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htc desire z

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    Help htc Desire Z stuck on reboot loop

    hello, im having issue with my old phone: I bought new phone so i decided to return this old desire z to its factory settings (did it through menus, not HBOOT) .. but something went wrong because now phone is stuck on reboot loop: it turns on like normal until logo, after it sits on logo for a...
  2. G

    What are this files?

    Hello folks, I found this files on Google, does any one know exactly what they are, I trying to find out what I need to re-lock the bootloader ( Back to Original ) on my HTC-601 This are the files I found on Google: boot_initd.img boot_stock.img CWMRecovery_v6.0.3.7_Zara_PhilZ_v5.15.9 .rar...
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    Help Htc desire z, suddenly off and won't turn on

    Running HTC DESIRE Z. Flashed about two weeks ago. My phone has been working fine except for the past few days where it's been constantly freezing, requiring a battery-out and turn on, and rebooting on it's own. Last time it froze, I removed the battery and turned back on, and it got to the...
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    Root Returning to Stock help....

    About 6 or 7 months ago whole trying to install a KitKat ROM on my DZ I bricked it somehow. From what I can recall of the circumstances I tried to flash the KitKat ROM with an older version of CWM that did not support 4.4.x roms . I was kinda a newb at the time so I may have panicked and wiped...
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    Phone shuts down right after startup

    Hello, I have had a HTC Desire Z with android 2.2 for about three years now. Has been working fine till now. Recently I charged my Phone to 100 percent while it was off. Then I started it up and it showed my the PIN screen as usual. However my touch screen did not work, so I could not type...
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    Help Z stuck in reboot loop, want to try salvage some data

    Hi all, I realise this is probably flogging a very dead horse, but here goes... My Desire Z is stuck in a reboot loop. My issue is basically exactly the same as this...
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    Help HTC Desire Z freezes when WiFi is turned on

    Hello there. Well I just registered because I've got a huge problem with my phone. Every time I turn my WiFi it completely freezes after a minute or so. I literally can't do anything with it, not a single button is working including the power button so I have to remove my battery in order to...
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    Help Desire Z - screen lines

    hi, I droped my phone and now my screen doesn't work anymore but only after the boot. On boot I can see the HTC logo then there's lines on the CyanogenMod logo and on the home screen so I don't understand where the probleme comes from. Is it hardware or software ? Hope my exploinations are...
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    Root CM11 unofficial * questions for this phone.

    Anyone else running CM 11 unofficial on this phone? I have a couple of issues I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing blacked out screens instead of search results when using Google now, and Google search within Dolphin browser?
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    video automatic disappear

    I hv some problem recently.... When I create folder on my phone...I move some video into the new folder...and for some reason, the video inside the new folder automatic deleted and I pretty sure I didn't deleted manually...and my SD card storage increased as well...anyone can help?
  11. K

    Apps moved to SD card are not accessible anymore

    Hi. I had Kingston 8GB Class 4 card and today I moved all the data to my new AData 32GB Class 10 card. Everything was alright until I had to restart my phone. All apps that were moved to sd card disappeared from my app drawer, they only appear in applications list with strange names usually...
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    Root file backup htc g2. help me. please

    my htc g2 can't flash rom zip and can't up rom ship. so i can in recovery. can you backup your phone and send me file backup. to I can restore my phone. help me please. thanks all
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    HTC DESIRE Z on T MOBILE - Stopped Working

    Hi All, I bought HTC desire Z 2.5 years back from T mobile, Had to repkace battery recently as old one was dead. Other then this I have not tempered it. Earlier this week I found the phone switched off in the morning. Tried to switch it on but it is not. Read the forums and tried to do...
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    SD Card doesn't work for my HTC Desire Z

    I have bought an HTC Desire Z just a few days ago, but am having a problem. I had an Sd Card in my Nokia 500, which worked just fine, but now I have put it into my HTC Desire, and it doesn't get recognized. I have formatted the sim card several times, using it with my Nokia, but it doesn't show...
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    Help ME!!!!

    MY htc Desire Z's Soft keys (home,menu,back,search) doesnt work! help me plz.......:(:confused:
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    How to take photo without sd card in HTC Desire Z ?

    hiii....i m new in this forum...and also new in android.....i need to take a photo and save that to internal memory (not sd card)...plz tell me...:( :(
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    Alarm Clock Issues

    So I have several alarms set in the stock alarm app. I have one for 6 am and another for 9:45 am today. The 9:45 one went off but the 6am one did not. When I went to check the settings, it is set to go off everyday, there is a check next to "turn alarm on" with repeat "everyday". This happens...
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    G2/Desire Z: home/search don't work, calls not coming through

    Hi, I got a problem with my HTC G2. Well, got the phone from the ebay (as the screen of my own died) and it seems it was rooted before and it also has LaucherPro installed. Iam using my existing SIM card from Tmobile which came originally with my old G2 phone. Now, the home and search...
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    Root HTC Desire Z ClockWorkMod Problem

    Hello, when i want to boot in ClockWorkMod everything go right. Ik can scroll up and down. But i can't select any of the items. When i click the power button de options goes away and the logo of ClockWorkMod will stay. My ClockWorkMod version is PLEASE HELP!!!:confused:
  20. C

    Help Stuck in bootloader while updating by zip file

    I wanted to root my phone but unfortunately i couldn't and phone stucks in htc logo.i tried flash phone with RUU file.i extracted the rom.zip,renamed it to PC10IMG and put it in sd card.i go to hboot menu and phone strats to load img file for updating.i choose "yes" and updating starts.but in...
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    Help Physical and normal keyboards not working

    Dear all The problem has started about 2 two weeks ago: Sometimes I can't write anything with neither the physical nor the normal keyboard. I can press all the buttons but nothing appears on the screen. If I then change to another app and wait and then go back, sometimes it works and sometimes...
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    Root hboot-0.85.0013 S-on

    Hi to all i have htc desire z g2 htc sense 2.1 hboot-0.85.0013 S-on i want unlock bootloder can help me please
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    Help phone turns on but lcd doesn't work

    hi im new just bought a htc desire z from craigstlist for $20 and the phone works, turns on, vol and touchscreen works, but the lcd is not working and i was wondering if i just need a lcd replacement. also nothing is cracked or broken
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    Help Stock Z froze during app install, won't boot after pulling battery

    I decided to do a factory reset of my Z. I went to hboot menu by holding volume down on boot and selected FACTORY RESET. It booted up normally and started installing apps. Then it froze. I gave it a few minutes and then pulled the battery. Now it won't boot - the HTC splash screen stays...
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    Bizarre and rare pattern unlock problem, Android issue?

    This is happening on an HTC Desire Z (A7272) with Android 2.3.3. I bought it new and it has worked great for over 3 years. A few days ago I was unable to input the pattern to unlock my phone. It wasn