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htc desire 816

  1. D

    Help Trying to restore to stock after installing CM13

    I'm trying to reset this phone to stock and it just isn't cooperating. I had fastboot working enough to load the stock recovery on there but than I went to try to use the RUU it would just crash after the Terms and Conditions. So I looked up the solution and it was downloading a bunch of C++...
  2. B

    How do I get this function on my phone ?

    Every once in a while this screen pops up and I like it. I don't know how to get it back
  3. S

    HTC 816 with spotty mobile data and GPS signal

    I've had my HTC Desire 816 with Virgin Mobile since last November. In recent months, it is constantly losing mobile data connectivity and/ or GPS signal. Granted overall Virgin Mobile cverage can be spotty in our area, this occurs in all areas. Our whole family has the same Virgin mobile...
  4. Zahed Kamal

    Stuck on Home Screen after while updating to Android 6

    Hi, Yesterday i downloaded the update on my HTC Desire 816 Duel. Then i selected the option to Install It. Then later i saw my phone is stuck on Home Screen (where it says HTC. And at bottom Powered by Android). I tried "factory reset' and few other things from Boot menu. But after i restart...
  5. benboozled

    Will the HTC Desire 816 ever receive Marshmallow?

    I'm using Virgin Mobile. HTC promised the update in Q1 of this year. I asked them about it on Twitter a few weeks ago and they said they didn't have any information on the update. I've heard it's rolled out in Saudi Arabia, but has it come to the States? Is anyone with Sprint/Virgin currently...
  6. aml1025

    Help Menus not working in Portrait View only

    I recently bought a Virgin Mobile variant 816 off eBay as a possible fixer-upper for a family member. If you hold the phone in landscape mode, everything works fine. Vertically, the phone doesn't allow any menu choices to be clicked. If I press on, say, a choice in Settings, the screen text...
  7. Android News

    HTC is rolling Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the HTC Desire 816

    A user has sent in a screenshot to Android Authority to show that their HTC Desire 816 has just received the Marshmallow update. This update should bring your software version up to 3.12.401.2 and it comes with HTC Sense 7.0
  8. D

    Help fastboot oem rebootRUU error

    Hello I want to flash an entire ROM, but there are problems. the specifications of my Desire 816 are as follows: c:\Android>fastboot getvar all INFOversion: 0.5 INFOversion-bootloader: INFOversion-baseband: INVALID_VER_INFO INFOversion-cpld: None INFOversion-microp: None...
  9. albyone23

    Help htc phone locked up!!

    my htc desire 816 has locked up completely the screen has a greed dashed line around the screen if I touch any icon the green line surround it as well. I have tried a soft re-set to no avail I have done many times. Just before I turned the phone off last night it down loaded a update for...
  10. M

    How do you delete contacts?

    Ok, I know how to generally delete contacts, but sometimes when I'm texting someone or making a phone call and hit the address icon, I get a whole different list of contacts. Contacts that I want to delete and get rid of, completely out of my phone. I've looked online for this and found...
  11. N

    Help People (contacts list) App pattern over pictures

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help/ideas about this, don't know why, but it bothers me. Just got the HTC816, love the device, but it has a few quirks. In the pre-installed People App (contact list), it puts a mesh type overlay over pictures of my contacts. Note that it ONLY does this for...
  12. A

    Root Problems unlocking bootloader

    I just got an HTC desire 816 VM lollipop. When I follow directions from htcdev on unlocking bootloader, I always get error message after entering the "get identifier token" command. I noticed that the command screen that comes up on my computer is different from the example on htcdev . Mine only...
  13. B

    Root Problem disabling system write protection

    I recently rooted my HTC Desire 816, and the last step was to install something called wp_mod.ko. Apparently this is what makes it possible to actually uninstall crapware on your phone. I would love to disable the write protection because the reason I rooted my phone in the first place is to get...
  14. T

    Root Boots into recovery after restoring backup? (Virgin Mobile)

    Hey all! I am currently on the virgin mobile usa version of the htc desire 816! I love this phone and the fact that there is a cm12 out for it! the only problem I have is that I create and restore backups in cwm recovery v6.0.4.7, however after a backup restore, the phone boots right back into...
  15. J

    Accessories Any case suggestions?

    Need a decent case for this phone coming tomorrow any suggestions?
  16. HasH_BrowN

    Sprint phone on Virgin Mobile

    Can I use a new 816 (in a unopened box) from Sprint, with my service plan through Virgin Mobile? I thought I could. Do I have to have Sprint unlock it? I assume so. What do I need to do to get it to work? Call Virgin Mobile? I would expect to. The reason I'm asking is Sprint is selling the...
  17. J

    Root Unlocking Boot loader

    hello, Iam usin HTC desire 816 dual sim. i want to delete unwanted preloaded apps, so if i follow https://www.htcdev.com/ instruction and unlock boot loader, will i be able to delete pre loaded apps. and afterwards after uninstalling if again lock the bootloader,is it ok Thanks
  18. M

    Help Battery draining over night!!!

    Up until this week, the battery has been lasting about three days when charged. All of a sudden, this week, it drains over night. I charged it last night before bed, and got up this morning and it was at 1%!! I've tried using that battery saver program, and it drains even worse then! I...
  19. Hamidreza A

    Help Can't unlock bootloader on HTC Desire 816G dual sim

    Hi everybody I have HTC 816G dual sim. I tried unlock bootloader via htcdev.com but I have a problem. In my phone settings it doesn't exist power to uncheck fast boot! And when I turn off phone and press volume down + power enter to system recovery. So I tired in cmd and typed "adb reboot...
  20. C

    Help Can't see screen in sunlight

    hello everyone,I just got the HTC Desire 816 last week and while I love the phone when in sunlight I cannot see the screen at all. I have it on the highest brightness setting and still can't see it even covering with my hand. It is really aggravating and I am not sure I want to keep the phone...
  21. S

    Help HTC Desire 816 stuck at Bootscreen

    Hey guys, I need some help with this phone, I'm an amateur with phones so i've never rooted it or tried customizing it anything like that. It's been just a little less than a year since I got it and for the first time I did a system update on it because a notification gave me that option to, and...
  22. S

    Help HTC Desire 816 software update corrupted

    I have a new Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 816. I checked for software updates and it showed there was a new one. The phone currently has 1.13.652.1 and the new one is 1.50. 652.3. It appeared to download but when I checked the old software was still current, and it didn't show the new one. I tried...
  23. troy_cummings

    Root Stock Lollipop ROM?

    Does anyone have the stock (rooted or not) Lollipop ROM/backup? I've seen a couple but they've been for dual sim/overseas version, but I just want the normal Virgin Mobile version. My phone isn't installing the OTA update, so I think flashing a Lollipop backup would give me the Lollipop OS. Thanks!
  24. M

    Help htc desire 816-unable to charge

    My htc desire 816 is not charging when screen is on and is showing "unable to charge becoz phone is using too much battery".i ve tried restarting the phone,closing all background apps.it is charging very slowly when screen is off
  25. T

    Help time zone issue

    I have an issue that my phone automatically added one hour to the clock one week earlier before daylight saving time. And when I try to manually fix the issue be changing the time zone I couldn't find my correct time zone, it shows Cairo +3 instead of Cairo +2 can any body help fixing this issue?