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htc leo (hd2)

  1. S

    Help HTC HD2 problem with HSPL

    Some time ago i installed all the things on my HD2 in order to install the android OS. I installed the radio, the HSPL, the aMagldr..... Everything was fine, i was always changing between android and windows, depending on my mood until one day i had to replace the Lcd screen, i did it...
  2. R

    Help HTC HD2 dead!

    Hi, I write here because I am desperate already. I have HD2 and tried to flash WM6.5 to Android ICS. I followed instructions: First HSPL2 (2.08)
  3. H

    Help Need some help.

    I recently bought a HTC HD2 the previous owner did not tell me that this phone had been rooted. I am not familiar with this and have no idea how to use this. From my understanding this was a windows phone. I used root checker and it says this phone has no superuser files or something. Need some...
  4. tlopez1973

    Help help fix superuser permissions

    hey everyboby im new to this thread i got my wife this t-mobile htc hd 2. its running android 2.2 but it has superuser onit so when i added google account it updated superuser butit does not give me root permission(the app shows su binary v2.3.1-ef(0) i have updated binary...
  5. S

    Help Sync

    When I boot the phone into the bootloader it does not sync with the Mobile Device Manager so I cannot proceed to load the ROM. The device shows up as Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM in Devices and Printers. How do I fix this?
  6. O

    Help Help with HTC handset

    hello, please how do i remove and re-install a new operating system for my android htc phone with android version 2.2, baseband version, software number 2.29.405.5, browser version webkit 3.1 and kernel version cotulla@cotulla-desktop #2
  7. O

    Help HD2 hangs on boot animation :-/

    My HTC HD2 Android 4 stays on boot animation forever... No reaction pressing any botton. To stop booting i have to take battery out. If i reboot pressing the "volume down" button it shows: PB81100 HX-BC SPL-22.08.HSPL 8G XE ... But no prompt, no interactivity... again battery off... Any help...
  8. M

    Help HTC HD2 installing Android problem ?

    Hi, I have a HTC HD2 Mobile phone , running windows mobile 5.2 , i want to install Android Operating System , i have installed the HSPL3 fine it comes up HTC hacked sucessfull but when i install MAGLDR111 or MAGLDR113 it just wants to be stuck on the HTC White screen Logo ?? Here are the...
  9. K

    HTC HD2 leo to newest android?

    Hi everyone, I just started here, and am trying to get rid of the win6.5 garbage on my HD2, I have been looking and reading all I can about it including the post here, which I note isn't the latest version like ICS Sooooo, is there anyone out there who can help? Maybe ?
  10. A

    Help Low on storage, HTC HD2

    Hey I've been using my phone for a while with no issues, until recently i've been getting the "low on storage" message. The three largest apps on my phone are Adobe Flash, FB Mobile, Handcent SMS which takes less than 30MB total. I only have 3 games installed as well and all of them were...
  11. S

    Help Updating Android on my HD2 - Totally New to this whole thing

    Hi there! I hope someone can help educate me! I bought a rooted smartphone from someone, and I believe it's needing an Android update. The phone is an HTC HD2, originally a Windows Mobile phone, but it was rooted and Android 2.2 (Frankinstein) was installed on it, and that's how it was when...
  12. B

    Help First time installing android, need clarification on a few points.

    my phone specs are as follows Hardware information RAM size 448 Flash memory size 512 MB Storage size 176.37 MB Software information OS version 5.2.21913(21913.5.0.94) Manila version 2.5.20181527.0 ROM version 3.14.405.2(04666)WWE ROM date 09/29/10 Radio version SPL Version 3.03...
  13. T

    Help my htc hd2 reboots own its own. why?

    i have an htc hd2 running on android 2.3.7, buildnumber GWK74 (nexusHD2-gingerbread V3.2a NAND), the kernal is tytung@unutu #130 and my phone reboots on its own. its on t-mobile, but when i got it the phone was being used for AT&T; the phone is rooted. i just want...
  14. X

    HD2 Android Backup, Restore on HD2 WM

    Hello! I have a question: I have two phones, both are HTC HD2. One has Android. The other has WM 6.5. If I make a backup of everything on the Android phone, I then want to take this backup and install it on the WM 6.5 phone, so that they will be identical. Does it matter what version of...
  15. N

    Help, HD2 with andriod dead after windows update

    Hi all, One HD2 came to me. Someone have install andriod on its phone memory. Customer wants to back its window in phone I do hard reset but andriod did not erased. Finally , I hspl it and install windows in download mode(tri color screen). Its flash completely but does not start. Please...
  16. T

    htc hd2 help!

    i am having trouble making calls on my unlocked htc hd2 phone. even with a signal, calls cannot be completed. the phone is running on android 2.2 R G 15.42.50 11U...
  17. C

    Help Android 4.0.3 on hd2, some problems

    Hello, i just install android 4.0.3 on my Htc Hd2 and find some problems.. The cam recorder is not working, can i fix that? and there is some way to say to android to install the apps on my storage card? i try install some apps and could't find where i change the way to install apps...
  18. L

    Help Looking for custom ROM for HTC HD7

    Hi all, I'm after a custom ROM for my Android Starlight 2. I purchased this from lightinthebox.com in Nov and some internet searching has suggested it's an HTC HD7, possibly also an HTC HD2 as they run from the same hardware? (When I plug it into the USB it shows 'Media Tek MT65xx' & the...
  19. P

    Help Restore HD2

    So I bought this HD2 that has Froyo 2.2.1 installed and I really love the phone. Super fast, but a bit heavy for my liking. I mainly use it as a tablet around the house on my wifi, I have a Vibrant as my main phone. So I have been offered a trade for my HD2 but need to restore it before I get...
  20. S

    Help HTC HD 2 Android phone stuck on htc logo. What to do? PLEASE HELP!!!?

    I was downloading a mixtape and trying to transfer the songs onto my music player when it started acting funny, so I rebooted it to recovery. When that happend it restarted, went past the t-mobile logo screen then went to the htc screen and stayed there. It's been like this for the past hour...
  21. M

    Help Need Help Unrooting HD2

    Hello i was wondering if someone could help me get my unrooted its an htc hd2?
  22. A

    Help Cannot change roms due to system recovery 3e

    Hi. I have a HD2 with android already installed. I cannot however install different roms because I have Android System Recovery 3e. This 3e version does not allow unsigned roms to be installed. I have installed CWM but when I boot to recovery it still loads 3e. How can I install and access CWM...
  23. M

    Help Stuck in airplane mode

    My HTC HD2 is stuck in airplane mode,I tried many roms and I still have the same problem,I have no signal and airplane mode can't be turn off from setting. PLZ help me
  24. M

    Help HTC HD2 flashed Android, screen stopped working

    This guy can sell me his HTC HD2, only problem is he flashed android and the screen stopped working. Idk yet if this is a screen physical problem or just plain ROM problem. Can someone who knows about this phone answer? I've absolutely no experience with Windows Mo but flashed quite a few ROM's...
  25. T

    Help m trying to run hspl2 but geting this eror (rapidtool.exe-unable to locate component) plz help

    this HSPL was working fine 3 days ago whn i flashed hd2 leo now m geting this error (rapidtool.exe unable to locate component - application have failed to start because rapl.dll was not found reinstalling application may fix this problem) i have reinstalled the application sevral times but...