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  • Hello, i recently flashed your ascend rom for my huawei m835 surprisingly everything works except my gallery and music app. My songs won't show up on the music player and the pictures don't show up on my gallery as well. The files are there because i have checked with Root Explorer. So i was just wondering if you could help me fix this problem. Thanks.
    i found a post from you in the android fourm it was a gb&kernel download for the ms695. i was wondering if you could send me some info on what to expect performance wise with this and install tips
    cuz I dont do jack thats iphoneish lol, other than that I really not sure what you are referring to as I never had n never will have a iphone ;)
    quick question sir, are iphone-like rotation animations found on the Samsung galaxies impossible to port to the Esteem rom hosts this feature...why is that?
    sup PG I have the gingersteem zvd and when I go to.the play store it says well my phone(lg esteem) Is not compatible or something but I can't download certain things from the play store any more for example tango
    my esteem is working fine now i didnt even do anything thanks tho lol, but now im heping a friend with his moto ascend and i put the latest cm7 on it and the wifi turns on but then right back off ive never seen it b4 and idk what to do i cant find a fix i can install with recovery or anything if you coud help id love it sorry for bugging u again.
    hey god, i have the mercury now, no more acend...
    i did root it . now my next question is .. where can i get some roms, ics, or any other cool roms. is cm7.2 the highest they went..
    can u please direct me were i can get roms... thank u
    sorry to bug you PG but im having a small issue i put gse-c on my esteem and it works ok, but sometimes it randomly shuts off and bootloops unless i take out the battery and turn it back on. Is there anything i can do to fix it. Ive had this ROM b4 and this problem never came up.
    hi, i have a huawei ascend 2 the m865c model running android 2.3.6 i have seen some of your ascend 2 stuff for cricket you have anything for the straight talk version?
    hey there PG,
    im new on here but been checking things out for awhile.i got/had the esteem running the black plague with the 2.2 kernal... then i did some other tweaks and messed with my ''vold.fstab'' file. Now the phone dont recognize the sd card ad acts like nothings there...??? i heard i can fix mayb via adb ... need your help.i see your very knowledgeable in this field and would appreciate some help...thanks
    hey pg, im new to developing for android and i would like to know if u could help me here, im having trouble initializing repo to build for the ascend, i keep getting this /home/user/bin/repo: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
    /home/user/bin/repo: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">' can u tell me where i went wrong?
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