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lg g flex

  1. Android News

    T-Mobile pushes its first OTA update to the LG G6

    T-Mobile has released its first OTA update for the LG G6, but there's mention as to what is new. The update rolls in at 124MB and is rolling out to more and more devices.
  2. zapjb

    TWRP Boot Loop I Soft Bricked my LG G Flex

    No shirking responsibility it is entirely my fault. Please I need help. Plenty of details. I have searched, downloaded a lot of files tried them to no avail & brushed up on my Command Line usage through TWRP Advanced Options. I foolishly borked it by taking an OTA Update. Now my D950 is not...
  3. A

    How to get Volte update on D950

    I have at&t version D950 running on kitkat 4.4.2(software version D95020b) with Root. My provider(reliance jio) has recently started service with volte calls. Whenever I tried to update my phone via software update (it says nothing to update). I am outside usa with no at&t.Please tell me how...
  4. Android News

    Some LG G Flex features that Pocketnow wants to see in the LG G5

    Michael of Pocketnow lists some features from LG G Flex series that he would like to see in the upcoming LG G5. 1) Self-healing coating 2) Flexible skeleton 3) Curved body 4) Long battery life
  5. J

    Help Disapearing Shortcut option from menu

    Hi guys, I'm a little new to this forum thing... to be honest this is the first one I ever created and don't know if this is the correct way about going about solving my issue but I'm desperate and need a lil help. Hope this works lol. ok I had certain shortcuts on my home screen which were...
  6. D

    Help D950 radio won't turn on..

    Need a lot of help with my flex. Model: d950 Att. The problem: Radio is off. Can't get it back on. What I've done: Flashed d950 jellybean. Rooted. Twrp. Just flashed "Justin's ROM" from recovery. Radio is still off. Still. I've tried everything everyone has told me. Just need the radio to...
  7. T

    Edit Smileys??

    The Flex has more than a few pages of smileys. Is it possible to edit (delete) some of them? And/or add other ones? If yes, how?? Thanks, Mike
  8. zapjb

    Help ? D950 How to SAFELY update to KK? Don't want to bork it.

    I don't want to bork my D950. So I'm asking for help. LG Flex 4.2.2 D950 AT&T rooted using TowelRoot. And TWRP loaded with older version of Freedom Flex. Big thanks to mattwheat & PlayfulGod for SAFELY getting me to this point. I have Titanium Backup Pro & have frozen or uninstalled a bunch of...
  9. zapjb

    Help LG G Flex D950 Knock on (double tap) Broken 2 Fixes

    LG G Flex D950 Knock on (double tap) Broken 2 Fixes. Hope this helps others. I've had knock on (double tap) stop working twice over a few months. So I'm posting these fixes that I gathered elsewhere & making them specific to the G Flex. Think what I converted was instructions for the G2. Of...
  10. Skynet11

    Official LG G Flex User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official LG G Flex User Manual - Official LG G Flex User Guide Read more about this resource...
  11. D

    Root How can I recover a system file ?

    I got an LG Flex software version F340L10B carrier from LG Uplus (Korean Phone). I saw the dual clock on my lock screen , one is local and one is Korea, which is annoying and impossible to remove. So I end up rooted my device. After that I downloaded a App called "App Master" and messed around...
  12. D

    Help Cannot find clear instructions to Xfer photos to PC

    Hi all, New to the forum, just got an LG G Flex for Christmas. I've been trying to follow googled instructions to transfer photos from the Flex to a PC (desktop), without any luck. Using my icons on my Flex, I found my photos in the Gallery. However, when I look at the Flex's directory...
  13. zapjb

    Root Is there a recovery LG G Flex D950 4.2.2 AT&T rooted using TowelRoot?

    I can't get any recovery to install. Would somebody link me to how to flash/load a recovery. And which would be best TWRP or CWM? LG Flex 4.2.2 D950 AT&T rooted using TowelRoot. I'm on 4.2.2 & the latest Freedom Recovery apk developed by Playfulgod doesn't work. I can't find the older version...
  14. J

    Help Will not recognize sim

    i changed my screen in my lg g flex. Everything works great except my phone says emergency calls only, no service bars. I restarted many times with no luck. When I remove sim, the phone recognizes that I removed tray, but it will not work. I put my sim in another phone and it works fine. There...
  15. P

    Custome clock

    Is there an app that will keep the real time on my phone as it is, but let me set and display a different time on my home screen? Reason I ask is because I'm head of security at a local bar and we of course go by bar time instead of real time but there's only 1 clock in the bar that's set with...
  16. King Mustard

    Help [UK] Unlocking Orange LG G Flex to work with 3?

    Google's results seem to link to dodgy looking websites. Can anyone offer some advice?
  17. isaemm


    Whenever I take a picture this is a horrible lag between the time I hit the camera button on the screen to take the picture till it actually takes the picture. Once I hit the camera button the flash will go off, then I get these green boxes all over the screen, then after a couple of seconds it...
  18. isaemm

    Help Cannot use dial pad on incoming calls

    Ive been trying to use the dial pad on an incoming call over and over and over. But it will not work at all. I've been trying to verify my number for Google voice and i had a call back from T-Mobile which asks me too select options. But on both calls the dial pad will not send the tone. Has...
  19. D

    Root Lg flex d959 can't get in recovery stuck in lg logo

    Please help I was having a good time rooting my flex and installing ROMs but then I went in twrp restored a 4.4.2 flex ROM and now it stuck on the lg boot logo I tried the button combos but they don't work the only think I get is a screen with Korean or Chinese words I'm kinda of familer with...
  20. L

    need help with pairing lg flex with gear 2 neo

    Hello, I need help pairing and setting up Samsung Gear 2 Neo to my phone LG Flex. So far apps.samsung.com/gear2 does not work. It kept giving me message that its not compatible but i am able to pair the gear 2 neo to lg flex. I just can't download the samsung gear manager from apps store...
  21. N

    Weird sensation looking at uncurved phones...

    After being with the awesome G Flex for several months now, I have noticed that I get a weird sensation when looking at normal, flat phones. Whenever I handle someone else's phone, be it an iDevice or flat Android, I feel like the screen is curving out towards me (convex?)--the opposite of what...
  22. T

    Help "Fails to forget"

    I have a wifi network in my very short list of networks that shows as disabled, yet when I tap Forget, it displays "Failed to Forget". Any way to delete this annoyance? My Flex is rooted. Thanks, Mike
  23. P

    Sprint LG G Flex receives WiFi calling and more in new software update

    A new software update for the LG G Flex on Sprint is introducing a handful of bug fixes and improvements, with the addition of one very important feature: WiFi calling. WiFi calling should come in handy during those rare instances when Sprint’s network simply isn’t capable of...
  24. PlayfulGod

    Root [ROOT] IORoot and TowelRoot

    This device is easily rooted using ioroot for 4.2.2 or towelroot for 4.4.2. Towelroot may even work for 4.2.2, not tried it myself tho. For details, instructions etc on ioroot please read the following link ioroot for towelroot which is a one click root app. ;)
  25. sreum

    Is the flex really this problem free? ?

    I'm switching from a Galaxy S4 to a LG G Flex. And looking on here I feel I've made a good decision, do to there not being many questions nor complaints.