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lg mytouch

  1. justin39325

    Help CWM Touch Recovery for our phones?

    I've been wondering, since the lg mytouch seems to a problem with power buttons I think mine is going to break sooner or later. So is there a Custom Recovery that is trustable and has a touch screen feature that works on the lg mytouch?
  2. justin39325

    Android should be a bit more ARTistic

    I have been wondering, is there a way to add the ART runtime to older versions of android? I have an Android 4.0.4, rooted and flashed with Cyanogenmod 9. Please answer!
  3. justin39325

    New apps on old phone?

    I love the Cyanogenmod 7.2. But the last rom I had was Cyanogenmod 9.0. So when I used Titanium Backup to backup Pocket Heroes on android 4.0.4(Cyanogenmod 9) and restored it on android 2.3.7(Cyanogenmod 7.2). But then the game got ruined and is missing some visual artifacts in the game . Is...
  4. J


    I plan on buying a cheap 30 to 60 dollar phone for use on tmobiles $30 100 minute talk unlimited text 5gb data plan. I have been looking in to the lg mytouch e739. I constantly tether, and I did on my nexus 5 (r.i.p) with no problems. If I do get an e739, will I be able to root it? I called t...
  5. justin39325

    I think my phone is bricked

    So here is what happened. After my previous posthttp://androidforums.com/lg-mytouch/872342-almost-good-bricked.html I got my phone booted to recovery so I can install cyanogen 7.2 stable. I erased the /data and /cache and factory reset. Then when I went to install the rom.zip file and the...
  6. justin39325

    Almost as good as bricked

    Well, first of all I have a lg mytouch 4g. I have root, cyanogenmod 9, TWRP custom recovery and a BROKEN POWER BUTTON!. So when I accidently used TWRP and had to take the battery out there was no way to turn back on. And I already tried adb and it wouldn't recognize the device because it was...
  7. P

    Could somebody help me ??

    ok so yesterday after just getting off a phone call i layed my phone down to play some video games now between games i'd pick up the phone to reply to a few texts here and there until this random moment when i press the power key and my screen doesn't come back up..so my first thought is the...
  8. T

    Root Stuck on Demigod screen and power button is broke

    I plugged my mytouch in and when booting up it went directly to the demigod cmd screen. My power button is broke so how can I get it into recovery mode??? I really need help asap.
  9. andriodadmirer

    Root cm10.1 4.2.2 jellybean rom

  10. andriodadmirer

    Root deleted

    I deleted this after to much trouble with the links My next post I will not use drop box Thanks
  11. D

    Root Lg-e739 Flashing black screen, halp.

    Hello, thanks for your time. I recently lost a phone, and do not have the free cash to get a new one, this lead to me being handed a mytouch and being told "If you can get it working, keep it" The problem so far is this; when you try to turn the phone on it displays the LG symbol, then about...
  12. R

    Root lg c800 bricked flashed wrong recovery

    got a c800 that won't bootup after I flashed a wrong recovery (I think htc mytouch's), now the screen bounces between lg logo and recovery screen that says "failed to factory reset". tried update recovery with lgmobile support tool all process went well untill reboot to same screen. adb detects...
  13. La Morena

    Help Lg e739 mytouch blk kit

    Im able to start my cellphone then it does all the start up process. I unlock it & Im able to move around in it but then it goes back to lock & starts up all over again or if I try to reset it, it freezes up & also on any other screen. How can I get it to stop doing this?
  14. T

    Power Button or battery

    OK so my Samsung admire broke earlier this week and i have been phone less, so my sister can to visit and she gave me her old mytouch , she said that all it needed was a new battery cause it wouldn't hold a charge, that was ok with me cause they are like less than 5$ on amazon and eBay, so i go...
  15. N

    Help LG e739 Password Screen Distorted

    Okay, so I have an app on my phone called Gravity Screen, which allows me to turn my phone on despite its broken power button. GS is activated by a sensor in the front-facing camera and will shut the screen off if something is too close to it. I was trying to take a picture, and accidentally...
  16. paultek6

    Help Phone weirding out

    Other than having the worst provider T Mobile and an LG MY Touch Phone recently it has been weirding out . My weather disappeared from my homescreen . Any clues to how to get it back
  17. U

    LG Mytouch E739 power button broke

    idk how this happen but the power button broke i been tryin everything for two days...is there anyway i can turn my phone on without it??? plz someone help!
  18. nbe412

    Root Help, my LG MyTouch E-739 will not boot past the LG screen at startup.

    Hey Guys, As everyone with the same model phone as me should know, the MyTouch E-739 did not get the Ice Cream Sandwich (4.04) update. I wanted that update, so i installed Cyanogenmod 9 on the phone, and it worked perfectly. But is was too good to be true... I sadly didn't remember to...
  19. B

    Help Strange things + Boot Loop

    I have an LG Mytough 4G. (not a Q.) I'll start by saying that I usually take very good care of my phone. I am careful about visiting websites and downloading apps. Also, it has never been rooted. Two days ago I dropped my phone (for the first time) onto a tile floor from about three feet...
  20. J

    Help Phone won't boot up

    Hi all, I have a Panache (which seems to be the same model under a diff name), and I'm running Android 2.3. When I woke up I found the phone stuck on the HTC splash page. I then removed the battery, waited at least 15 secs, put the battery back in. And while holding down the volume down...
  21. M

    Root i need help unbricking lg optimus v

    i have an lg optimus v that was given to me. it was rooted using gingerbreak ,it was factory reset from privacy settings. there was no custom rom installed on it or anything like that. also i can't connect to the android market. and when i try to connect to wi-fi it will sayobtaining ip address...
  22. G

    Root Fixed***LG e739 - OTA S/W ClockmodRecovery Loop

    I am in need of some major help... Ok, When I first got my Mytouch I used a free tool called Unlock Root (Windows) to root my phone. After messing around with it I used the same tool to unroot my phone and hadn't messed with it since. Last night T-Mobile rolled an OTA S/W update onto my...
  23. N

    Help CWM Bootloop Lg c800

    So i didnt have a custom rom or anything it was stock, but i did have it with CM a while ago today there was an update.. and my gf accepted it. when it rreboot it popped up CWM and i pressed reboot and its just on a loop Things ive done: Delete recovery Try diffrent ROM Reinstall Recovery...
  24. V

    Root Audio and USB debugging issues

    Two issues, 1)After rooting my LG E739 to CyanogenMod 9, ICS, there is no sounds coming out. I tried YouTube, phone calls, notifications, and music with maximum volume, it still doesn't come out. 2)When i tried to connect my phone to my laptop using USB debugging (i also enabled USB Mass...
  25. B

    Root Jellybean ROM pkg for Mytouch.

    How do I get Jellybean ROM for Tmobile Mytouch LGE739? Is there a tut on this forum that can help me? I've looked everywhere but all the ones I do only give me 2.3.6 and reset to factory doesn't actually go to android 4.0.1. I need help please My phone is already rooted. And how do I get...