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htc evo shift 4g

  1. JTMoodie2

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!! My EVO 4G LTE won't hard reset

    Hey! After school yesterday, I was using my phone and everything was fine when all of a sudden it started freezing and lagging and the screen flashed a bit and it went dark. Like, darker and dimmer than it should. I got home went into my room and tried doing a hard reset and my phone would...
  2. F

    Root Unrooting an HTC Evo Shift

    I need to unroot my Evo Shift. I've found lots of posts on how to accomplish unrooting the Shift but all contain dead links to the file(s) needed to perform the unroot operation. Can anyone provide the correct links to the files needed to do the unroot?
  3. P

    Root help- flashed ROM and phone won't work

    to clarify, I mean that phone can't make calls. I realize I'm probably the only one still using this phone... contract up Nov 24. I recently rooted (spent like 12 hours learning it) and did it successfully (that downgrade to Froyo is PAINFUL). The phone was working fine on the stock Froyo...
  4. M

    Root Problem with z4root

  5. J

    Help Screen not showing, but that's not the main problem

    Right now I have no way to sync my contacts and majority of them are only saved on the phone, and I need to respond several text messages received or else i'm screwed. Does anyone know an actual alternative to move my contacts from my busted phone to my computer or something without relying on...
  6. U

    Root help to upgrade from -.99 to 2.15 in order to root

    I like to know if anyone would be able to assist me. I am having a problem. Im trying to root my evo shift but I'm on -0.99 and need to go to 2.15 or 2.16 in order to root. Im been on the web for days looking for a solution. Help would be greatfully appreciated.
  7. E

    Help HTC Shift black line flickering

    My phone is unresponsive, when I slide it or press the power button to turn it on, a black or white stripe keeps flickering across the screen and it's not registering my touches. I can't get into the phone at all, what's going on?
  8. S

    Google/Jorte Calendar Issue.

    How to set Google Calendar as default backup site? I am not sure where the phone's calendar is backing up.
  9. K

    Help Should I replace my touchscreen, LCD screen, or both?

    [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Hi, This is my first post and I have a quick question. My phone screen is not working properly. I have a 1.5 year old HTC Evo Shift 4G. Basically there is an area towards the top of the phone that usually wont react to me pressing it. Also, throughout the day the...
  10. F

    Phone goes Viber when trying to make a call

    My son got a hold of my wife's phone. Now when she hits the "Phone" button, it automatically goes to Viber to make a phone call. Is there anyway to go back to the default dialer without having to uninstall viber? Thanks.
  11. C

    Help Won't charge or turn on!!

    Hi, my EVO Shift won't charge or turn on after I tried to charging it last night. The battery was nearly dying last night, but I had to leave to go somewhere so I went two hours without charging it and now it won't even charge or turn back on. Last night, there was a blinking light on the phone...
  12. S

    Help Sense home screen not showing proper location

    My wife's HTC Shift 4G shows the wrong location on home screen clock/calendar. (The phone is NOT rooted.) How can I correct this?? Is there a way to clear cache without rooting?? Thanks for your help!
  13. A

    'Mail' taking up OVER 200MB of space

    Ok, so I'm frustrated. I have an HTC Evo Shift and the default 'Mail's app Is taking up over 200MB of space. I need to get this cleared out for space. I cant clear cache or delete anything else with this app because its all greyed out. Any tips or ideas on what I can do?
  14. M

    Root Stuck on step 8 of SHMaRiM's root guide

    Hello everyone, I've been doing alot of reading and youtube video watching on how to root EVO Shift 4G (that's the cell I have) and I finally decided to give it a shot. I used SHMaRiM's rooting guide and everything was going well. I had trouble finding and downloading VISIONary but eventually...
  15. S

    insufficient memory

    Went to download updates apps on wife's EVO Shift 4G and got message that insufficient memory. She has few apps installed and I an only updating those present. I thought app updates overwrite older versions; how can I free memory to be able to update her apps? Thanks for your assistance!
  16. M

    yahoo messenger/text messaging

    I have yahoo messenger set up so that it will go to my cell when I'm offline. For the last two days, I'm having trouble opening the message once it's received and if I get a second message from someone else, I can't do anything with the first thread. I have an Evo 4G Shift.
  17. J

    Help Trouble adding more music to player on phone

    I have several songs on my phone already, but in the last several days I've tried to add more. They show up on the list, but the song length on the right is missing, and when I try to play any like that, it skips to the next song that works. I've still got lots of microSD space so capacity...
  18. C

    Root Need help rooting 2.3.4

    First off I'd like to say I'm sorry for having to create a new post about this but I'm ******* confused. I have an HTC EVO Shift 4G and it's on 2.3.4 . I just want to root it but it seems you can't root a 2.3.4 HTC EVO SHIFT 4G? If somebody could lead me to a guide that helps me It would be much...
  19. S

    Root I am not looking for roms

    I really don't understand why I would want to get a ROM and IMO I believe they are just technically intimidating to me. Could someone explain to me the importance of a ROM? I just enjoy being able to customize a computer from a shell environment, but at the same time, I don't want to be...
  20. S

    Root Preparation before rooting

    Hello, First off I have a Mac OSX and also another laptop that runs Ubuntu. Which OS should I use to have a smoother root. Second question, are there any applications I should remove before rooting. For example, I have this task killer and battery saver app that really messes with...
  21. S

    Root Rooting question...and yes I read the first threads

    Hi everyone, I have had an android evo shift for over 3 years now and always enjoyed playing around with all it's settings. Just recently I have become interested in rooting and how great it is for the phone. At the same time though I am not trying to mess with my phone in any way. Where I...
  22. S

    Help Problem Sending Email on POP Account

    Since I have had this phone I've been able to receive email to two of my POP accounts, but I haven't ever been able to send email. I've been google-ing around and haven't found a solution for me yet. I have a Hotmail account and an Embarqmail account that won't send email, but will receive. I...
  23. C

    Root [UTILITY][1-CLICK-ROOT] Speedy Root Utility

    You've been waiting patiently for it and it's finally here. Welcome to the Features: Combination of easiest methods Integrated Console All-in-one root 99% Automization (e.g. Not possible to detect fully booted phone through adb/shell) Logging enabled for easy debugging Will be updated...
  24. S

    Help Royally F'd my phone up need some help getting S-OFF

    I tried downgrading my phone when i first got it from 2.3.4 to 2.2. I successfully did this and am now running 2.2. I missed a critical step somewhere along the way, and my phone is still S-ON. Every guide or attempt to correct the problem has failed. I have been rooted and un rooted. I...
  25. Z

    Root getting a poll

    i use my phone for wifi use, gaming, music, videos, etc. I dont have service on this phone. So, im looking for a rom with an overclocked processor, built in multiple audio effects (beats, xloud, etc.) and then possibly some better video/picture viewers. I also like using the dual booting app...