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lg optimus l9

  1. droops951

    Stuck on boot Security Error

    How to fix security error on stuck on boot please help
  2. M

    Help LG L9 Stuck on Carrier Screen

    My lg l9 wont boot up all the way. I believe it is fully up as i can feel the vibrating that happens after a media scan and i can hear the phone receiving notifications of some sort but the carrier (Metro PCS) screen constantly up!? Things Ive tried:Taking out the battery Fully draining then...
  3. Philip Seng

    Root No Unbrick Guide works

    My Lg L9 Is Model LGMS769 and s/w is v10f
  4. darrenbruin

    Help No functionality with Gmail>Contacts

    Help, I just got this phone and I tried to work on my Contacts in Gmail. Unlike on my PC when I go into Gmail>Contacts all I see is a "dumb" list of names and email address -not even phone numbers. I cannot add, delete or edit individual contacts at all the way I can do on my PC. I'm at wit's...
  5. J

    Root Bricked P769

    For starters, I easily and successfully rooted and installed CWM Recovery on my T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 (P769). I got cocky. So without doing the research I should have, I tried flashing a new ROM via a zip file. Without unlocking the bootloader. Yes, I did it, and now I can boot up normally...
  6. C

    LG Optimus L9 storage issue

    Hello, I have a rooted LG Optimus L9 and you only get about 1gb of storage space and most of which is taken by preexisting applications. So naturally I bought a samsung 8gb microsd card. It fits in the phone and is read by the phone but the card is rendered useless because "the SD card is on the...
  7. M

    Root rooting help plz

    i rooted my lg p967 and i was at school then for some stupid reason i refromated my phone now i can get super user to rework and install the normal binarys again and now it is saying my phone is not rooted but the root checker from jrummy apps says it is any help plz
  8. H

    Help Messed up my phone completely Please Help

    I really ****ed up my phone, it was giving me problems so i kept messing with it until i reached the TWRP menu and formatted everything on the phone, when i went to the reboot section of the TWRP menu it said i had no os installed now every time i turn my phone on only the LG logo shows up and i...
  9. J


    I rooted my LG-D415 (Lg Optimus L90) with towel root in December. It was fine until a week ago where i couldnt use Superuser Su anymore because it says no binary was installed. Root checker says that my phone is Not rooted but aanother root checker says it is. T-Mobiles device health center also...
  10. danielle83

    thinking of this phone

    So I am down grading from a Samsung galaxy s3. Sadly :-(. The replacment phone I bought is Alcatel one touch fierce 2. Its a really crappy phone. Multiple times a day I want to throw it in The street lol. So I am considering this phone or Samsung galaxy avant. Or anything else cheap worth...
  11. B

    Help System Update on 1/12/15

    I had a system update prompt me to download and install yesterday. I've searched but no one has any info on it...it was about 215mb and took a while to install. I'm still on 4.2.2, T-Mobile d41510e
  12. N

    LG Optimus L90 shuts out of Internet; keyboard doesn't work

    Hello, I'm Nick. I have an LG phone (I forget which one). I've had this phone since last summer. Recently, when I try to go on the Internet using MetroWeb, several seconds later it will go to a black screen and go back to the wallpaper screen. Is this a virus? Also very recently, the LGKeyboard...
  13. H

    LG Optimus L9 Hotspot Issues

    My LG Optimus L9 hotspot isn't working. I turn it on and it says processing and then turning wifi on. Immediately after that, it says turning wifi off.
  14. W

    Help try to root then unrooted

    I attended to root my phone without a computer (i got it off of youtube) i didnt have a good feeling about it so i attempt to delete every thing I download as doing so i most likely delete something i shouldnt know play store say no connecyion i retry. And retry ,it will pop up unfortunately...
  15. R

    Optimus L9 SD card compatibilty

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can let me know if the LG Optimus L9 P760 is compatible with a SONY 32GB microSDHC UHS-I memory card. I've looked around but can't find a straight answer. Would like to know before I open the box and realize it isn't for whatever reason! Thanks in advance!
  16. L

    Help extreme lag, phone hot, deleted most apps Help!

    This phone has disappointed me from day one when I couldn't save my apps to my sd card. I am down to to Only 5 apps, one being Clean Sweep! I hate this phone, but can't afford to upgrade. Any ideas, suggestions besides a hammer would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  17. C

    Root KumaKan 3.5 staiblity

    Anybody using KumaKan 3.5 version please let me know if it is stable?Thanks.
  18. H

    Help Phone extremely hot

    This isn't your average phone hot. I could actually smell the parts burning somewhat. Battery temp is 114 Fahrenheit. Phone is rooted. This happens when playing CoC. (To those of you who don't know what this is, clash of clans. Phone runs fine and fast but temperature is extremely hoy. The top...
  19. M

    Root HELP PLEASE!! Rooted L9 home screen loop issue

    I looked all over and didnt find anything like this, so pardon me if i did miss it I rooted my wifes l9, its stock with aparted used to partition her 8g card, link2sd plus and folder mount also in use as i did with my L70. Xposed installer and gravitybox installed also, same with my phone Shes...
  20. Bigboss305

    Root Stuck in CWM Please help!!!

    So I tried to flash a new Rom called SOKP 4.4.4 and when I did, I got an error saying there was an error with the set_metadata_recursive and the installation was aborted. So, I tried to reboot the system but I keep getting redirected to the CWM. I tried wiping the data, cache, format the...
  21. C

    Root kumakan ROM installation

    when installing kumakan rom do i have to wipe dalvik cache or wipe cache? im not sure what are the steps to install it.phone rooted busybox installed recovery also installed.thanks in advance for your help
  22. C

    Root System ui is messed up on my phone?

    I have a lg optimus l9 p769 that is rooted and i have xposed installed. Yesterday I tried to partition my SD card, but when I rebooted my phone the status bar was gone. I had backed up my data on Titanium backup app for this exact problem. But when i restore my phone from by backup and reboot...
  23. S

    Help My phone won't sync with Google or anything else

    I am very new to the android world so forgive my small knowledge on this topic. I have had the l9 for a little over a year now and everything has been working fine. In the past week or so, however, I have noticed that my calendar and time have been off and there seems to be no way to fix it...
  24. H

    Root Noob with a LGMS769

    Just rooted my phone but I have no clue on what I can do, can someone point me in the right direction. Main thing I want is the stock jelly bean rom or anything close to it, anything else would be appreciated :D
  25. C

    Help can no longer upload pics from photo galleries to facebook nor criagslist

    Hey there, have an lg optimus l9 (android), it has worked fine up until about a month ago, i noticed whenever im on facebook , and try to add a photo, it will open up the galleries let me pick the pic, but then the facebook page just reloads with no pic, i just tried to post on criagslist and...