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lg leon

  1. czarsup3rstar

    Root TWRP c50 Stable

    TWRP FOR THE LG LEON 3.0.2- r1 This is compiled from c50 TWRP source code I just changed a little line of code for it to handle proper flashing of custom roms. http://www.mediafire.com/?smt3z33h4w1488b
  2. Android News

    T-Mobile LG Leon gets updated to Marshmallow

    T-Mobile LG Leon has been updated to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Nothing beyond security improvements is mentioned in the update log.
  3. P

    Help "NO COMMAND" lgms345 Bricked?

    I have friend who brought this phone over for me to fix. LGMS345 . the the Phone turns on to show LLoyd laying on his back with the, "NO COMMAND " directly underneath him. I am correct in saying this phone is bricked? Yes or NOT? if it is give me a clue on the fix... spent too much time on...
  4. M

    False "storage space running out" alert

    one of my phones is an LG Leon running android 4.2.2. It has always prompted be for low storage at about 100-150 meg of available space. I don't know the exact set point. I installed a cache cleaner and that frees up space fast 200-500 meg typically. I now have the storage alerts. It...
  5. J

    Help LG Leon H340n: Voice problem while calling

    I have an LG Leon H340n with android 6. When the network mode is set to "auto" (e.g. LTE if avail.), and I make a phone call, the voice of the counterparty often disappears for 10s. When I switch the network mode to "2g/3g only", everything is fine. For making phone calls, the phone has to...
  6. R

    update after ZV4?

    I got a software update (currently on ZV4) but ended up in error (Kingroot, replaced with SuperSU, then `switching to another root manager` in SuperSU but that operation never finished). No more update notification after reboot. Is there a ZV5 out there? Release notes?
  7. A

    I Cannot Root my LG Tribute 2

    Hello, I need a lot of help. I have tried using KingRoot, KingoRoot, Framararoot, towel rack, and SuperOneClick. I have tried using the PC and no PC, but I cannot root this phone for the life of me. Can anyone help me with this please? Thank you!
  8. Vincentbishop

    omfg the best draft

  9. C

    v10c FW for LG Leon

    Hello guys, Is there any chance to get v10c FW for h340? In LG-Phone-Firmware site, LG removed the file from there sites. I am asking for v10c specificly because for the "Unlock Bootloader" option... Thanks in advance
  10. EUREKA11100010


    Recently I flashed my phone out of curiosity I thought it wasn't gonna get boot looped its sits on the lg logo screen for about 5 minutes and the it restarts and repeats the process over....and....over again and I've tried to put it in recovery or download mode but the button combinations just...
  11. D

    Help Phone stuck on "Android starting up, Starting apps"

    I ran my phone's battery out yesterday, and each time I plugged it in to charge it barely got any juice before shutting off. When I did get it to turn on, it booted normally. I left it charging overnight, which succeeded and filled the battery, but it is now refusing to actually turn on. When I...
  12. N

    Root Stock CPU Governor Settings

    I want to save power on a stock rom. Basically save battery at normal usage, and be responsive. Basically take this guide and port it to the LG Leon. I am using kernel auditor. The default, the interactive governor, seems to keep things responsive. The others seem to be slow or "choppy" (where...
  13. N

    Help Guest mode

    Does this phone support guest mode? Perhaps in a newer firmware?
  14. N

    Root how to get titanium backup to backup to real sd on stock?

    Do you know how to get titanium backup to backup to the real sdcard on stock? I've used a folder two levels deep (eg /storage/external/titanium/new/)
  15. glennn

    Root trying to root Leon, see no download for Kingroot...

    I'm trying to root my LG Leon, don't see a download for Kingroot see that firmware 10b or 10d is required, don't know how to check for this either. :) My phone is stock MetroPCS, Android 5.1.1 can someone kindly offer this newbie some help? thanks!
  16. J

    Custom Roms for LG Tribute?

    Hi everybody, I was just wondering if there is any third party firmware, AOSP, CM or otherwise, currently available, or currently in development for the LG Tribute 2. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. J

    64 GB SD Card Support

    Hi everybody, I know that the Tribute 2 only supports SD cards up to 32 GB, officially. I was wondering if anybody has been using a 64 GB or greater card, and if so, if you have had any problems. I have a 64 GB SDXC card, and would like to utilize app2sd and link2sd with it on my Tribute 2...
  18. V

    Help Please Help My 12yo Nephew! Cricket LG Risio H343

    I've been rooting and modding my phones for a while with the help of many of you generous members, and I have always appreciated it, but now I'm here for my 12 year old nephew now. He has a Cricket LG Risio H343, which I know is similar to the LG Leon, but I'm afraid to take any chances with his...
  19. D

    Root LG Leon MPCS MS34510h Newest Update Stock Firmware Update

    Welcome i have my phone rooted and i removed the bloatware that was safe to remove but i get a error when update can anyone tell mehow to fix this, is this a current firmware or a newer version but anyways i have this update i think it might be marshmellow because i extracted a common app from...
  20. ryanknut

    How to install xposed?

    How can I install xposed on my LG Tribute 2? It's already rooted.
  21. ninjasinabag

    Root H340n might be getting MM

    Sources were posted to the lg website for the Leon, members of xda were able to download said sources and give them a glance. The sources were later taken down from lg's site after a couple of people sent in requests for more info, so lg probably isn't sure if they're doing an update any time...
  22. Torring

    Root Smartphone does not start with MetroPCS

    Hello everyone, I have installed on my MetroPCS phone. The installation went well, but now I do not either vvia the phone. How can I fix?
  23. badbum

    Help bypassing Lg Leon Security Sign in

    So here is my situation that has annoyed me for the past 24 hours. I bought a lg leon lte from ebay in great condition. When I received it the phone was indeed in great shape but unknowingly to me it requires the previous owners google account info in order to finish reseting the device after...
  24. hydroman202

    Potential Bootloader Unlock Method for LG Sunset

    By trying this you assume responsibility for your own actions and any risk associated with them. That being said, There is an official lg unlock procedure that should work for this phone. If anyone wants to try, please post the results.
  25. hydroman202

    TWRP For L33L Yet?

    Does anybody know if there is twrp for this variant yet?