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Help Desire C LCD not working after repair

Cake Face

Apr 16, 2014
I dropped my phone recently, cracked the heck outta the screen, and since I have no warranty from my provider, I ordered a new desire C screen from Amazon. After it came in, I did the whole process, take the phone apart, heat-up the adhesive and remove the screen, replace screen yada yada yada, but I found out when I snap the back cover of the phone together, the LCD just suddenly stops working and I have to restart the phone, along with the new screen not picking up any finger movements.

Can anyone sport a few tips to help solve?
It's too late to give you my standard answer to someone who's contemplating replacing a screen (which is DON'T!) so all I can tell you is to save yourself a lot of grief and bring it to a repair shop that will eork on it after you've had it opened (many won't). It'll be a lot cheaper than finding out what you broke, repairing that and breaking something else, repairing that ... until you've spent more than a new phone costs.
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Well actually, I got it working anyway. Turns out the LCD flexcable was shorting out against something, so I installed a thin piece of rubber or prevent it and after everything cooled down, the phone looks/works good as new. Fixing a screen isn't the most of rocket scientist tasks, and it's certainly better than spending $100+ at a local repair shop. Thanks for the help anyway though.
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Ah I've had exact same problem (I assume the Digitizer is the glass screen up front no?)

I ordered a new one, followed steps online to remove the adhesive, once I put the new one in used a tiny tiny dab of superglue as well as re-used adhesive already to put it back in place, the LCD behind was cracked.

Ordered a new one, was the correct LCD, replaced it, once I fired it up, I heard the startup audio and a backlight come on, but the screen was still blank.

Circuit board appears to be in working condition, do you have any idea what's up with mine?

Cheers :)
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