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htc holiday

  1. C


    Is it unreasonable to request that this forum gets merged with the Vivid forum? This forum is archived while the Vivid forum is not, when roms, mods, apps, and themes work for all models. Holiday\Raider\Velocity\Vivid are the same phone and should share a forum together. Why all the segregation?
  2. L

    video conversion?

    With the long screen of the vivid what type and rez do I convert movies I want to move to the phone? :confused:
  3. El Presidente

    Root Holiday: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  4. K

    skins or cases?

    Anyone know where I can get a skin or case for my htc raider? I found some on amazon.com but I'm from canada and they wont ship them here :(
  5. K

    emails dont refreah themselves

    Just got the raider and I love it however I always have to go an manually refresh my hotmail accounts Any way I can get it to automatically refresh and notify me? I thought my settings were right...
  6. K

    Picked it up today...

    Well after thinking it through between the Skyrocket and Vivid - I went with the Vivid because I do like the Sense interface better (even though I will probably end up using Go Launcher which makes that moot anyway). I picked it up at Best Buy for $99 with a new contract renewal. No cases or...
  7. damewolf13


    If you were looking forward to getting this phone in white, you might have to wait awhile. I have called all of the AT&Ts, and retailers in Tucson who will sell this phone, and none of them have recieved it in white. What's more is that when I asked if it could be ordered in white, the AT&T rep...
  8. S

    Benchmark Test: Not impressive

    It cant even break 2000? This cant be. I was hitting close to 4000 with the sgs2 when I had it. HTC Vivid benchmark tests - YouTube
  9. P

    And rooted!! well temp root

    tried the one click method posted for the sensation, figured worst case scenario i brick it and go to rogers lol. any how i did get temp root only lasts as long as i dont reboot it but its something. wont allow me to post the link to the site ill try below its on xda...
  10. B

    HTC Vivid vs Galaxy S2

    I'm really interested in the HTC Vivid for AT&T, but I'm also considering the Skyrocket. Which one do you choose, and why? To those who already have it, what are your pros and cons?
  11. S

    Help Mods make a Vivid forum yet?

    Are you going to merge this with the Vivid? I see you still have it under holiday.
  12. S

    HTC Vivid

    So looks like it will be called the vivid in the US. For those in Canada who have it, how nice is the qHD screen?That might be the deciding factor for me between this phone and the new Skyrocket, which will be a 1.5ghz dual core, LTE capable version of the SGSII...
  13. P

    just picked up htc holiday/raider

    Had an atrix my first android phone, great phone but didn't feel like replacing a cracked screen for the third time and had an upgrade so got this phone. So far I must say I thought it was gonna be too big but im actually surprised feels great in hand. Great screen and the biggest reason for me...
  14. G

    What are the dimensions?

    I've been looking around and I haven't been able to find the exact phone dimensions. The closest thing I can find is 5 in x 2.5 in x 0.5 in from this supposed prototype article. HTC Holiday Prototype Strikes Again | Android Smartphones I would like to compare it to the Galaxy S II, which is...
  15. M


    Sorry I pOsted this accidentally in another thread and don't know how to delete. Dear respected community of android sages, I was hoping to tap into your collective wisdom regarding a most vexing problem I am facing in light of all the impending releases of these spectacular phones...
  16. S

    Led Notifications?

    My htc inspire has it, while not the greatest assortment of colors(2 to be exact) I still find them useful. Will the holiday have led lights? I cant tell from the leaked pics.
  17. F

    Release Date

    Anyone have a solid release date for the Holiday (or whatever they will call it at launch) on AT&T? I am pretty sure I will buy this phone. I am off contract right now and ready to go. I have been waffling between Galaxy S II and HTC Holiday. I just dumped Sprint and fired up my old iPhone...
  18. K

    FINALLY - Some HOLIDAY News...

    Engadget posted some HTC Holiday sighting and news - and judging by the "4G" in the notification bar (and also Engadget's text) - it does looks like an LTE device. I like.... :) Might be called Waikiki. I really don't need a screen larger than 4.3in, but I think I will make room for the...
  19. S

    Anyone have the latest scoop on

    this phone? Does at&t still have it in its launch plans for this year? I may pass up the LG thrill and Samsung attain for this.
  20. K

    This phone can't get released quick enough. :)

    I wonder if this will launch as the flagship LTE device for ATT? This phone sounds like a dream but I understand that to run all that hardware, you will need to strap a battery pack to your belt. Just kidding. :D This seems very much to be the phone that I've been waiting for ATT to release...
  21. X


    Any idea on when it should be announced/launched?