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lg optimus m plus

  1. G

    Root LG Optimus M+ - How can I unroot my phone?

    Tomorrow, I am buying a brand new phone from MetroPCS (LG Optimus L70) and I am going to give this phone (LG Optimus M+) to my mother so she can upgrade to this phone. I have had this phone rooted and I just recently restored the regular recovery (LG default, removed CWM). How do I go about...
  2. B

    I need help with my LG Sm695 it just stays on boot logo

    My phone was rooted about 2 months ago and I started messing with build.prop then when I did that I could not use my app store or any of my apps but the default wih was camera, music, and search, also youtube. so I asked my friend what I should do and he said format the system so I did that and...
  3. Blake_Avery

    Root Any custom ROMs for this phone?

    I've been looking for custom ROMs for this phone, but found none. Odd, considering that it has a CWM recovery. Does anyone know of any stable ROMs for this phone?
  4. K

    Phone freezes when turning on the wifi icon

    Hi, I have had my LG Optimus M plus, for a while now and sometimes when I try to use Wifi after I have used my data, my phone always seems to freeze up on me and it's kind of getting annoying. Can anybody help me out with a solution to this problem? I have a battery saver app that lets me turn...
  5. M

    Help Help!Bricked by heaps?

    :mad: i think i brick my lgOP by changing the heaps size to 128 or something a year ago? it was some control system app or something.the phone shut off and never to be turn on again?It wont charge,or go into the boot manager,just simply wont turn on in any way.:mad:
  6. J

    Root Cannot boot recovery

    i cannot access recovery on my lg ms695 it starts into recovery after the button combo then it immediately reboots and factory restores itself. any help would be appreciated. ps trying to flash pg kernal p.s. tried using quickboot and it just turned my phone off.. and when i use cwm it has the...
  7. P

    Root Going to create a ROM...

    i'm going to try and create an rom but i either need things or need questions answered. So i want to know that if i root my phone will it be "deactivated"? because it is my only phone and dont wanna like mess it up. :confused: Or can someone get me a full System.tar and a stock boot.img. that...
  8. P

    Help YOU VIEW YOU HELP! LG Optimus M+ Reboots Randomly At School

    I use it regularly at School and it just keeps restarting over and over. :( IF YOU VIEW PLEASE HELP!
  9. F

    Root Root Issues

    Can I root my LG Optimus M+? I AM a noob to rooting and I'd just like the reverse tether feature, plus more whan I get usd to it. The tutorial here (theunlockr.com/2013/02/07/how-to-root-the-lg-optimus-m/) doesn't work, as it never really starts after "daemon started successfully". Can anyone...
  10. M

    Tethering this phone when on metropcs?

    So I was wondering if its safe to use pdanet or foxfi to tether this phone to metropcs. I am still on their $25 unlimited talk and text plan, but wanted to tether it to my tablet so I can use the tablet at work without having to get a dongle for it. Also anyway I can activate the mms feature? If...
  11. A

    Help Reboots itself every hour (or more)

    My OM+ (Android version 2.3) started rebooting itself pretty much hourly, if not every half hour. Google searching the problem produced similar problems related to the SD card, so I removed it and watched the rebooting occur without it. Did factory reset twice, tried rooting (it won't take). I...
  12. P

    Help YOU VIEW YOU HELP! LG Optimus M+ Freezes Sometimes

    When I use it, it sometimes freezes but rarely. IF YOU VIEW PLEASE HELP! 132 VIEWS AND NO COMMENTS REALLY PEOPLE?!!! :mad:
  13. N

    What would you do? Optimus M+ VS Motion 4g

    I was low on funds after losing my HTC One V. I was going to buy an LG Motion 4g, but since I was low on funds and Metro was having a sale, I bought the M+ for $35. Do you think I should sell it on amazon and get the Motion 4g? I'd love to get as many perspectives and opinions as I can...
  14. N

    Root HELP!

    Okay, so I have tried everything SEVERAL times. I've even tried to download fixes for the adb.exe, tried running it with admin priviledges on my computer, etc. etc. etc. IS THIS BECAUSE I HAVE ANDROID 2.3.6? Please help. Muchas Gracias.
  15. F

    Help 1x only

    i just bought this phone and all i get is 1x anything i can do to get 3g icon? i had it on the admire all the time in my location.
  16. T

    Root Kernel

    Is there anyone out there that is already familiar with kernel compiling and is willing to take a shot on a kernel for the Optimus M+ with working WiFi?
  17. X

    Root Android Root MS695

    Hi, recently I been intrigued with rooting my Android LG-MS695 2.3.6. While scouring many forums I have noticed much confusion and uncertainties of rooting. While I am not a pro at such topic, I am not illiterate among technology. I have created this thread because I would appreciate advice...
  18. A

    Root Rooted, Switch from Gingerbread to ICS/WIFI HELP!

    Alright so, first off I should tell you this whole problem began when Comcast did some update yesterday. I use my MS695 as a wifi only phone. Wifi works on my laptop and zune, but now my phone gets stuck in the four-way handshake authentication error loop nonsense. Can't fix it. Spent all day...
  19. T

    Root Deleted Stock Apps for LG Optimus M+! HELP PLEASE!

    LG-Contacts.apk and LG-ContactsProvider.apk Unfortunately I have already tried to search for them myself. I have run into errors like "trouble parsing" and "application not installed" CAN ANYONE PLEASEEEEEE HELP ME?!
  20. allblue81

    Root Root questions

    I have a LG Optimus M+ from metro, Mod# MS695 Android 2.3.6 Can anyone tell me what apps are safe to remove? app store(metro apps) google+ messenger(google+) metro 411 news and weather(the weather channel and unknown) play books(google play) play movies(google play) play music(google...
  21. CrayFox

    Root This is confusing me..

    Hi, I need some help with rooting optimus m+ (LG-MS695), I've tried rooting it with z4, Gingerbreak, and universal androot. I also tried using this here ---> http://androidforums.com/m-plus-all-things-root/545961-optimus-m-root-guide. html I'm running gingerbread 2.3.6 my software version is...
  22. C

    Root Rooted my phone ,but Now What?

    I just rooted my OM+ but now that i have unlocked my phone. Im not sure what i can do with my new power.
  23. J

    Root Metro LG-M+ Bricked MS695

    :D Hey Guys Since Im new to this understand I need complete instructions as irishman did on un bricking my LG M+ its stuck on LG reboot screen and to get it to emergency mode I have to plug into USB then replace battery then it says DL in progress dont remove cable but it just freezes there...
  24. J

    Root new to rooting, now what?

    I was able to root my m+ but have not been able to do some of the things I had hoped to do. The first is adding ICS but from what I understand nobody has adapted it to this phone. I really would like to use my phone as a wifi hotspot but I am having trouble finding a app to do this. I would...
  25. D

    Root Hey can anyone help plz

    Hey trying to get sim unlock code for my optimus m+ plz help does anyone have it.......