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lg motion 4g

  1. bossgamer102

    Help lg motion android os battery drain

    when I go to system settings>power saver>battery usage it says android is at 35-45% is this normal? My lg motionot is rooted with stock firmware (ms77010g)
  2. bossgamer102

    Help battery life 3-2 hours

    can someone help my motion's battery life is only 2-3 hours when not in use 15 at most when I use it things wrong with it that might affect battery life red "I got wet indicator" crack screen root 4 year old battery *this need be it*
  3. D

    [ROM] GamerROM 1 Home v1.0 For the LG Motion MS770 Updated: 2/5/2017

    Welcome this is our newest OS to come to the device, however we built this blindly and hopefully yall give feedback to improve your gaming experience! This New release isn't lollipop its Android v4.1.2 and it was rebuilt from scratch Features: * most apps updated and includes gapps * Fast...
  4. T

    Root i need stock firmware,

    the links in sammys guide have curropt archives and the magnalinks dont work. i got morning call error. i need to fix
  5. JesseBanks

    Root Great Phone

    The development on this phone was so great and extensive...I had it in a shoebox gathering dust along with my other old metro phones...I gave away those and I had to keep this one...so I installed liquid CM 10 and freedom kernel...I have it as a android touch media player and it blows an iPod...
  6. The_Dank_Lord

    Root CM Upgrade

    I'm currently using an lg ms770 with cm-10.0.0.l0.BobZhome.05212013 instead of stock ROM I want to upgrade to lp but only found one download site and it surveys(I don't survey they scream scam) so my question is has anyone found a lp ROM for lg ms770 at a site that doesn't survey? Thx For...
  7. A

    Help How to change icon groups on home screen ?

    Don't know how this changed, but the group of icons on the home screen of my LG Motion is now a group three swipes away. So after it starts up, I must swipe three times to the right to get to the most used group of icons. How does one go back to the selection group three swipes away ?
  8. thehandofgideon

    Root LG Motion 4g M770 Bricked

    My phone is bricked. I've tried every possible fix online and they don't work. My driver is LG...3.14.001. I think the driver is the problem. I can't downgrade. I can't find the current KDZ builds and such that match that driver. What do I do?
  9. D

    Metro PCS Kicking us out!

    Metro PCS wont let me use my LG Motion (LG-MS770) anymore. Service is being terminated in a month. I don't want to have to learn how to use another phone. I like my phone and it is in good condition. What a waste to simply dump it, especially after paying so much (full price, no discount) for...
  10. A

    Help Why do two 2.75GB thumbnail files form in internal DCIM folder ?

    This is strange. I take pictures with the LG Motion and they get saved to an external card. Scanning the internal memory on startup becomes quite lengthy, sometimes 10 minutes ! Examined the internal storage contents and found that TWO thumbnail files of 2.75 GB each form in the DCIM folder...
  11. MrHerbDaily

    Help Taking a long time to send a txt message

    For the last few months I've been having problems with text messaging. It takes 30-45 seconds to send a regular text message. How do I figure out if it's the phone or the service? Thanks.
  12. A

    Help Why is Pho.to Lab in Accounts & Sync ?

    Happen to go to "Accounts & Sync" on this LG Motion and saw that Pho.to Lab is listed and actively synching. Why is this App in Accounts & Sync ? To where is it synching? Pho.to Lab is just an editing program and the app is "Internet based". SEE HERE...
  13. Volted

    LG Motion 4G on Boost Mobile???

    I was wondering if anyone here has or knows someone who has the LG Motion 4G working on Boost Mobile. My wife really loves that phone (especially that camera!) and would like to change from her LG Realm back to her old MetroPCS LG Motion 4G, but stay with Boost Mobile. Any help would be greatly...
  14. Volted

    Root LG Motion 4G on Boost Mobile???

    I was wondering if anyone here has or knows someone who has the LG Motion 4G working on Boost Mobile. My wife really loves that phone (especially that camera!) and would like to change from her LG Realm back to her old MetroPCS LG Motion 4G, but stay with Boost Mobile. Any help would be greatly...
  15. N

    tethering gravy train coming to an end

    So I guess metro users with cdma phones (ie lg motion) are out of luck later this year since supposedly metro won't support cdma anymore. What are my options ? I was able to unlock the motion to tether on the unlimited high speed internet plan ($60/month) no foxfi/pda net needed. I've...
  16. S

    Root Backup EFS Questions

    1. Does backing up EFS save my phone's information like IMEI and MAC address? 2. How do I back it up and restore it after installing a custom ROM? Do I just save the folder to my desktop and copy it back after the new ROM? Or do I boot to recovery and restore the backed (.img?) file. In the...
  17. doctor90250

    Battery drains while charging

    Hi all, I searched the forum for this before posting, but didn't find it. Lately my phone only charges sometimes, and sometimes the battery will drain even when charging. I've also googled it but so far I haven't found anyone else with this issue. I have 2 batteries and it doesn't matter which...
  18. Dandroid Motion

    Root CyanogenMod 10 Camera Issue LG Motion 4G

    After I installed Bob's CyanogenMod ROM for the LG Motion, I checked some things out and they all looked fine. But I noticed that the camera pictures didn't look very good. I compared it with the other Motion I had, and the stock camera looked way crisper and high quality. Anyone else have this...
  19. awright3331

    Root Going to retire my motion

    So, after 3 years, I will finally let my beloved motion retire. I live in Forest hill, Tx and while metros cdma network IS STILL working here, and my motion still works fine but to make a call you use speaker and the screen is cracked , im ready to upgrade. I finally found a phone better than...
  20. N

    Help Pictures being deleted/duplicated

    Everytime I turn my phone off then back on any recently downloaded pictures get duplicated and others deleted; and videos sometimes corrupted.
  21. A

    Your favorite battery saving & maintenance apps ?

    On my LG Motion using few programs like "Clean Master", it found that 33 apps were consuming power, and then ran Battery Doctor and it found more problems. Which are your favorite programs for: 1. Battery conservation ? 2. Limiting unnecessary apps running in the background ? 3. Cleaning...
  22. W

    Accessories LG Motion OTG NIC/Ethernet help

    I want to use wired internet to my phone and I cannot get an adapter to get recognized in the phone. I have tried a Belkin 10/100 usb -> http://www.belkin.com/us/support-product/?pid=01t80000002G1NCAA0 . I tested it on a Windows XP machine to confirm it works. The light doesn't light up when I...
  23. S

    Root unique issues with cm10 builds

    Hello, I was having a couple issues with any cm10 builds I use. first and most important is the battery drains faster than it charges if i'm using it.. and it gets really hot. second, whenever I use the phone to communicate with chromecast, it does a soft reboot (shows the CM logo and goes...
  24. V

    Help changing apns for tor use

    Does anyone know how to change the APN on lg motion for use with the tor network?
  25. C

    Root Lg motion 4g emergency call only

    I just purchased this phone used and realized its unlocked to verizon, so i activated it with my old number but since in the settings it says the old verizon number it wont make phone calls. i know there is a code to change the number in the setting. please can someone help me with this?