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htc one m8

  1. V

    Help [Solved] HTC One M8 stuck on HTC/HTC One logo.

    I bough an HTC One M8 (Model: 0P6B100) for cheap in really good condition but someone before me tried to install a newer android version or something else. Whatever they did bricked the phone really good. It's stuck on the HTC logo most of the time and sometimes gets to the HTC One logo. When...
  2. Android News

    T-Mobile releases its HTC One (M8) Nougat update

    The T-Mobile HTC One (M8) is now receiving its Android Nougat update. HTC's One (M8) owners will get the same Nougat and Sense software features which were rolled out the the HTC One M9 just a few weeks back.
  3. Android News

    First official LineageOS nightly is now available for the HTC One M8

    If you have the HTC One M8 and prefer custom ROMs, then you can head on over to the LineageOS website. The first 14.1 nightly build is now ready to be downloaded, and there's even a version to help you migrate from CyanogenMod.
  4. A

    Help A blue like dot (not location dot) keeps appearing when using Maps.

    This has happened for some time, but everytime I use maps a blue dot appears in the middle of the screen, and I touch the screen, without locking the phone. I have tried looking in apps (cleared cached) and accessibility, with no luck... Can anyone help? The phone is a HTC One M8, Pic below...
  5. H

    GPS not working on m8

    Hi guys and happy new year :-) I bought a htc M8 phone on Ebay the some time ago and quite fast I realized that the GPS was not working very well. Google Maps was total messed up when GPS was enabled - it was hard to exit the program. Instead MapsMe seemed to work ok, but after a while this...
  6. L

    Root HTC One M8 root problem

    I recently buyed an m8. I wanted to root it, so i looked up some stuff. As is was told that i have to unlock the bootloader, I did so. I downloaded the twrp.img and a SuperSu.zip. I also tried to install twrp from my pc. I than began to boot into "fastboot" mode where I selected "recovery"...
  7. Android News

    An unofficial build of LineageOS 14.1 is available for the HTC One M8

    We already have a number of CM14.1 builds available for devices, but now we're starting to see the first batch of LineageOS 14.1 builds released for them. Most of them are the same as their CM14.1 counterpart though, and have only had the names changed in the About Phone section.
  8. M

    White Circle Locks GMAPS+CAMERA

    ViperOne M8 4.3.0, Android 5.0.1, HTC Sense 6.0. I just recently started seeing this problem that makes Google Maps unusable. It has also happened in a few other apps like Snapchat and the stock Camera app. It used to happen right when I started navigating in GMAPS...I could search for...
  9. C

    Bootloader & getvar Info

    Hi folks. I have been doing a lot of reading on the M8 forum, in order to fully understand and translate the Bootloader and Getvar information of my phone. I have a HTC One M8 and it continuously boots into the Bootloader. Now instead of me looking for the quick way out and just ask someone...
  10. Chappie

    bluetooth connections

    How many simultaneous bluetooth connections can you have on a One M8? I would like to connect to my cars hands free and my Tomtom sat nav at the same time. Cheers
  11. MrLibya

    Delete cyanogenmod

    Hello , I've HTC One M8 with cyanogenmod , and I was want uninstall it , so i see this tut , but when i download the last ROOM from the htc website and i start the bootloader mode , the HTC sync has read the device and when i start to install the ROOM i got this : and i also i don't remeber...
  12. L

    HTC One M8 ( Phone Storage Issue)

    Good Afternoon Android Version - 6.0 HTC Sense Version - 7.0 I have a One M8 which has 16 GB of memory as standard. I have also added a 32 GB Samsung microSDHC UHS Grade 1 Class 10 Card. It has been working great for two plus years now and each app i install, i then move the app to the SD...
  13. E

    Mobile data disconnected,help pls

    I reset my htc one m8 phone and now my mobile data always stays disconnected,sim is smart. Any one who can help? Tnx
  14. Arbiter

    Help M8 Harmon Kardon edition (Sprint) will not upgrade to Marshmellow

    Hi folks, The other half and I upgraded to HTC 10's and she gave my son her HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon edition. It has been getting notifications for months to upgrade to Marshmallow OTA. I download the update, click install, it reboots, start the installation, then stops saying unexpected...
  15. Android News

    CM 14.1 nightly builds are available for the HTC One M8, HTC One A9, LG G3 S and more

    The developers behind CM14.1 have just pushed out nightly builds to a new batch of devices. So now you can download and install CM14.1 on the following devices. . . - BQ Aquaris M5 (piccolo) - HTC One A9 (GSM US) (hiaeul) - HTC One (M8) (m8) - HTC One (M8) Dual SIM (m8d) - LG G3 Beat...
  16. dontpanicbobby

    Best speakers ever!

    Nuff' said.
  17. L

    Changing Sound Profile Loses All Sound Selections

    HTC M8 Android v6.0 Sense v 7.0 When I temporarily change my Sound Profile to Vibrate, my Notification, Alarm and Ringtone are all set to Silent. When I return the Sound Profile to Normal, I then I have to re-select the sound option for each. Is this expected behavior? Thanks!
  18. P

    Help How come when my phone dies it deletes app data but not the apps?

    Most of the time, when my phone dies it deletes all of the data from my phone but it doesn't delete the app. Does anyone know a way I can fix this?? Also my phone dies when it gets to around 20% and I'm not sure why? Sometimes if I'm lucky it'll go down to 8% then die but normally around the...
  19. welpxd

    Help Unlock bootloader without volume buttons (buttons broken)

    I tried to unlock the bootloader on my HTC One [m7]. I've followed all the steps on htcdev.com. I managed to skip the manual (vol. down + power) way to get in to fastboot using adb. However, I'm at step 10 and I'm stuck. If my volume buttons are working, all I have to do is press vol. up and...
  20. R

    Root HTC M8 Eye Cant install stock ROM

    HI, I am really in a serious situation. I trieng to get back stock OS for my HTC M8 EYE Since last 1 week . I have recently tried to root my phone and after twrp installtion i have rooted my phone. But it was stucked in boot loop. Then i madly wiped all data from twrp recovery . So i lost...
  21. F

    Help How do I change the phone number in "phone identity"?

    How do I change the phone number in "phone identity"?
  22. P

    Help HTC One M8: Unable to send message

    Hello, I bought this phone on eBay and I am unable to send text messages with it. I can call, but just not text. Each time I try to update the SMSC by dialing *#*#4636#*#* it says Update Error, and when I refresh, it says Refresh Error. And I still can't text. Does anyone know a fix or any tips...
  23. Marisa060

    One M8 2014 version wifi not working

    My phone didn't recognize the software on the phone after I reset it one day, so I downloaded the latest software update to my microSD card and inserted it in my phone then it stopped displaying the white HTC logo screen. During the factory reset process, my phone could not locate any WiFi...
  24. Jik580

    Help Crashing HTC One M8

    Alright hello guys, Excuse my English, I'm Dutch. My HTC keeps crashing down, and I don't have a clue where it's comming from. It all started with whatsapp, snapchat and instagram closing down when I touched my screen using the app the notification popped up: XXX had stopped working. At first...
  25. D

    Can't enter unlock code

    Got the 6 digit unlock code from Sprint so I powered down my m8 and put in a Cricket sim card. Turned it back on and I just get "invalid sim card 4g services unavailable". I know this phone is incompatable with Crickets 4g services but all I want to do is unlock it. I was hoping that any sim...