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kyocera rise

  1. izaiahxxkyocerarise

    Please help me and click plz

    How to put Wi-Fi on a Kyocera rise if you know this please comment
  2. Noobified

    Root [C5155]CWM

    This is a unstable port of CWM for the Kyocera Rise. Q: How is this possible with locked bootloader? A: The LK bootloader is vulnerable to CVE-2014-0973. We can forge signature using this tool...
  3. CrimsonToker

    Root Help with root

    So I followed the xda guide on rooting this phone, using Ministro and Poot. I get to the point of opening poot and it telling me that ministro needs to update, and then the app crashes. I've had multiple Kyocera Rise, and with each of them I have had serious OS bugs and crashes. I'm hoping if I...
  4. jaymzbo

    Help sprint or virgin

    Hello all again. My question today is I just got a Kyocera rise and I can't tell if it's virgin mobile or a sprint. From what I read the virgin mobile phones don't have a SD expansion slot but mine does. When I remove the battery it says sprint but when I start it, it has the virgin mobile...
  5. Z

    Root Bootloader

    Here is the email I got from sprint. Please read this: My name is Chris, a supervisor for Sprint World Wide eChat support. I was reviewing your email regarding unlocking the bootloader for the Kyocera Rise. What exactly are you looking to do with the phone? Are you looking to unlock the phone...
  6. Z

    Root Kyocera Rise Unlock BootLoader Guide

    I came across a guide to unlock the boot loader for the rise. Is it legit? Here is the link: http://www.unlock-bootloader.info/mp3-0/kyocera-rise-c5155-4747.html
  7. Z

    Root ChainFire 3D Still Working?

    Hello. Does ChainFire 3D work on the Kyocera Rise? I saw the description saying it isn't for ICS devices, but I saw some saying that it does work for the Rise. Also I saw that ChainFire 3D is now outdated.
  8. Z

    Root Link2SD won't move apps to SD card on rise

    Hello. I am a rooted kyrocera rise user. I downloaded link2sd so I could force some apps to move to the sd, but it didnt work. It displayed a big message and at the end it said ''CANNOT LINK EXACUTABLE'' So I tried to go to terminal emulator and change the default install location to my SD card...
  9. CrimsonToker

    Help Want to know others experiences with this phone

    So me and a friend got these when they were new a couple years ago, and had issues from the start. With her phone, the hardware started coming apart really soon. And by that, i mean, the keyboard started coming away from the phone, the screws started falling out, things like that. With mine, it...
  10. B

    *Rise Phone Keeps resetting)

    why does my virgin mobile rise phones keeps resetting..it just flashes virgin mobile?
  11. T

    Help Ringtones problem

    Not sure if it has something to do with the Kyocera Rise in particular but I haven't found anyone with a similar problem after searching :/ I have a 16gb microSD in mine with TONS of music and most of it is either in the folder "download" (which was auto-created by the phone at some point) or...
  12. Thagos

    Root Need help improving Rise for wifi only phone

    Hello all! Could someone please help me? I have successfully rooted my wife's K-Rise and am trying to make the thing not so bloated. All she uses it for is apps over Wi-Fi such as web browsing, some games, apps like "Viggle," and store apps such as Target. Bottom line-she does not use it to...
  13. D

    Root found flashable recovery - Need ideas

    if anyone finds a way to flash this, i found a recovery file. It is twrp. ill post the link once someone request it. Also, i just had an idea if anyone is willing to try. maybe the bootloader can be unlocked with adb using the command "adb fastboot oem unlock" i think thats it.
  14. D

    Root Legit TWRP?

    I don't know whether or not this works, but i found something that says it boots into twrp recovery. Anybody care to try? here is the link where i found it: pastebin.com/J8bTyp4E
  15. D

    Root Optional Recovery For Locked Kyocera Rise Bootloader?

    I am making this thread for the simple fact that since the bootloader of the kyocera rise and hydro don't appear to be unlocked anytime soon, maybe we can start throwing some alternative ideas around, and maybe figure something out. If nothing else, maybe someone else can come up with a way to...
  16. K

    Help ideal dimensions for background picture?

    The last time I changed the background photo on my phone, it did something new. It zooms in on the picture and as I slide from screen to screen, the picture moves too so you're seeing a different part of it. It allowed me to crop the photo, but no matter what I do, when I slide over to the...
  17. carolmarie4555

    Help kyocera rise virgin mobile

    please i need help... for days now i have continually searched, read and asked for solutions within my abilities. i am having multiple issues but i'll start with the 2 most annoying. apparently my phone has a terrible glitch, what appears to be the notification bar and something else in...
  18. TechDad378

    Root Team ItsOnKyo

    This is for the sole purpose of putting clockworkmod on the Rise. In order to do so the bootloader will need.to be unlocked. In order to post on this section you will need to list the top 3 tests you did while attempting this feature. If you have not tested this device list 3 things which...
  19. RonA030363

    Recording video with bluetooth headset

    Can I record a video with the microphone on a bluetooth headset fitted on the other person I am recording with my kyocera RISE? I don't think I can use a wired headset's mic for recording a video but only from the built in mic_
  20. M

    Help My keyboard fell off

    Hi. Okay so one day I was walking w my cousin, holding my phone and then I bumped into my cousin and the phone slipped from my hands and the keyboard just came off and the cable connecting them went loose. Note that this is already my replacement phone and I got it last october. Help???? My...
  21. K

    Help how to go about backing up and resetting phone?

    It's gotten to a point where I can't deal with the slowness anymore. I'm going on a trip next week and want my phone to be a clean slate. How do I go about backing up everything important and then resetting it? It used to be faster, have better battery life, etc. Can I get any of that back?
  22. gogomouse1

    Root Unrooting my Rise to stock help

    So I rooted my Rise. But I never figured that I'd need to unroot it, and I didn't make a backup of the stock files. Now my GF wants to use my Rise (I just bought a Moto G) and I need a step-by-step guide to unroot it, because I'm an idiot. LOL
  23. V

    Wanting to switch phones

    Ok, title sucks, but I should make up for it here. I have A ZTE Imperial from Us Cellular. I also have a Kyrocera RISE using Sprint network. The ZTE is a no longer linked to any account via US Cellular. The RISE blows and has proven to be ineffective has a smart phone using Android or...
  24. T

    how to push all sounds to a bluetooth headset?

    Is there a way to make all the sounds that normally come out of the kyocera rise to play in my universal bluetooth monaural earpiece? Basically I wish to hear the navigation instructions through my bluetooth headset instead of the speaker on the back of the Kyocera Rise. Is this somehow...
  25. T

    Few questions about the Kyocera Rise

    Hi, I'm really late getting to the party as this is my first "smartphone". I've been stuck in the dark ages with all the little flip style phones that I've had over the years but since the CEO of one of the companies that I do contract work with wanted me to get a new phone with texting...