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lg nitro hd

  1. T

    Root Wrong icon on status

    Hi All, Nice to meet you :), I'm using LG LU6200 (as LG Nitro HD) and flash a new rom with G3 theme. But i have an issue when having an incoming call. I think my icon on status is wrong, because i have compare with my previous rom. I captured and uploaded this issue but i can't post link...
  2. S

    Root Rooting at&t nitro to switch carriers

    Would it be possible to switch an unactivated nitro that was bought from at&t to a verizon number that I already have?
  3. altafali

    Root [ROM][4.1.2][Rooted]Sony Xperia Rom for LG Optimus LU6200

    Is there any Optimus 1 user remaining? Credit to builder. here is new android rom Step # 1 : Download Rom. Step # 2 : Enter recovery mode by pressing Vol- + Power Button. Step # 3 : Do a full reset of user files , remember backup your files before begin. Step # 4 : Flash...
  4. altafali

    Root LG LU6200 CM11 4.4.2 [2014.2.14] ROM Unofficial Smooth with Google services

    Hi guy i am here to tell you the new CM 11 unofficial version posted on this forum basically it is chinese forum so i take the ROM test it and find it working then i want to share it with you. This is not my ROM. Note : Do it at your own risk. However it is tested by myself. Compatible...
  5. T

    Browser takes forever to load, help?

    When I first got this phone last year, my browser would load up instantly, now it takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to load up. Once it's loaded, it functions perfectly fine as it did when it was new, but if I idle for several hours without searching anything, it needs to load up again, same...
  6. R

    SanDisk 64GB micro SD problems

    Just a note to say that I put a SanDisk 64GB micro SD card in my LG Nitro and it's working fine. I want to carry all my music, and it wouldn't fit on a 32GB card, so I tried the 64GB based on reports that it worked on the Galaxy S3. Works fine once you format it in the phone. EDIT - UPDATE...
  7. A

    Root Lg nitro boot loop

    I am new to android and wanted to root my phone badly. I had used one program that didnt work then another one and that didnt work then I found one that did. Finally I had it rooted and everything was fine for a year, but it did turn the screen on at random times. That bugged me and killed by...
  8. G

    Help Saying to insert Sim card when it has never been removed!!!

    My boy friend has had his LG Nitro for about 6 months now and all of a sudden its telling him to insert a sim card. He has never even taken out his sim card before. So I don't know how it could possibly have gotten damaged. He has tried the factory reset and all that but it still won't read it...
  9. I

    FM (not streaming) radio?

    Hi everyone. I got this phone recently but I realized that there's no Radio app on it. I tried looking around but I couldn't find any info on it. Is the phone not capable of fm/am radio?
  10. C

    Lg nitro Is a nightmare after ICS updgrade

    Is there anyway i can downgrade my lg nitro back to gingerbread i cant go one hour with the phone freezing and restarting. Please if someone can find me a way to downgrade i would really appreciate it. im constantly having to take remove my battery and putting it back to get the phone to turn...
  11. J

    Help Cannot connect to free hotspots

    I am using a LG Nitro with ICS. I can log into my home router (Netgear with WPA-2) just fine. Have tried to log in to hospitals, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, library, whatever, with no success. On any free hotspot, no matter what I do, as soon as I am connected, I get bumped off, and wifi is turned...
  12. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Nitro HD? You can contact us through...
  13. S

    Help LG Nitro crashing problems *fixed

    I bought my LG Nitro about 2 weeks ago - figured my friend who had sold me the phone did not reformat his SD card(32gb class 4 Sandisk) and being the nice person I am, I decided to reformat it for him and for myself. This is what happen and I will put in "HIDE" on how I solved my problems if you...
  14. S

    Root please help me

    please help me to root the official ics 4.4 v20c not v20e from at&t
  15. A

    Help Help Please

    I bought a LG - P930 about 2 weeks ago , been stuck on trying to get it unlocked , Bell wont do it seeing my phones not hooked up & I'm suppose to be giving it to my brother for his birthday in 2 days , can someone help me unlock ? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. R

    Help problem with wifi+4G since ICS upgrade

    Hey gang, Ever since I've updated to ICS, I'm having a problem with email or browser updates when I have wifi on. It seems like the phone gets confused over which network to use, so it just sits there and spins without updating. If I turn off wifi, then it immediately updates or go to the...
  17. X

    Please help with Nitro and ICS

    I updated my phone to ICS 4.0.4 and when i press "phone" to go make a call it keeps closing before i can select contacts or the dial pad it will stay open after pressing "phone" 10-15 times also my browser randomly closes when i try to type in the search bar and it sometimes sends text messages...
  18. R

    Help How do I lock the power button?

    Ever since I've updated to ICS, I find that I accidently turn my phone off in my pocket. The power button will now bring up a screen to turn off the phone even if I don't unlock the screen, and my butt will turn off the phone. Of course, since it's in my pocket, I don't notice for a while and...
  19. K

    We get ICS tomorrow!

    LG Nitro HD ICS update due July 31st | Android Community And update instructions for anyone who's never used the update tool. LG Nitro
  20. L

    Root Need help please , cwm stuck

    Traded in my phone and got another...Got ROOT on 2.3.5 right out of the box. Then decided to flash a ROM and now I am stuck in CWM phone boots to CWM no matter what. Done: Hard Rest Applied different roms and tried to flash Tride to just update (no luck) Have tried everything I can and...
  21. L

    Root Root for 930 on 2.3.5

    Hi, Looking to root this new phone, Had the Atrix HD and took it back grabbed the Nitro on At&t when I went to set up it updated (dumb mistake) Now I am on 2.3.5 and cannot get the phone to root have tried the methods. Anyone know of a sure way... My other thought is to take it back and...
  22. K

    Wow, I'm surprised!

    I haven't been on here in quite a while, and was thinking surely this section must be hopping by now. I haven't had any problems with my LG nitro, and I came from an Evo 4G which I felt did it all. I don't use the native launcher (I've been a dedicated GO launcher fan since I first installed it...
  23. K

    Root Stuck in Clockwork boot loop v.

    I rooted my phone and rebooted phone and has been stuck at CW boot loop. Have tried CWM boot fix type files and nothing has fixed it.
  24. R

    Case and screen protector?

    I'm thinking of getting this phone and I'm looking for the best case that gives good protection from drops and is not super bulky like otterbox cases. Also, if you know any cases with kickstand besides those kraken cases. I also want to know good screen protectors. Also is 250 for a used lg...
  25. R

    Help How to swap browser icon for Dolphin?

    Okay, somehow I lost my browser icon from the 4 "permanent" shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. Previously I somehow swapped it out for Dolphin, but I can't remember how I did it, and now I can't even get anything put on that level. If I press/hold there, nothing happens. If I press/hold...