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lg optimus g pro

  1. Rhilay

    LG E986 motherboard replace with diffrent model?????

    Hello everyone.. i have my lg optimus g pro E986.. and i went with it to a service today.. because of various problems and they told me the motherboard is broken .. and i have an electric discharge on it.. so . i want to buy another broken phone and replace the motherboard from it.. with mine...
  2. Rred

    How to find the battery eater?

    I've been trying for months now, to find out what's eating my battery. The usual tip-off will be that the phone is HOT in my pocket, and when I look, the battery is being eaten alive, like a 2-3 hour life from fully charged. The battery is genuine, and good, and sometimes runs nearly 24 hours...
  3. Kelszta

    Help Not registered on network

    I have an LG Optimus GPro AT&T unlocked that uses an Optus sim. It works with calls, texts & data. When i try to update the software, it comes up with this error message - not registered on network. It then tells me to try again in roughly 24 hours. How can i make it register on the network?
  4. Rred

    Oink! 200gb microSDXC card?

    Yes, I know a 128gb microsdxc card works, but my library has burst its seams, and I'm looking at the Sandisk 200GB cards that are now the largest available. Does anyone know if the phone will work with the 200GB cards, or will it get terribly upset? Or will any of the new phones work with a...
  5. B

    New Software Update

    I just got notified of a software update on my rooted at&t e980 But I can't see what the update is over the phone and there's nothing on the interwebs about it. I'm presently at 4.4.2. could this be an upgrade to 5? I don't want to install it unless I know what it is and that it won't have...
  6. R

    Help Cant connect Lg phone to laptop

    Okay so I have read so many posts and forums on my issue, and tried to delete, Reinstall, uninstall, reboot, install google mtp drivers, and used camera, and pc software mode. Still nothing has worked. My issue: I had windows 7 on my acer laptop, and I was able to successfully connect my lg...
  7. X

    Help Google Hangouts: Do People Receive Resent Messages?

    Met a friend and got their number. I sent them a message on Monday, it's Thursday and no reply yet. But it just occurred to me maybe they didn't receive it. Here is what happened: I sent the message, got a notification that one message was not sent, I click the notification and it resent the...
  8. Tiyah

    Help Need help fixing video chat on google hangouts

    Every time i try to video chat the screen freezes and i can only hear the person not see them
  9. B

    Help Phone keeps shutting off

    This problem started three days ago. My phone will shut off at random times, battery percentage has so impact, I've searched this site and found plenty of other issues like mine but nothing they said that I tried worked. For a Little bit I could just pull the battery and turn it back on no...
  10. X

    Lg Optimus G Pro touch lag

    I don't know if i must call it a problem but when i play several sniper games my touch lag a little when i try to mark an enemy. This never happened with my recent phone galaxy S2 plus playing the same games. Did anyone had the same problem and is any way to fix it?
  11. C

    Help Broken Screen/Battery/???

    My LG is about 1.5 years old and has been dropped and thrown and generally mistreated and save for some screen issues, has weathered it like a champ. But yesterday, I dropped it on a hard floor and the back and battery popped out. I put everything back together and it wouldn't turn on. I've...
  12. Trevor Coats

    Root [AT&T] Unrooting unlocked LG Optimus G Pro?

    Please bare with me as I am only 15 and know little to nothing about Android as I have been a Apple user my whole life. For Christmas my parents ordered me a used unlocked AT&T LG Optimus G Pro off of eBay and I am using it with NET10. I really, really want to upgrade it from Jelly bean to Kit...
  13. B

    Help gmail account delete

    ogp with 4.4.2...i cannot get rid of a secondary gmail account. let's call it the X account when i tap the gmail icon -> tap the 3 bar menu at top left. i have 3 gmail and 1 pop account. i cannot prevent account X from showing up on this list even tho i deleted it per item 1 below. what i...
  14. G

    Help 4.4.2 Alarm issues

    Is there anyone who is running the stock android 4.4.2 on the optimus g pro, and after the OTA update, has had a problem with the alarm no longer sounding when the phone is plugged in charging. It works normally if the phone isn't charging
  15. D

    Root [AT&T] lge980 root?

    I have a lg e980 AT&T converted to straight talk. I jave tried to root the phone with roottool.kitkat. i have downloaded lg usb drivers. My Usb debugging is checkmarked as is my unknown resources. When i start the startroot and it sends my phone to Recovery i get the android on its side with red...
  16. Williamw545

    Metro pcs, anyone currently using this phone on there network?

    If so do you like it? I'm using the LG motion right now but a friend is going to give me the optimus pro. Just wondering if it's worth using or not.
  17. B

    Help how do I delete messages left on voicemail

    how do I delete messages left on my voicemail? LG optimus:confused:
  18. A

    Lag Optimus G Pro Android L update

    Hey guys, Any word on weather the Optimus G Pro will receive the android L update ?
  19. B

    holster & zerolemon

    I purchased a zerolemon battery a few weeks ago. I really really like this battery. I use my phone heavily all day and usually had to plug in twice. Now, with the zerolemon, I charge once overnight and by the end of the day, it's down to 30%. So, with the thicker dimension due to the battery...
  20. E

    Help youtube specific issues

    I have been searching the internet looking for anyone with my problem and so far i cant find a single case. I LOVE my phone, i just dont understand why my youtube app is messed up. I dont necessarily have pixelation problems, its my entire video gets all "streaky". Its like it breaks the video...
  21. S

    Phablet Screen Drainage

    Hello! After many years of using sub 5" smartphones, I've finally crossed into the "phablet" (I will never be able to take this word seriously) territory. The LG G Pro is an excellent phone, but the battery is rather short (4.5 hrs. screen time). I'm well versed in battery conservation and...
  22. B

    Help Bricked, Device not recognized

    I followed the steps on that Guide to fix soft brick, but i keep getting "Device not recognized". I have tried different usb cables, computers, OSs, and uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. I have even reinstalled comp USB drivers. So far nothing has worked. I then tried, from battery...
  23. F

    Where is this phone?

    HI guys. I'm on ATT and I don't see this phone offered anywhere. Where can you actually get it?
  24. LoneZ

    Help Bluetooth audio problems

    When I'm connected to a bluetooth speaker, I can't play any songs at all. In my default music play or when I use Rocket Player, Tapping the play button does nothing. The song won't play. When I use Youtube, no sonud comes out from my speaker or my phone. The volume is maxed out on my phone.
  25. L

    Help Texting a contact gives "invalid number" error

    I'm trying to figure out my wife's new LG Optimus G Pro. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so I'm familiar with Android (plus I've had Androids since 1.0). I can't, for the life of me, figure out why my wife's phone has errors texting me. It keeps saying it needs a 10 digit number, but when you...