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htc wildfire

  1. G

    Help moving contcts from SIM to contact groups

    Hi everyone, I'm would like to know how to copy a contact into a group on a HTC Wildfire A3333? Thanks
  2. M

    Audible file from Android to PC

    Hey folks! As a part of my audible membership I could pick a free audio book from their library, which I downloaded to my HTC wildfire. Now unfortunately, the player is a major pain in the b*tt and doesn't seem to function very well. I wanted to get my audio file to my pc. The file...
  3. S

    Google Play services

    Just download a trip advisor app. when launching it says it cant run unless I update Google Play Servies. I open GPS but thre is either open or uninstall, no option to update. i have uninstalled and re-installed (I think) but nothing has changed. Where am I going wrong?
  4. K

    Htc wildfire stuck in htc screen

    Hey guys, My first post on here so sorry for the newbie questions :) I have searched this site and many others for a solution to my problem but nothing has worked forcing me to ask here. I have a HTC Wildfire which I found at my sisters house and took it to use as a second phone. I know...
  5. S

    Root This Rom worked for mine wildfire...

    Hii all ... I have mixed around with my wildfire now in severall weeks ... i have tried 10 best "roms" and i am finaly found it .... and it work`s extremely good. I am testing the battery helth now as a last piece .. and it seems average .. so everything else seems to work good so far ... I...
  6. G

    Help No one Hears Me

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a fix fo my problem... Started last night no-one can hear me, although I can hear them talk. The little speaker hole at the bottom is not blocked, and mute is off, not been dropped/submerged/ in the slightest. My phone is abut 3 or 4 years old and i have...
  7. A

    Root Root and install cyanogenmod 9 on htc wildfire

    Hi, I have a Htc Wildfire currently running Android 2.2 (yeah outdated) and I want to root my phone to install cyanogenmod 9. I have tried to root using unrevocked 3 on windows 8.1 and mac but it comes up with failed to root is your firmware to new on mac. On windows it wouldn't get past...
  8. S

    Root Need little help with the rest .. someone!!

    Hii... I manage to set my wildfire S-OFF .. like this. Revolutionary BUZZ PVT SHIP S-OFF HBOOT-6.01.1002 MICROP-0622 TOUCH PANEL-ATMELC03_16ac RADIO- Nov 17 2010,12:08:53 Android-version 2.2.1 But i have struggle with that GingerBreak-v1.20.apk that i should put into...
  9. M

    HTC Wildfire and OS 3.0

    Hi guys i have HTC Wildfire 2.2.1 android version. I want to install some "TV to go" aplication on my HTC, but they are asking me Android version OS 3.0 or newer. Is there any way i can upgrade my OS to 3.0 ? thanx for any info :)
  10. G

    HTC Wildfire touch screen senses without touching

    I've got a HTC Wildfire. There is a problem with the touch screen. Sometimes the touch screen feels a touch somewhere in the middle of the screen while I haven't touch there. Is there a method to adjust the sensitivity of particular spots on the screen?
  11. I

    HTC Android Phones

    Please let me know that how to upgrade HTC Wildfire A333 to its new available version.
  12. W

    Wildfire CDMA OTA Update

    I tried to update my Phone after I got the message of it. But, when it's updating I got an error. Is there another way to it?
  13. A

    Help Wifi is not working on htc wildfire

    How to fix it
  14. G

    My Phone Wont Turn On

    Hi i got problem with my htc wildfire A3333. one day my phone suddenly off and wont turn on. when i try to charge the phone, the phone getting hot and yet still cannot on. can anyone help me with this problem ?
  15. B

    htc wildfire s powerd off and wont power back on

    i was on my htc wildfire s when it turned its self off i have tried turning it back on and nothing happens i have also tried charging the phone and still nothing can some one help me plz thank u
  16. R

    Root Wildfire a root

    Right, I'm finding my wildfire so a right hard nut to crack, I want to root it and have tried different methods to no avail, whether it be bad download links, or incompatibility issues, it just hasn't worked, closest I got was trying to flash the pg76.img but I'm asked do I want to update each...
  17. N

    Google Play Store on Wildfire?

    Hi all :) I've just taken delivery of a Wildfire (I lost my Desire and needed a replacement until my contract renews in March) and seem to be having problems with the whole market/google play store business. My phone has the "Android Market" icon on the main screen. The first time I press this...
  18. C

    RSS reader using most of my data

    Hello, I have installed a data metering app and I see that one app called RSS Reader is using aout 80-90% of all my data. I didn't set up any RSS feeds, nor can I find the app in the app list to uninstall, nor its instance to kill. Is my phone hacked, or is there some other problem? Thank...
  19. C

    Autocorrect only in Landscape mode

    Hi fellas, I have Rooted Wildfire S working well for so long time w/o any issues. I dont know what exactly changed in past few weeks with my phone but now I dont get autocorrect working in Portrait Mode. I have been looking solution for this in web for quite some time now w/o any success...
  20. tobermoryboy

    Lock Screen won't accept password can we get behind it?

    Hi We have a similar problem in that the initial screenlock seems to have got the password confused/corrupted, now surely this is not the same password as the Google Account, but is set from the Handset? I am looking for either A) way round this? or B) getting the SMS messages of the phone...
  21. B

    HTC wildfire showing LOCKED (oow) screen

    I have a HTC Wildfire mobile. It was switched off due to low mobile battery, when charged again I started mobile but it is not starting/booting. It is showing a following screen *** LOCKED (oow) *** Buzz pvt SHIP S-On HBOOT - 1.02.0000 MI CROP - 0622 TOUCH PANEL- ATMELC03_16ac...
  22. V

    HTC Wild fire Touch Screen not Working at all.

    I have HTC Wildfire ( not the htc wildfire S) the oen with the ball at the bottom My digitizer broke down a few weeks ago, and the screen wouldn't respond at all (it was having problems before, too), so i change it but it still doesn't respond to any contact at all. I tried to look for a...
  23. A

    Root Unable to install Custom Recovery

    Hi, I have issue in installing custom recovery, my phone info is: HTC Buzz (Wildfire) - Rooted S-Off Hboot 1.01.0002 Rom manager says recovery flashed successfully, but when I goto recovery it shows phone image with exclamation mark, i press vol up+power then it shows stock recovery with a...
  24. I

    Root Remove Cyangenmod 7. Help!

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post. I bought a used HTC Wildfire from a second hand shop. When I turned it on I saw a weird purple circle logo. Then a Cyangenmod 7 logo appeared. I tried this phone and it was alright but it's really slow compared to my new HTC Wildfire. I want to remove this...
  25. S

    Help got this message

    pleasecould anyone help me iwas trying to do the settings for my phone APN the application settings processcom.android has stopped unexpectedly (force close) my phone is htc wildfire its stuck on this so I cant access to put my settings in