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lg optimus 2x

  1. marskapadia

    Root Help

    I have the lg optimus 2x running 2.3.4 I rooted and over clocked, but I selected OVERCLOCK at boot. After that it is stuck in a boot loop please help
  2. M

    Help Help removing t-mobile APN

    I have added the Wind Mobile APN to my phone and have made it APN Type: default .. but I can't delete the factory set T-mobile APN causing the phone to drop Wind APN when phone turns off .. its unlocked and running 2.2.2 .. please help
  3. T

    Help Info Settings

    Hey, does anyne know what this means? "Info Services: Can't apply settings to modem" Everytime I reboot the phone. This message shows up. When i go to MX Player it stops playing videos? Thanks ~TRPKF
  4. T

    Help LGP990hn Unlock

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the LGP990HN be unlocked to use with other networks? Someone Pleasr Answer, I need to know ASAP Thanks, ~TRPKF
  5. T

    Root Root LG-P990hN

    Hi, can anyone tell me the easiest and simplest way to root my LG-P990HN Thanks ~TRPKF
  6. T

    Help Help lg p990hn

    Hi, I'm new to forums and i need help on my new lg p990hn My lg was playing videos fine and than all of a sudden everytime i play a video in mx player or video player, it only tun for 1-2 minutes than it freezes, even youtube doent work after tjat, but when i reboot the phone, sme thing...
  7. A

    Help No Data on custom ROM

    Looking for some ideas. I have a TMobile G2x that I unlocked. I use a StraightTalk AT&T SIM in it. Under stock, I have no issues having data connectivity. However, I have tried a couple of different CM9 variants and cannot get data. I can get voice and texting but no data. Any...
  8. N

    LG Optimus 2X or LG Optimus Black

    Please give me helpful answer..I want to buy a new phone, but I can't choose between those 2 smartphones. Which one do you think is better?
  9. J

    < HELP PLEASE! > My phone can't view captured images, all of the captured images turned into black!

    I can't seem to view my captured images & my songs in my music was missing when my sd card has already insert. I kept on restarting my phone, but it's useless. I went to polaris office on my phone to check for the ' external_ sd ' it was there, my songs & captured images were there. I went back...
  10. D

    LG P999 phone with Android 2.2.2 cannot play games (Candy Crush)

    :)Hey everyone, I am not sure what happened with my phone but as of about 2 months ago I cannot play candy crush on my phone, any ideas? I have tried factory reset, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game it just wont work.. I get an error message "The application Candy Crush Saga...
  11. S

    Help Battery indicator

    Hello all, My Optimus is probably 1.5 years old and it works great. However, since a week or so I have been experiencing battery issues. Allow me to explain it. I fully charge by battery, then I proceed to use it accordingly. Listen to music, browse online, the usual stuff. When I do...
  12. K

    Root clockworkmod/recovery NOT BOOTING-Can't install custom roms

    I can't access clockworkmod or recovery long story- Im a newbie pls help Phone: LG Optimus 2x p990 Current Rom: Cyanogenmod 7 I have rooted my phone just days ago and I installed the cyanogenmod 7custom rom, (without gapps file first then I did it again with the gapps file) After that I didn't...
  13. D

    Help LG-P990 PC-Suite not detecting phone

    I have my LG-P990 for almost 2 years now, upgraded to 2.34 last year but now trying to upgrade to ICS but hitting a brick wall. I have installed fresh Windows 7 PC for this, downloaded latest USB drv, latest PC-Suite and then allowed it to update to even latest version. But no matter what, the...
  14. L

    Random reboots

    I have a problem with 4.0.4 that the phone reboots on random moments..I don't know what is causing this. I did do a factory reset some time ago and installed some apps again. But it is not that the problem occurred after installing an app.
  15. M

    Help update optimus 2x OS

    is there a way to update the os without the service provider? im running froyo and was initially told there would be an update but of course like every other product, lge abandoned updating it. is there a way that i can do it myself? my phone is rooted if it matters.
  16. M

    Help optimus battery not accurate. even after being sent a new phone

    my original lq optimus 2x was working fine for a few months. then i noticed that i would have it discharging and it would stay at a certain %. it was only when i turned off the phone and back on, that it suddenly was lower. then it would stick at the number til i did the reboot again. my phone...
  17. TheKalle

    Is the Lg Optimus 2x a good phone?

    So I found this phone at a site cheaply, (180 USD), and I was wondering if it's a good phone. Anyone of you that had this phone for 3 - 2 months, did it become veery slow? I have currently a Galaxy Y, which started to lag after 1 month of use. Also any bad experiences with the phone? Thanks
  18. D

    Help optimus 2x won't connect to PC via USB (or bluetooth)

    I purchased a LGP990hN a couple months ago and had no problem connecting it to my PC via USB or bluetooth. The phone had other issues though (consistently crashed) so it was replaced under warranty by entirely new and unused LGP990hN. New LGP990hN will not connect to my PC via bluetooth or USB...
  19. L

    Help Internal Storage and RAM

    When I check my internal storage usage, it showed 747MB used and 740MB free, with used space and free space combine is about 1.5GB, I know it is suppose to be 8GB Internal Memory suppose to have about 6.4GB space accessible to me, what the happened to the rest of the storage space? That's...
  20. U

    Help LG 2x shuts itself off after upgrade to 4.0.4?

    After I upgrade LG 2x to ICS 4.0.4, things look great, but I found that sometime if I plug it in for charging and left it for a few hours, sometime it shuts itself off. Anyone has this problem?
  21. B

    Root Just enter on recovery mode

    Hi! My LG Optimus 2x just enter on recovery mode! The problem started when I tried to instal Eagle's Blood rom, and when you turn on, appears the Eagle's Blood logo, follow by the LG logo, alternately... And the smartphone don't start... I entered on the recovery mode and formated everything...
  22. S

    Help App "Stopped Unexpectedly". What's wrong?

    I've been having a problem with a game I have on my phone. Every time I try starting it up, it just closes again, saying it "stopped unexpectedly". It's only this one app. I deleted and reinstalled it and it started working, but the same problem came up again later. I reinstalled again, but then...
  23. xXSK8AGRXx

    Optimus 2x freeze when I try to connect to pc..

    I'm running Nova HD rebuild v1.1.0 ..but when i try to connect to PC my phone freeze? I have to take out the battery ,and turn it on again. I've tried to wipe cache ,and some other things.. I don't want to Wipe everything. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  24. S

    Root How to fix CM10 Wifi Issue on Optimus 2X P990?

    Hi Guys, I have flashed my LG optimus 2X to CM10 and my wifi is not working. It does not detect any wifi signals from router. I have fully wiped my phone before installing CM10. I have tried to install many times after wiping it but still there is no wifi. It works totally fine in CM7.2 but...
  25. V

    Root MMS issues with CM7

    I've tried finding a correct answer to this and had no luck anywhere. Keep in mind, i'm a noob and just rooted it last night. I've been trying to fix sending MMS issues and I just can't figure out what's wrong. My APN and MMS settings appear to be correct. Help please! and be gentle.