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lg optimus chat

  1. M

    LG-C555 - The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly

    November 29, 2016 Hi everybody, With a Telus SIM card on LG-C555 I have no problem. If I change for a Bell SIM card, I received all time (each 5 seconds) the following message: The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly I have already clear all data. I reset the phone. I...
  2. M

    How to disable number question

    On my old LG 940, I could go into 'settings' and prevent my phone number from being displayed on caller I.D. How do I do that with my new LG Optimus Dynamic II ?
  3. F

    Help Sprint LG Optimus

    I was wanting to reset my phone model LS670. I did the home volume up and power buttons and now my hone won't turn on. I have tried everything from holding the power button to taking out the battery to even keeing it on the charger. It did not go to the reset menu, it only shut down. How can I...
  4. C

    Help Cannot update phone

    I'm trying to update my phone but the LG Mobile Support tool does not connect to the phone. I tried downloading both versions of USB drivers yet still nothing.
  5. D

    Help Cannot Flash A New Rom On Phone or Access My Phone

    I rooted a new LG Optimus chat phone (I've done this before with the same phone, this is a replacement). In Uninstalling the system apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc) I believe I accidentally uninstalled an important part of the main menu screen on the phone. When I slide the unlock...
  6. A

    LG Optimus Chat Camera Apps

    I am new here as some of you can tell, i have a LG Chat, and i figure it would be a good site to ask for help if i ever need it... So here is my question... what is a good camera app for the LG Optimus Chat? Features like, Brightness Controls, Filters, Zooms, no shutter Sound (Wildlife...
  7. C

    Help Where is the underscore key?

    There have been two previous postings regarding this issue and no replies to the posts. I was trying to add an email address manually to my phone and was unable to do so because there is no underscore key available. Any thoughts??
  8. S

    Help LG Optimus Chat Will Not Turn On?!

    My cell phone was charging last night and i make sure it does every night before i go to sleep. well this morning i woke up and it was off. So i went to turn it on and the first thing that comes on as usual when i turn it on is the "LG'' screen. Well that screen doesn't last very long at all, it...
  9. B

    Help No Vibration when I receive Text Messages

    I've had my LG Optimus Chat for a few months now, and I probably should have done something about this sooner, but when my phone is on silent mode or full volume it does not vibrate. My mother has the same phone as me and it doesn't vibrate either when we receive text messages. We both have it...
  10. R

    Help c555 water damage, blinking keypad, LG logo hangs

    I have a Telus C555 optimus chat , dropped in water, tried drying it out, screen came on distorted with no response and keypad lights flashing or blinking on and off. Dried it out overnight under a fan, now when I turn it on I get the clear LG logo screen and it hangs there , no response, with...
  11. M

    Help Radio reception and volume

    Hi guys. I just got an LG Optimus Chat (LG C-555). I have to say I'm disappointed with the FM radio. I listen to it all the time and the last thing I used was a Zune and it was great. But I'm finding out with the phone the reception isn't as great as it cuts out here and there. Nothing major...
  12. D-U-R-X

    Optimus Chat FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  13. D

    Help LG Optimus Chat C 550

    Hello, So my brother was driving his bike in the rain and the phone got wet. So he took it apart(only the basic stuff) and made it dry then put it back together. The problem is that it gets stuck on LG logo screen and the keyboard keeps flashing. Thanks for help!:)
  14. S

    Help need help tethering lg optimus metro pcs

    hi guys I'm new to the site, i really need help tethering and rooting my metro pcs lg optimus please help thanks you
  15. Y

    Help 'Recent Activity'

    Hello! So very often I will be on my phone texting or whatever and suddenly my phone will start vibrating like crazy and going to random places off and on like Home then Search and it always ends up going to Recent Activity. It isn't hurting anything I guess but it drives me crazy! I do have...
  16. P

    Help inquiry... for LG Op Chat

    i know theres a f**kload of sites that offer "pay us for your unlock code" options, but i am wondering if theres a completely free site for unlock codes like there is for blackberry users? as a new to android user, i was just ravaged by my carrier "for this and for that... but i dont wanna...
  17. O

    Help Google account phone problem.

    The google account I had hooked up to my phone got closed. and now I can't do anything on my phone. Is there anyway I can change the google account from my phone with out returning my phone the the default factory settings?? Please help!!
  18. Z

    Help how to get pictures people have sent me with no data plan?

    i have no data plan and i dont know how to get the pictures people send me please help i really want those pictures??? :( :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :(
  19. B

    Help process com.andriod. mms LG optimis chatc555

    I need help with this error. I keep getting process.com.andriod.mms ALL THE TIME.(when texting) I've traded it in with the DoA thing with the telus store, I've done factory resets, i've gotten a new sim card, and nothing is working. help ASAP would me much appretiated.
  20. U

    Help Create Calendar Entry without invitation

    When I create a calendar entry on my LG Optimus Chat, and it syncs with my online Google calendar, the entry is an invitation. I don't invite anyone when I create the entry on my phone, and I don't see any way to make not be an invitation. I don't use this calendar to invite people, so it's a...
  21. E

    Memory card issue

    Hi guys, im new here and this my 1st thread, my LG GT540 has like an error and showing a memory card symbol at the top of the screen with an exclamation mark through it, like theres a fault, now when i try to access music its saying theres no card whener its actualy in the phone, so i tried...
  22. C

    Help android update gone wrong!!help

    ok i tried installing cm7 on my lg optimus one using rom manager.it rebooted and was stuck on flash mode.i found out how to go into emergency mode and the screen went into emergency mode and fixed the phone.what im wondering is did it load the back up rom that rom manager made?because now my...
  23. A

    Help Optimus Chat - Wi-fi becomes disabled when the phone goes to sleep

    Has anyone else with an LG Optimus Chat run into this same issue? When the phone has Wi-fi enabled, at some point when the phone sleeps it eventually loses its wi-fi connection even though I've set it for wi-fi to not sleep (in settings). When you look eventually in settings, the wi-fi...
  24. B

    Help PLEASE HELP! Need help unlocking my LG-C555!!!

    I recently unlocked my LG-C555 to switch from the telus network it was locked to, to using a Fido SIM card. The unlock was successful, however, now this stupid error pops up every 5 second. The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectadely. Please try again. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN...
  25. Xerses

    Help Lock Screen Timeout

    My wife has the Optimus Chat and the lock screen timeout is 3 or 4 seconds evn though the screen setting is set to one minute. My Galaxy SIIX has a setting for lock screen time out, but I don't see that setting in the Chat. Can someone help me please? EDIT: I just looked at my Galaxy SIIX and...