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lg shine plus

  1. F

    Root Stuck in emergency mode

    sir can you help me pls.. i have an LG-C710h. first i cant find IMEI when i typed *#06# no number appears.. meaning it cant detect simcard. i bring it to a calphone repair shop to flash the ROM what happens is it all stocked on the emergency mode. every time i push the power botton it opens...
  2. A

    Help HTC One Random WiFi Turn On After System Update

    I have recently undergone a system update on my HTC One. For some reason, the phone now turns on it's WiFi at random moments and I don't realize until later that it is on. This is quite annoying and I would like for it to stop but I have no clue as to how to do that. After the system update...
  3. J

    Root [ROM] [V20B] jparasite+karendar Custom Shine Plus ROM w/ OC kernel [R4.5] [2013/05/14]

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you brick your phone or lose all your data. This is all experimental, throwing-science-at-the-wall type of software. Flash at your own risk and only if you know what you are doing. Introduction: This is a modification of karendar's R4 ROM found here...
  4. B

    Anyone still here?

    Anyone still use the LG shine Plus? :)
  5. A

    Screen broken - USB debugging not enabled - Need contacts off the phone

    Hi. I need to know the order of key strokes on the slider keyboard to enable the USB debugging mode, so that I can "blindly" follow it on the keyboard. Here's the story. My shine plus's screen went off. It still is working fine as I can see/hear the status light and beeping working. But...
  6. C

    Help Turning Off Spontaneously?

    For the past 6 months or so my phone has been spontaneously turning off. It does it sometimes when I close the qwerty section, or when I hang up from a call, or I just go to used it and it's off. It was rooted on 2.3 (.1?) before, but I reformatted it and upgraded it to 2.3.3 because of this...
  7. E

    Root Solution for screen brightness?

    Hey all, I am really new at this, and was wondering if anyone had a solution for getting the screen auto brightness working on the LG Shine Plus? I know that LG killed the driver, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a custom rom or mod that fixes this problem.
  8. E

    Root Benefits of running from sd?

    Hello, I was debating installing my rom on my sd card but am unsure whether this will make the rest of the sd card unusable. The main reason for this is because I want the apps to completely install on to the sd card (not sure if this is feasible, but seems to make logical sense) because...
  9. F

    Help Dictadroid no longer shows up on my LG Shine Plus

    Dictadroid is a dictation app which I purchased from the Android Market last year. Ever since my LG updated to 2.3.3, my phone no longer sees the App on Google Play. A new version of the app has come out but my phone cannot find it at Google Play. My other Android device can see it on Google...
  10. S

    Help LG Shine Plus - Internal Memory Issues

    Hi, I've had my LG Shine Plus (from Telus in Canada) for two years and have one year to go on my contract so I'd really like to stick it out. However, I've hit some kind of wall in the internal memory -- my phone will no longer send text messages, update contacts, or browse the web due to...
  11. B

    Samsung Galaxy S III $0 at Telus until Oct 1

    They offered for me to buy out my remaining 13 months for $65, and possibly waive the activation fee. I may go for it. This is a good chance to get out of this phone. If that's the case, see you guys later :D
  12. C

    Help typing lag

    Does anyone else ever have issues with lag typing when entering text into text messages? I can type out a sentence and it will only type around 1 letter per second. I have tried using the stock messenger and handcent and they both do it. Doesn't seem to make a difference if my clock speed is...
  13. DC1022

    So weather app

    Hey guys I've always hated this. I am not on a data plan, and whenever I turn my phone on or randomly every once in a while the stock weather app says weather service unavailable because I have no connection, this is fine i Don't want connection cause of not having a data plan. So I Kill the...
  14. B

    Help Associate an email with PC Suite

    I uninstalled LG PC Suite last night along with a few other programs to do some computer maintenance. When I first got my phone and installed PC Suite it had asked me for an email account I wanted to associate with PC Sync and of course I gave it my Google email account. Upon reinstalling PC...
  15. B

    Help Desktop wallpapers

    I have my phone divided into 5 screens left too right and wondering if there is any way to have the same wallpaper on each of the 5 screen instead of having 1 wallpaper spread across the width of the 5 screens?
  16. N

    Mangler (Ventrilo App) works with Shine Plus!

    I'm a gamer and a Linux tinker so when I saw Ventriloid and Mangler on Google Play I was quite excited. Unfortunately both Apps gave me the dreaded "bugger off, this app hates your phone" error message (better know as: "This app is incompatible with your Telus LGE LG-C710h"). Wonder why it was...
  17. K

    Root [THEME][SEP 9TH] Artificial ICS flavor

    Hello everyone! Here's a theme I whipped up for myself for kicks. It features a look/feel similar to ICS. It's rough around the edges and needs some work on my part (Extended Power menu icons, notification drawer, notification toggles just to name a few), but overall it works! Here are the...
  18. B

    Giving the DIY rubber backing a shot

    Keep in mind our phone has a small batter cover, so I just gave that a spray with the clear coat: DIY Rubberized Phone Backing I used the clear finish, Home Depot $12 So tired of our crappy phone cover. It broke one too many times :D
  19. M

    Root [ROOT] Gingerbread 2.3.3 Root for the LG Shine Plus

    I was curious as to what was going on behind the scenes when my phone was being rooted, so after some research and playing around I came up with my own method of Rooting the Shine Plus. I made a batch file that you just have to run that achieves root. Instructions are as follows: 1...
  20. B

    Help Futureshop has our phone, refurb

    Telus LG Shine Plus Smartphone - Certified Pre-Owned : Telus Prepaid - Future Shop
  21. O

    Help Incoming calls not ringing or vibrating for some contacts after 2.3.3 firmware update

    I just updated my phone to Android 2.3.3 using Telus/LG's official software. Right after that, I noticed my phone wasn't ringing or vibrating on incoming calls, but all other notifications (calendar, text message, twitter, facebook) were behaving properly. I tried switching between various...
  22. F

    ebay battery

    I posted in another thread that I ordered a battery off of ebay from Hong Kong for about $4 with free shipping (to Vancouver, Canada). The vendor is called neewer: Lithium Ion Battery For LG P500/GW820 LGIP-400N P509 | eBay The shipping took almost 3 weeks (cheap international postal...
  23. nitramus

    Root where is the stock 2.3 rom ?

    I am having issues with the karendar and jiililk rom and im want to try the stock 2.3 rom for our shine plus. Not the software/firmware but the rom. I just can not seem to find it anywhere. Can someone please point me to where I can find that rom. THanks found this...
  24. C

    Help Contacts import

    Hello, I am wondering if there is an easy way to import the contacts from the LG pc suite to my new phone (another new shine). It seems like it created another profile for the new phone and won't allow me to restore contacts from my old one. Ideally I would like to switch my contacts over to my...
  25. M

    Help need to remove simcard to access google apps and store

    Hi all, I have updated my LG Shine to 2.3.3 but I can only access google apps and the play store when I remove the simcard and use WIFI. If I have my simcard in and use 3G to try to access the play store, or any google apps - including those downloaded from the play store, it just fails with...