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huawei u8230

  1. E

    Root Has my phone been rooted?

    Hi, I am not exactly sure where to put this question. First how do I find out if my huawei u8230 has been rooted. I tried the rott instructions given but it came to installing the root app z4root, it says that it cannet be installed. I was wandering if it could be that the phone is already...
  2. E

    Root Hi everybody

    I am struggling with a newly acquired Huawei u8230 smart phone. Get failure when I try to install apps using adb similar to these below D:\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130522\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130522\sdk\platform- tools>adb -d install -r File_System_Explorer.apk 1092 KB/s (17473 bytes in...
  3. K

    Android Huawei U8230 update ? HELP PLEASE

    Hi, my phone is version 2.1, how do I change to 2.2 ??? Please help me ! I can't ...:( :mad:
  4. H

    Help Battery won't charge

    Phone will only come on if I take the battery out first, plug it in to the power cord turn it on and then I can put the battery back in. The battery won't charge and now its saying its in emergency only. But all my apps work and I receive the notifications. Any suggestions??
  5. E

    Help huawei mediapad 7 lite

    sorry for postijg in wrong section couldnt find the one,well my mediapad have a low ram cant enjoy games,is here a way to upgrade my rram?
  6. E

    Help Fusion 2 (U8665) Wifi

    Even though I have unchecked Wifi in settings, it keeps coming back on whenever I power on. How can I keep it off? Mike
  7. I

    huawei blaze ~ blocking numers Help

    please some one hlep me urgently I need to block a contact from calling me is ther any way to do this ?
  8. R

    Help Huawei u8230 connect to PC

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to backup my sms and photos on my computer but my computer doesn't recognize my Huawei u8230 when i connect it through USB Thanks a lot
  9. I

    Help Huawei Boulder (U8350) Help

    Hi, i'd like to dial directly from my keypad and not go through the dialer app. when i do, it goes straight to google search. how do i change the setting if there is such an option? thanks! :D
  10. A

    Root Anyone know if a huawei u8230 can be rooted?

    I need help rooting huawei U8230 running firmware 1.5? Is that possible?
  11. D-U-R-X

    Huawei U8230 FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  12. P

    Help Impossible to update

    Hello all, I have the Huawei U8230 running in 1.5. I would like to update to ANY other version but it seems impossible.... I have tried following a guide but my device is not recognizable with the adb command, I can however do the recovery with the ClockworkMod Recovery. I have already...
  13. L

    Help U8230 showing no Service after being in airplane mode.

    So, I have tried to turn the phone off, pull the battery out, take the sim out, mess around with different setting involving anything to do with service. I also even tried to reset my phone in hopes that would make a difference. Still, of yet, have not found the problem. I'm in serious need...
  14. J

    Help huawei u8230 - adb not recognizing in ubuntu 11.10

    Hi all, I'm getting the following: ./adb devices * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached ???????????? device I've followed the developer.android.com/index website, made the rule files and so on. It is set...
  15. F

    Root Rooting android for huawei u 8230

    Anyone know if a huawei u8230 can be rooted?and how if possible
  16. H

    Help huawei u8500 starrt problem

    Hy I have a problem with my phone huawei u8500 .:( I installed an application SPB Mobile Shell.apk after that i restarted my phone to continue my settings , appeared a box where i marked to start wits spb and now all i can see is a black screen and i can't restore factory settings .:mad...
  17. scary alien

    Root Huawei U8230: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  18. S

    Help Huawei u8300 help please

    Can someone help. I bought a Huawei U8300 Android Phone (unlocked) but my telstra sim is not recognized. I tried a boost sim and a virgin sim also, but the phone still says, "no sim, emergency calls only". I bought the darn thing on Ebay brand new. I took it to the Telstra shop, they gave me a...
  19. L

    Help Huawei U8230 bootlooping?

    Hey. I got a problem with a girlfriend of mine, she owns a Huawei U8230, over night it went into bootloop. I have decided to help her fix this, cause I've fixed several other android phones, but I cant get into the bootloader where I can reset the phone? When I hold volume - and...
  20. J

    Help Firmware file download

    Bricked my 8230 Firmware file for australia no longer available on huawei site, they want me to send phone to their service dept. Anyone know where i can download
  21. B

    Help PLease help with stock APK file for notepad

    Hello to all. Could anyone extract APK file for stock notepad on Huawei u8230, thouse one which support sheet scrolling in widget.
  22. B

    Help How to install application on memmory card?

    Guys my phone memmory is full i want to install application to memory card how to install it
  23. L

    Help Huawei phone alarm not working

    Hi, I've been having trouble with the alarm on my Huawei u8230 lately. I set the alarm for a time yet it doesn't go off. I wake up hours after I'm supposed to and there's just a notification that the 'alarm was stopped at 0.00 minutes'. What does this mean? I really need a working alarm so I...
  24. B

    Help Hi, I'm a droid newbie

    Hello I just got my Huawei 8230 yesterday, its great for the price but I found out after I got it that there is no marketplace , so is there any way I could install the market place without missing with anything else because its locked. One more thing that is really not important but it is...
  25. L

    Help Some help please? Very simple

    Hi, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I just bought a Huawei U8230 this afternoon and have had a couple of issues with it. My questions I'm thinking are probably quite simple, but I don't have the time too google them properly or look through the forums for similar questions. So they are: 1...