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lg volt 2

  1. Br7an547

    Need help rooting.

    Device is LG Volt 2. Android version is 5.1.1. Tried all methods of rooting, Kingroot, Kingoroot,iRoot,Framaroot to no avail. Anybody have a solution?
  2. Just_Anoth3r_Byt3

    Root Security Error - Authenication Error #9

    Does anyone have a stock Update.zip for the LG Volt 2? I accidentally deleted & replaced some files I shouldn't have and every time I boot up my phone it says Security Error: Authentication Error #9 after the LG logo comes up then it shuts off. I can't get my phone to connect to my computer at...
  3. J

    Root wifi tether?

    Has anyone successfully wifi tethered on this phone? Im 5.1.1 boost mobile rooted using kingroot and have tried several apps but none have worked
  4. Anatolii

    Root Not possible to root LG volt 2

    Guys, please give me advice. I have bought few days ago LG volt 2. I can not root it. I tried 3 programs: King root, Stump root and Iroot. But it does not help. Only Stump root says me "Device is patched, sorry". Iroot says 'Root failed". What does that mean, how to resolve this problem?
  5. I

    help activated device

    hi.. im from indonesia, i buy lg volt 2 from amazon, the problem is, i can,t use this device with my provider in my country, how to solved it, i just use wifi only for this device, thank you
  6. A

    Root Lg Volt 2 Ls751 HARD BRICK

    Hello, How can I unbrick Lg Volt 2 Ls751 with "qhsusb_bulk"
  7. E

    Help Is there a silent mode with no vibrate?

    My wife has this phone and I like it but she asked me how to turn both sound and vibrate off. Her old Volt 1 had this feature and was easy to find, but can't find on this device
  8. Odin89

    Root Recover from brick

    Ok so i bricked removing some apps, wanted to see what i could get away with lol. Phone goes into security error authentication error #9. Since i replaced it with in store warranty. Turns out we have all the tools we need to recover with an lg flash tool, theres just no kdz or tot files for this...
  9. Odin89

    Root Recovery needed!!

    Ok so we desperately need a custom recovery. I used flashify to flash the lg stylos twrp to this device as they both have the same chips but when i reboot to recovery or system it gives me a secure booting error and the device boots system with its stock recovery regardless if i tried to boot to...
  10. yeison28

    Root brick

    He estado manipulando los voltios 2. buil.pro mi punto de brikearlo como yo puedo restaurar una copia de seguridad que permanecen en la memoria interna oh si hay una actualización de meno consistirá ROM para restablecer todos me gustaría ayudar a desarrollar este móvil,
  11. Azure_

    128GB MicroSD card?

    Does the Volt 2 support MicroSDXC? If so, then I could use a 128 microSD card. I see that the original volt does, but I don't know about the Volt 2.
  12. Azure_

    Root Flash Xposed w/ FlashFire

    I hope to install Xposed on the LG Volt 2 and I think it would be possible to flash Xposed using FlashFire after the device is rooted. Would this work? If I were to brick the device, how would I unbridled it?
  13. M

    Root Stuck at LG screen

    I was trying to replace Kingroot with SuperSu and all seemed ok until reboot. Now won't boot up passed LG screen. I can still access recovery and download screens and I tried a factory reset. Nothing. Does anyone have advice on what my next move should be to get my phone back up? It's a...
  14. Juicedaman555

    Help Need help with apn change to use free hotspot

    So my sister's boyfriend was able to use his boost phone as a hotspot with his zte. Told he could show how to do it with my lg volt 2. But when we tried using the apps the videos told us to use it doesnt work. This is what shows up Attached Files: a" style="margin: 0px; padding: 10px 10px 0px...
  15. KillerTuxedo

    Root How can I (mostly) ensure a safe rooting of my LG Volt 2?

    I just got this new phone, and I had decided I was not going to root, as I didn't wanna risk anything; however, the storage space is soooo small. I want to be able to install apps fully on my SD card, and I hear the only way to do that is by rooting. I can't find any kind of KDZ or recovery...
  16. I

    Root brick QUESTION!

    So like would unbrick way for lg g stylo boost mobile work in this phone?
  17. Juicedaman555

    Root Need help changing apn

    So ive been watching videos and my friend has did something that uses his phone data for a hotspot.. Ive tried and tried but my phone wont let me do it. I downloaded shortcut app. And do the zteps but when it comes to the part to change apn it said not found
  18. grey26

    Root Firmware for Volt 2

    Help me find the firmware rom for lg volt 2. I wanted to get root. Now the phone is switched on for screensaver LG:(:(:(:(
  19. Markkel

    Can't Update

    I have been having this problem for months now, the android system update fails and has an error every time
  20. Technologx

    Root LG Volt 2 Stock Rom

    How do I go about getting the Boost Mobile LG Volt 2 stock ROM or whatever it's called? Also I need to be able to do it on a Mac if possible.
  21. Technologx

    Root LG Volt 2 Rooting Question

    I had rooted my LG Volt 2 and the rooting app on the phone showed me this other app to install to use supersu so I went to try and do that nothing happened. But that other app that I installed to have the supersu access removed the app I used to root my phone. Now I can't reinstall the app...
  22. P

    New LG Volt 2 - battery issues? Screen brightness?

    Virgin Mobile just sent me a new Volt 2 the other day. So far, I like the phone although the battery life seems unusually low. I just removed the weather widget to see if that makes a difference. The screen still seems fairly bright to me when set at 0% brightness. Is that normal, or should it...
  23. jsphmuckey

    Root Google Verification (Help)

    So I have a boost volt 2 I am unable to fix :/ Using a moto e for now till I can figure out a way to bypass google verification.. What happened: So I had rooted using kingroot but think it was causing problems n I unrooted. Not knowing about Google verification I did a factory reset via stock...
  24. C

    Help How to bypass setup wizard

    Hey all, I'm out of the country but want to use this device on wifi. I just pulled it out of the box and when I turn it on it gets stuck in the setup wizard while trying to connect to a network. Anyone know how to skip the setup wizard for the LG Volt 2?
  25. H

    ZV5 update

    So I have seen we have this update. Went to boost and LG's websites and all that is bored is that it has a security patch plus minor UI change's. Can anyone out there who took the update post more about the changes in detail? Also is it still rootable with king root?