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huawei premia 4g

  1. M

    Help Android Phone Won't Play Videos Or Music

    I Have A Huawei Premia 4g On Metropcs And I Am having To Problems That I Need help fixing. One Of The Problems Is That every time I try playing music or any videos from YouTube or facebook they keep loading and then say an the video won't play try again and my video recording doesn't work at all...
  2. G

    Root Any custom roms available, possibly KitKat?

    All of us with a Huawei are stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich and we would really appreciate if somewhere out there had a nice rom for us to possibly upgrade to Kitkat to get those colorful emoticons. I've searched everywhere but there's nothing but scams. Anyone out there's had any luck finding the...
  3. CyborgGold

    Help Can't connect to Winblows 8.1

    When I plug in my Huawei M931 i get a message "USB device not recognized" I have debugging turned on, and I am not getting prompted to choose connection type, and I dont see where to choose the connection type manually on this phone either. I can't seem to find drivers for this phone either...
  4. CyborgGold

    Usable Memory

    I have had several phones in the past where the advertised on phone storage is stated as one thing (4GB) but only a small portion of it is actually usable to download apps/music/etc (1GB). Does this phone suffer from this as well? If so, how much actual usable storage is onboard? I know I...
  5. M

    Root Phone Charging Problem

    Having a problem charging my M931. Can't figure if it's the sh*tty cheap PRC USB-to-phone data cable (which I bought several weeks ago to replace the one that came with phone). Can't tell if it's the new replacement battery I bought only a few months ago with a manufacturing date that...
  6. S

    How to keep phone from going to sleep?

    I want to use my Hauwei 931 for a Skype phone. My problem is I can only set it to stay awake from for a max of 30 min. Once phone goes into sleep mode Skype will no longer ring in. I have rooted the phone and can get around the file system. I just don't know where to go or what to change. Other...
  7. L

    Help Huawei Premia problem obtaining ip address

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and would like to thank everyone in advance. I have a huawei premia from metro pcs and when I try connecting it to my wifi it gets stuck on obtaining ip address. I tried resetting the phone completely but that did not help (wiped the date and cache)...
  8. andriodadmirer

    Root ^^^^ROM^^^ O.D.rom v.1

  9. K

    Root premia roms?

    New to this site, rooting, and ROMs. I read a few of the forums and looked on Google for ROMs and I was only able to find stock, one called dark side unbound, and that questionable 4.4 kik kat one I believe it was kik kat 4.4. I was just wondering if anyone had any ROMs for it or tips on how to...
  10. B

    Root Flashing Stock Recovery

    Hello, this is my first post. I had flashed CWM Recovery along with Stock77 rom to my Premia. I am selling the phone now and would like to get everything back to stock. With the help of this forum i managed to get back to stock rom with all stock apps, but i am not really sure how to flash...
  11. C

    Root Whats your favorite Huawei Primia ROM?

    Whats your favorite Huawei Primia ROM and why?
  12. L

    Help Huawei Premia 4g will not power up

    So, my 2nd Premia (the 1st was replaced by Metro PCS after dying on me in Oct '13), froze yesterday morning and won't start up at all after 6 months of working just fine. The battery tested fine but Metro could not tell what was wrong with the phone. The battery charge level at the time it died...
  13. J

    Root stock recovery

    Anyone has it? Deleted my backup n the links r dead in here for it.
  14. D

    Root Flash custom ROM w/o external SD card

    [First, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this forum, I've used so many of your directions to root, backup + modify my phone so far.] My question is: am I able to flash a custom ROM to my phone (Huawei Premia) without an external SD card? I know it would be the easiest...
  15. P

    Help Problems with premia

    I rooted the phone not to long ago and i'm guessing i deleted a few things i shouldn't. My signal is completely dead, says contacts extension stopped, i go set up my Google account and after i put in all my info it says Google manager has stopped.... not to sure what i can do, can anyone help me...
  16. M

    Root Rooting from Library computer.

    Hello, I was wondering can I root my phone from a Library computer? I only have a ps3 at home so I was wondering could I do it!
  17. B

    Root Google Play isn't working

    I rooted my Huawei Premia 4G and installed a modded google play Modded by ChelpuS, but then google play stopped loading, so i installed the google play apk and it didnt work either. I noticed everything was syncing but not my google account, so i deleted them and i was going to sign in, but i...
  18. B

    Root Back up ROM to internal memory. Yeah... I'm dumb

    I have a Huawei Premia 4g. I rooted and installed CWM onto the phone. I downloaded the Stock 77 ROM. The instructions seemed very clear, but I screwed them up anyway and backed up my OEM stock ROM to the internal memory. Twice. Failing both times. Then I realized my mistake and backed up to...
  19. killcmd

    Root [rom] " [ nano ] "

    It seems like there were a plethora of problems with my last few builds, a lot of which were gremlins. I took the build apart, rebuilt and apart again. Could seem to figure out a solution, so I started again. Same goal in mind when I started the last one, make a unique experience and do it well...
  20. L

    Root Huawei Premia 4g rooted cannot get out of Airplane Mode

    I don't know if I am missing something or if I have become impatient or maybe just stupid. I have done everything that I am supposed to do and my Premia 4g is rooted, however when I put Straighttalk Sim Card in it is locked on airplane mode. Can someone please help. I have been working on this...
  21. B

    Root free huawei premia giveaway

    Giving away my premia for development purposes. If you're a Dev or maybe just learning then I'll send you the phone via a self addressed stamped envelope. Phone only. No charger or SD card. Reply here and I'll check back in tomorrow or something.
  22. J

    Help help

    i have i huawei premia m931 and dont turn off the plane mode i need a help
  23. K

    Root kit kat for premia 4g

    I want to know if this is real por fake, anyone wanna try? Upgrade/Update Huawei Premia 4G M931 to 4.4 KitKat | KitKat JellyBean Thanks.
  24. D

    Root Android 4.4 update need help

    My HUAWEI M931 need to update and need help please. When is the update for 4.4 software kitkat.
  25. J

    Root Nv fail

    Was wondering as I can't get it to reprogram. N I didnt back up my nv is there a way I can fix this huawei premia 4g have had no luck....