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lg intouch max

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    Help Upgrade from 1.6 to 2.2 or 2.3

    Hi, i wanted to upgrade my LG GW620 to android 2.2 or 2.3 currently it has 1.6.. Thanks
  2. R

    Help android apps for LG GW620

    I have lg gw620 android 1.5 and i can't install any of android apps or games from the android market cause i don't have the android market icon so if anyone success to do so just tell me how. Thanx:)
  3. N

    Phone keeps freezing!

    My phone randomly turned off and now when i try turning it on, it comes up with the LG loading screen and just freezes? ive tried taking the battery out and seeing if that works, but that doesnt work.. it just keeps doing the same, i cant do anything with the phone, not even turn it off without...
  4. B

    it says google mail isnt correct..

    yeah, some how my phone got locked and is now asking for my google mail account and it's telling me its wrong... :/
  5. P

    Official LG update to V10c?..

    Hi All, I'm an absolute novice in the world of android and rooting etc,so rather than go through the rather complex sounding openetna root, i opted to just update the phone via the official LG updater. I'm based in the UK on T-Mobile if this makes any difference. I recently plugged my phone...
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    Custom Rom/Firmware Upgrade for UK LG GW620?

    Hi, My daughter has a UK LG GW620 on T-Mobile, and it is still running Android 1.5. I can find quite a lot of info re updating the firmware, and my understanding is that there is a firmware available and this can be installed using fastboot. The problem I have is that I can't get the phone to...
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    LG ANDROID GW620 - Won't Connect To Computer & Doesn't Read SD Card?

    I am pretty sure that there is no help for the sd card part, but I at least would like to put pics and music on my phone by connecting to my computer, but when I plug it up, it just sits there and the phone is what is not responsive (and yes, I have it on Mass Storage mode). I am just SUPER...
  8. M

    Force Closes

    Im hoping someone will be able to help me, My andriod market forces closes on opening, i have even gone to the extent of rebooting the whole phone as in factory reset/restore, which wiped everything from my phone, in the hope that it would work. Surprise surprise it didnt work! The phones a...
  9. O

    LG GW620 Android Update

    Have any of you guys done this update from the LG mobile update program, this maybe and android upgrade!:D
  10. I

    Pausing data transfer on incoming call

    Hello everyone :) I have this problem. My LG GW620 often doesn't receive calls and text messages. I suspect this may be because of active data transfers; sometimes once I'm done surfing or such, I receive notices of missed calls in bulk. I'm a n00b so I may be wrong, but can my suspicion...
  11. C


    hi im new to android, had my lg for bout 3 months now and its started running really slow past month or 2, texting is incredibly slow and when ever i do anything on their its just so slow... why is this?
  12. S

    connection probems

    I recently got my first android phone - LG Intouch Max - and i'm having problems connecting to google so i can download applications. Whenever i try to link my google account to my phone it sais there could be a temporary problem or my sim card may not be provisioned for data. My internet and...
  13. B

    Video resolution for the video recorder

    Hey UK GW620 users! My wife has the Canadian version of the GW620 but it looks like LG Canada reduced the resolution of the video recorder function to 320 x 240. I've seen UK reviews of the InTouch Max (the GW620) and they mentioned it can do 720 x 480. Can anyone please confirm this? And if...
  14. A

    LG updater does not recognise GW620

    My GW620 connects OK to the PC [Windows 7 32 bit] for mounting the card, synchronising and copying accross music, but the LG mobile updater tool does not recognise it. I was able to use the mobile update to download the drivers, but the phone remains stubbornly remains "disconnected" as far as...
  15. S

    Contacts vanishing!

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this an LG GW620 question, or a general question, so I'll try it here. :) I've had my LG GW620 for less than 24 hours, and I've got a problem with it. I keep trying to copy my contacts from my sim to my phone. Everytime i copy all my contacts from my sim, they...
  16. K

    And again....GPS

    Right this is bugging me now ! The Phone keeps telling me im in Moscow...Im not, im in the UK ! Using both WIFI AND GPS it still says it....It was fine yesterday morning, then it sent me to moscow. Then it was fine this morning, and then sent me to moscow again ! Happens on all Location aware...
  17. K

    Second question about messaging

    Ok, im using HandCent for SMS. Is there a way of removing or disabling the Stock app completely and still have handcent work? Reason being, i get 2 notiifications for every txt i get, and if I turn notifications (and thus vibration) off, It also stops handcent vibrating. I cant use it with...
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    Help as a new android user