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lg stylo 2

  1. BloodBlade

    Is this a sign of a dying cellphone or memory card?

    hi everyone i have a LG Stylo2 as a spare phone that i use just for surveillance recording purposes. i know some are questioning why i would use it for that. it works for me and has so for the past year. anyway i noticed recently that recordings have beenn stopping by themselves. i know cause...
  2. Android News

    LG Stylo 2 V will get Nougat

    Verizon's version of the LG Style 2 -- known as the Style 2 V -- will get Nougat. The news was revealed on the company's South Korean website.
  3. Android News

    No, the LG Stylo 2 didn't get an update to Nougat, it's still on Marshmallow

    It was recently announced by T-Mobile that the LG Stylo 2 would be updated to Nougat. However, that seems to have been a mistake as the device is actually still on Marshmallow.
  4. T

    Nougat on VM tonight!

    I looked around and didn't see anything... I hope I didn't miss a thread. I was away from my phone for a bit tonight, and when I came back I noticed that some of the LG apps had updated. I figured I'd just try a manual update check... and got Nougat! After: Soooo... woo-hoo?
  5. ayjays

    Does anyone has the nougat boot image?

    I want to work on rom or atleast try
  6. M

    Does the VM stylo 2 or x power have same apn problems as boost versions?

    Does the Virgin Mobile LS775 or LS755 have the same apn edit problems as the Boost Mobile versions? Also does the VM versions ask for an unlock code (before unlock) when you put a different providers sim in it? I know the Boost variations don't...
  7. ayjays

    Root Xposed for Lg G Stylo 2 Plus

    I download the latest version and install in the app (not through recovery) http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/rovo89/xposed-installer/xposed-installer-3-1-1-release/xposed-installer-3-1-1-android-apk-download/ Reboot your device and be patient for it to boot and you're done Around 200 apps were...
  8. ayjays

    Root Root For The Stylo 2 Plus Finally!!!

    All it took was this flash with twrp to root lg g stylo 2 Plus https://superuser.phh.me/superuser.zip lol I'm just your friendly rapper https://www.spinrilla.com/mixtapes/young-philly-p-lane-closed oh and install kingroot after flashing and optimize your phone Nevermind forget what i said...
  9. B

    stylo 2

    i have the criket boost and virgin mobile also have the metro version i think metro pcs is better version
  10. shayne3eer

    phone makes two app shortcuts after i install a app

    how do i fix when i install a new app it create two app shortcuts on my home screen' tnx you
  11. ayjays

    lg g stylo 2 plus system image Metro PCS

    any use for this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5RzZiFmb7GWSjctU3htLXJvaHc/view?usp=sharing
  12. lvt

    LG Stylus 2 Plus, should I take it?

    So I have a free smartphone from my carrier, there are like 60 models to chose but only the LGs have removable batteries. Out of the three LG phones only the Stylus 2 Plus is completely free of charge, the only downside on this phone is the lack of laser focus from the camera, my old LG G4 has...
  13. X

    LG g Stylo (stylus I guess they're calling it) 3 is coming up before CES!

    But don't get excited. It's more like an incremental update
  14. M

    How do I edit the APN on LS775?

    I got the phone unlocked for $20USD and different SIMs calls/txts work fine. But I cannot edit the APN. Do I need to wait for root or is there a method? Thanks. Boost Mobile LG Stylo 2 LS775 ZV5
  15. B

    Root lg stylo 2 plus metro and lg stylo 2 from cricket

    i have the lg stylo 2 plus from metro pcs also i have the lg stylo 2 from cricket but the cricket version is not the plus but comes with a bigger battery my questions is can i use the battery from the lg stylo 2 from cricket on the lg stylo 2 plus from metro remember one is the plus and one is...
  16. MyUsernameRox

    Unable to download the latest update?

    This is what I saw when I went into my settings, there is no download button to push no apparent way to download this update at all. https://imgur.com/ttUjYfn There is no restart and install button at the bottom of the screen, contrary to what my phone says. I'm not even able to scroll down...
  17. A

    How can i install the lg g2 camera

    Most my pictures seem to have a focus problem. Im coming from the g2 and miss the. Manual focus slider. I have the apk. I assume i have to replace the stock app. If this is even possiable.
  18. A

    Do 360 videos not work with the lg Stylo 2?

    They look right and you can move with touch. But motion does not work. App or even youtube.
  19. M

    Boost LG Stylo 2 I have unlock codes, how to unlock?

    I have the unlock codes but I cannot get the phone to ask for a network unlock pin, and the only hidden menu I can access does not have a security submenu etc for me to enter an unlock code. Any help? This is a brand new out of the box Boost LG Stylo 2 LS775ZV5 Thanks.
  20. J

    Root LG Stylo 2 Plus Discussion

    I can't find the LG Stylo 2 Plus general root topic except on XDA. Lets discuss.
  21. Android News

    Deal: The LG Stylo 2 is currently on sale for $60 through Amazon

    The Boost Mobile-compatible edition of the LG Stylo 2 is on sale through Amazon for just $60, down from the regular price of $100.
  22. CrimsonToker

    Help Help with handwriting?

    I keep trying to download handwriting languages, and i keep getting the message "cannot download because of permissions" or something like that. I looked in Apps > permissions, but i am not sure just what needs permissions. I thought maybe it was keyboard? But even in system apps, thats not...
  23. B

    Root cricket lg stylo 2

    hey guys is this is the right place for this phone let me know so many diffrent version of this phone
  24. B

    botton navigation bar

    can i autohide the bar is annoyiong thanks look in setting nothing
  25. Android News

    Here are LG's Black Friday deals at each of the 4 major US carriers

    The big four wireless carriers in the United States are getting ready for Black Friday early, and here are the deals you can get on LG devices. . . AT&T: - Free B&O Play earbuds with LG V20 purchase - $200 off LG V20 when trading in your phone - Buy an LG G5 or V20, get an LG G Pad X 10.1...