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htc desire c

  1. L

    HTC Desire C Individual Ringtone for Contacts? How?

    INdividual ringtones for individual contacts for phone calls wanted, possible? I searched and read here, I read the manual. It looks like it should be possible. Go to Contacts, go to Ringtone, select, apply. But it's not working. These will be custom ringtones I've already made and assigned...
  2. Ervin2091

    Help Need help ASAP! Not sure what's wrong with my HTC Desire C

    This is what m looking at, at this moment: ***LOCKED*** GOLFU PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.28.0000 RADIO- eMMC-boot May 17 2012, 16:19:28 I've used this phone for about 5months, and performed a "hard reset" twice already using the power down + vol down function cause I forgot my...
  3. M


    Hi, Firstly thanks for looking at this and any help you can provide. I am a complete novice with these things so please be patient, and the simplest the solutions / information the better. My phone switched itself off last night and it came on again with the white screen with the 3 Android...
  4. B

    Help voicemail

    I just got a free htc desire c from budgetmobile and it didn't come with a manual how do I set up voice mail
  5. B

    Help Need Advise on Reinstalling and Factory Reset

    Hello everyone, I have had my HTC Desire C for a while. I've noticed over time it has become less reliable and a lot more slow. I've tried Factory Resetting my phone but each time, it still leaves all my old apps and my Phone Memory appears to be mostly full. I have done the Root on my HTC...
  6. S

    Help Problem

    Power Button problem and even not shown live Wallpaper option(htc desire C).Its too Bad.
  7. D

    Root HTC Desire C, no wifi after superboot rooting.

    So i rooted by HTC Desire C, a old phone i need to use a wifi repeater (extender), but after rooting my phone using superboot. The wifi is disabled, when i try reenabling the wifi, it just comes up with "Error" and literally nothing else, any help would be appreciated. Also worth noting that...
  8. B

    Rubbish on memory card

    Hello, I have a HTC Desire C - Unlocked and rooted. Since a month I see a lot of dirs in the root of the memory card ( a sd-card of 32 Gb). At this moment the ammount of dirs is 280. All the names have the same amount of characters and looks like this...
  9. K

    HTC desire C screen protector stuck

    Hey everyone. I got a problem thats the first time this happened to me I got a stuck screen protector on my Desire C and I tried already the tape trick I used the titan tape and didnt helped at all. Im already out of ideas how to remove it so if you got an advice please share it its worth to...
  10. D

    Help HTC Desire C won't call 0845 numbers or voicemail

    For some reason, my HTC Desire C won't call 0845 numbers or my voicemail, all other numbers (to the best of my knowledge) work fine. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  11. D

    Help HTC desire C will charge but not turn on.

    My HTC desire C will charge uo to 100% battery but won't turn on, i have replaced the battery with a new one and still, it doesn't turn on. If anyone can help me with this I will be very thankful.
  12. V

    Help Repairing Broken Screen--worth it?

    ok so I found this thread and maybe you folks can help in my decision. So yesterday I walked into a huge spiderweb w/huge spider on my way back from the store-in the process of freaking out and dropping my groceries,I happened to drop my phone which is a HTC Desire C. Recently I bought a case...
  13. K

    Help HTC desire c power button problem

    My htc desire c developed a fault where the lock function didn't work properly, the first press would unlock it but not turn on the screen, and the second press would lock it and turn on the screen briefly, this phone has some screen damage and a dead spot, so I decided to just replace it with...
  14. C

    Screen deadzone, replaced digitizer twice

    Well, I've been going through hell and back with my HTC Desire C. I've replaced the screen 3 times in the past, and all of them have a deadzone each time. I just purchased the 3rd (and last, I'm done with the Desire) screen last week, came in today, and I replaced it with the previous screen...
  15. J

    Help No Access Point?

    Hello, I unlocked my boot loader in hopes of rooting my HTC DESIRE C. So I achieved my goal in unlocking it but, as i'm about the root it I notice I have no mobile data. The only way to fix this is by editing or adding the APN. But I cant find the option ACCESS POINT NAMES under MOBILE...
  16. T

    Help Selection problem

    So i've had my phone for a year now, and never bothered to try and fix this. My phone doesn't like to make selections. I can't add an image to a text message, change the alarm sound, and now, can't put the weather clock on the homepage because I have to select which city to live in...
  17. C

    Help HTC Desire C alarm

    How can I set up my HTC Desire C to display the name of an alarm when it goes off? User guide tells me nothing the Alarms heading.
  18. KiKi Slims

    Help Htc Desire C bricked during s/w update

    So now that I've registered, I'm reposting my question in this Forum for ease of reference as well. Issue: During s/w update, I unfortunately removed the MicroSD card as I believed the s/w was going to delete the data on it. Since then, the screen froze with an exclamation sign and the...
  19. E

    Root Phone stuck on Statup

    Hi All, I know loads and loads of people would have asked this, but please do help me out as well. As you will know i dont know anything about Android systems, and my phone gets stuck at the start up screen. This started happening after i tried to upgrade it. So at the HBOOT Screen i get...
  20. B

    Root bricked my phone attempting hboot

    I successfully unlocked my phones hboot and I was attempting to unlock it with adp and fast boot pushing simlistfile or something from the xda forms unfortunalty my cat jumped up and knocked my phone of the computer and the battery fell out now I can't charge my phone or load into bootloader...
  21. C

    Help Desire C LCD not working after repair

    I dropped my phone recently, cracked the heck outta the screen, and since I have no warranty from my provider, I ordered a new desire C screen from Amazon. After it came in, I did the whole process, take the phone apart, heat-up the adhesive and remove the screen, replace screen yada yada yada...
  22. D

    Root [Splashcreen] Make your own HTC Desire C Splashscreens

    Splashscreen is the image Green HTC with White background logo with red disclaimer text, when you first turn on your PHONE Requirements: S-OFF Desire C, ADB and Fastboot, HTC DRIVERS Download and extract folder in rar Double Click CreateG1Splash.exe Open Photoshop resize any image to...
  23. D

    Root [S-OFF][Xploit] S-OFF for HTC Desire C Rumrunner method

    S-OFF for HTC Desire C Yep you heard it right :D ;) It means flashing of Splashscreens, Radio in Hboot, and kernel Boot.img through CWM recovery is possible..also SuperCID 111111111 Requirements: ADB and Fastboot set in windows PATH, HTC Drivers installed on PC HTC Desire C with htcdev.com...
  24. D

    Root re-odexed sense 4 roms extreme batt drain

    Re odexed roms in sense 4 ics drains battery fast because if you reodex from deodex you wont get an error re deodexing from reodex some apks and framework jar gets some error, so this might be the bug, in gingerbread it is okay but not ics, unless i have an old reodexing script from gb.
  25. D

    Root [ROM][PORT] HTC Desire 200 port V1.0 for HTC Desire C GSM(Golfu)

    HTC Desire 200 port V1.0 for HTC Desire C(Golfu) Features: Aroma Installer with Wipe Overclocked Simple Kernel Rooted with SuperSU Removed HTC Google Spyware Batt %1 percentage In Statusbar Busybox Init.d Support + tweaks Deodexed Removed 7Digital App Signature Checks Disabled Bugs...