  3. Z

    Root help needed

    ive been trying to root my htc chacha since forever but still no luck ,,,,, found this foum and i know you can help me pleaassse
  4. C

    Help How to downgrade from ICS to old version

    How to downgrade from ICS to old version 2months ago I upgraded my chacha to ICS - what a disappointment. I was able to downgrade by old version... please tell me the steps........ Can anyone help? thanks
  5. W

    Loop during start up..

    My ChaCha get stuck during start-up. It just go until the moment when logo and "Quietly brilliant" claim appears and then it stats over. I tried to choose wipe memory (hard reset) but it didn't proceed..Any help or instruction how to put new/fresh android from SD card etc..?As far as I know the...
  6. C

    Help How to upgrade to google play from market?

    Hi everyone, My phone had the original 'market' app on it. Since this has changed to google play in recent times, my phone won't upgrade to google play. I have a HTC cha Cha A810b phone, 2.3.5 OS version. All of which I am lead to believe (through friends and research) that it's all...
  7. O

    Help HTC Chacha(Status) starts up but wont charge

    Hello. I'm new around here... I have an HTC Chacha which wont charge... I followed steps recommended by a user on this thread: androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=596180 It got the phone started up, however, the phone wont charge beyond 2% or less. ... I need help with this, I cannot afford...
  8. Z

    Help Htc Chacha Keeps Turning off without Power Cable !!

    Hi, I'm facing this problem on my HTC chacha A810e. My phone keeps turn off without power cable , i've double check my battery but its fine , already done with hard reset and data reset but no luck :( but when i plugin my htc with power cable it starts working. Any help please :confused:
  9. L

    Htc ChaCha lifetime...

    Hi everybody: this is my first post ;) I'm looking to check the lifetime of my Htc Chacha: can somebody help me? Many thanks ;)
  10. U

    F button share issue

    i have been a chacha user for over a year. but recently i had to reset my cell. After syncing all the accounts, a triangular icon stating that i have to authorize f button on my chacha to post updates is appearing. once i select it,i am redirected to a page which isnt available. i tried...
  11. T

    Help weird text message problem

    Hey fellow Droiders, Hope you understand my issue. Basically I hear the notification sound that I have received a txt & the phone vibrates but when I unlock the screen & check Messages there is no new message!! I maintain a decent amount of phone memory & the only other app I use which is...
  12. S

    Help HTC doesn't sync my gmail

    Hello, I wanted to start new thread about my HTC chacha phone as it has so many problems. I didn't even know but all problems my end up with the same solution flush OS. Anyway let me tell you my story...... At the begining I am IT so I am not noobe in the subject. I managed to fix...
  13. T

    Root need help to root my new htc cha cha in mumbai

    I have got an htc cha cha a few days back. The only issue is small internal memory. I knew about this drawback bebore buying this phone but i thought i will root it later to use It the way i want. Now is the time to root as i have got a 16 gb sd card for it. Pls tell me if there are any...
  14. N

    Help HTC Status SyncNow not working

    Hi, I have an HTC Status running 2.3.3, and I generally only use it for texting. Recently I started using a few more features and set up an event on the calendar so that it would then sync and appear on my Google Calendar, which I have done several times before with no problems. Then I...
  15. S

    Can I use Samsung charger for ChaCha ?

    Hi all of you ...I am new here ..nice to see forum very useful like this :) I just want to know is there any problem to use samsung charger on my chacha ??
  16. B

    HTC ChaCha

    I got this phone because when I was in the shop the adviser said it will be good since I use the internet a lot for Facebook and Twitter. The only problem is not only do I keep getting 'Memory Low' my battery lasts 1-2 hours. If I'd known this I would never have gotten the phone. I am always...
  17. R

    Help Cant set google account on my android market.

    HY, I am using HTC Status/Cha CHa, i was using google play to download my apps. Bt yesterday it stopped working. I reset my phone. And now its not taking my google account and ican not use andoid market. When ever i am trying to sign in its saying there is a temporary erron or your data...
  18. L

    Help Phone stuck on start-up loop !

    Yesterday my phone had low memory and was playing up so I restarted it and ever since, it's been stuck on the start-up screen where it shows 'HTC quietly brilliant' then my operator '3' logo. It will keep repeating until I take my battery out. I can't get past this stage. ): I have tried...
  19. N

    camera flash don't works

    hi my camera works but the flash isn't working when i take photos an even recording don't works . i don't know what to do. a little help phone :htc chacha
  20. A

    Root [Guide] How to flash back to Europe stock ROM for HTC Chacha (all in one zip!)

    I recently had some issues trying to get my phone back to manufacturers stock quality, so I decided I'd put together a guide for how to get your HTC Chacha back on a European Stock ROM! WARNING: Leaving your phone plugged in during certain parts of this method can cause problems. Only plug...
  21. J

    Help fb-chat not opening. Cant b online

    Previously my fb chat was working fine. Once I force closed it(which I had done previously several times) and after that I can't b online. whenever I open it it shows only "go online" and then "Loading.." then it keeps showing that. no friends are shown. Please help me out.
  22. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the ChaCha? You can contact us through...
  23. C

    Help Help!! Back of htc chacha wont open?

    I've tried everything, and I can't get the back of my HTC ChaCha to open? I don't know what I did wrong! It won't move at all!!
  24. C

    SD Card and Low Memory?

    Hello! The memory on my phone is low right now so I was wondering if I got a SD Card (a big one) will it help improve my low memory? Or would it make no difference at all? I would not want to waste money on a SD Card if it makes no d ifference.. thanks!
  25. D

    Help Vibrate on pick up

    Hey guys! Just got the ChaCha after the Tattoo, and I am reaaally missing one function I had on the Tattoo but is missing on my ChaCha - vibrate on phone pick up. Basically, when I made a call, once the person on the other end answered, my phone vibrated. It's not happening on the ChaCha :'(...