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htc desire

  1. L

    HTC Desire A9191- will not update firmware

    Hi, I have recently tried to sign up with Uber on my Desire A9191, however I got a message from them saying that I needed to update my software/firmware. The problem is that when I go into the settings to do this by pressing the update software button, I am told that everything is up to date...
  2. F

    cant get into my phone

    Please help translate and guide on what to do . The first screen after boot up is in chinese thanks
  3. A

    Help Multiple messages sent on HTC Desire 626

    Hi guys. On my HTC Desire 626, when I send messages to people it gives me the red triangle and says that the message hasn't sent. The other person, however seems to be able to receive it but they get multiple messages of that one text. Sometimes I get multiples of the text they send back. This...
  4. M

    HTC Desire not t urning on or responding to volume key buttons

    Hi, i got an old htc which i been using as a back up phone and about a month ago it stopped working. when i switch it on it goes straight to the factory reset screen ( white screen with 3 robots a the bottom and options such as clear storage,sim lock). this happens without pressing the power...
  5. MarmiteX1

    Root Issue with returning to HTC stock ROM

    Hi, I have a factory unlocked HTC Desire and currently its running a custom rom but i want to revert back to stock rom. I want to run this on Windows 10: RUU_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.21.405.2_Radio_32.36.00.28U_4.06.00.02_2_release_126984_signed I have a laptop and pc running Windows 10(basic and pro...
  6. lusanhero

    VM pushing abusive apps

    I've finally decided to root my phone. I cannot stand the pushed updates to worse and worse apps that keep harassing me to pay money for things I don't need like visual voicemail.
  7. Mommymegan49

    Need help adding more fields to my saved contacts

    I just got my desire and set it up. I synced it to my gmail. When I go into my contacts and try to add something to one of them like a address or email it won't let me. It says I disable a required permission. I've tried doing everything I can to figure out what this is and can't. Does anyone...
  8. M

    Desire 816 - Blocking blocked numbers?

    Hello: I was wondering if there is a way to block incoming phone calls that say "number blocked" on the incoming call? Thanks
  9. C

    Help Replaced screen No phone service

    I had my screen replaced and now I have no phone service.
  10. H

    Help Desire 610 instantaneously drops all charge at once

    (first post so here we go) I bought the phone from bestbuy about two years ago as a prepaid phone for AT&T and one day i tried restarting it and it wouldn't power back on. 11 months later i try charging it again and it started up. After factory resetting it, ive been using it off service for...
  11. 0

    view voice recordings on SD card

    Hello, I can see on my phone that I have 3GB worth of voice recordings on the SD card. When I attach to PC I can see many folders but there is nothing in them and there is no 'my documents' folder like for the phone itself. I need to save these files to PC. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. WilliamL

    Google Now voice activating during music play while driving

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3FhYyZb-tspb0Z0UlJsMHFiWVE Above is a screenshot of my issue. This happens when I am driving while listening to spotify which is a huge problem as I have to press the back button on my phone to go back to my music, pretty much I have to fumble and be...
  13. brettski31

    htc desire 310 weired firmware issues

    hi all need your help my head is battered. im not new too rooting ive flashed custom and stock roms since the days of the omnia hd, ive usually resolved issue my self so why cant i do this damn htc. ok the phone it will do different things and no its not rooted bootloops on htc logo but if...
  14. G

    Old Contacts in to Smart Contacts

    I just upgraded to a new HTC Desire 626s. I exported my contacts from my old phone and saved them to the SD card. The new phone has Yahoo's Smart Contacts. It has loaded the contact list with 100s of people I don't know, but I can't figure out how to import my old contacts. All of my text...
  15. Android News

    HTC Desire 530 hands-on roundup

    Android Authority went hands-on with the HTC Desire 530 and we see that the company is sticking with the same design as we saw in the most recent Desire handsets. We aren't told how much it will cost, but specs and build quality seem to indicate that it will be low-end to lower mid-range and...
  16. G

    Desire 600 crashes when in pocket

    I am having a strange and annoying problem with my HTC Desire 600 double sim. The device is not new, I "inherited" it from my son. The problem is the following: The phone crashes spontaneously. This always happens (with a couple of exceptions) after I put it in my pocket. Basically as soon...
  17. Android News

    Latest HTC Desire tablet comes back to life after disappearing

    It's not often that HTC releases a new tablet, but the latest tablet with HTC's Desire moniker, the T7, has made an appearance. Thanks to GFXBench, we now have an idea of what the HTC Desire T7 will be bringing to the 7" tablet market.
  18. 2

    Help Every app that needs wifi crashes when I launch it

    Hey guys I need help with this very strange problem. I've got HTC Desire that is 5 years old. Phone is still fast but on my wifi every app except Viber crashes. On every other wifi apps work and don't crash. When I go to facebook it says that internet permission denied so I tried clearing cashe...
  19. U

    Cannot save any apps to sd card

    I am having issues with moving any app (d/l ed from the play store. Every time I move an app it disappears completely..... I know the sd card is not corrupted since I have used it in other phones. I cant get any help from HTC at all. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  20. B

    Root revolutionary.io gone! can htc desire 2.2.2 be rooted?

    title says it all really. trying to save another HTC desire but this one is on 2.2.2 been a while since i s-off'd with revolutionary and now its gone.. does any genius out there know of another way of rooting it? thanks in advance for any replies.. mat.
  21. Twitchy75

    Help Having alot of trouble with my HTC Desire 600

    It randomly stopped working. It would get stuck at the white launch screen that says "HTC" and would stay stuck for hours with no sign of changing. I've attempted opening the hardware settings and doing recovery, reboot, and even factory reset but nothing seems to work! If anyone can tell me how...
  22. colc

    Help Ringtone changed spontaneously, cannot reverse

    My HTC Desire v2.2 suddenly and without any input from me changed from my normal ringtone. What I receive now is a voice message " home calling" or "unknown calling" etc. I was not even aware that this configuration was even available; it is not in the list of ringtones. The main problem is...
  23. A

    Root Worth the hassle?

    Hi guys/girls, I would appreciate your input on this. I am currently using a non-smartphone and have been given a HTC Desire A8181 as a hand-me-down. As a newcomer to smartphones, I would like to try basic apps like (don't laugh!) Whatsapp and Tinder. Unfortunately, I cannot install them, which...
  24. A

    Help Stuck on HTC boot screen

    Hi everyone... Complete ageing newbie here so please be gentle. I've just been given a HTC Desire that can't seem to get past the boot screen. By doing a bit of research, here's what I know about the phone. The bootloader has been unlocked and it's been rooted. It also has a ROM called MildWild...
  25. X

    No space even after linking + cyanogen questions

    Hi I have rooted my HTC Desire A8181 some time ago, and used Link2SD premium (or whatever it is called) to link every application to my SD card (8gb class 10, sd-ext partition is just 1gb) even with it's internal data. It was fine, I installed some apps and everything was working good and I...