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lg vortex

  1. L

    Help pic msg wth sound

    I want to send a picture message and I want to include a ringtone with it?
  2. T

    Root LG Vortex: Rooted, No Keyboard/Wifi/Cell Network/File Manager

    Hello and thank you for being associated with the forums and help desk! Newbie here... PROBLEM- I have an odd dilemma that I made worse on my phone. My Vortex is and has been rooted, ;) with much bloatware removed and standard apps replaced with customizations... Forgetting the wonky...
  3. I

    Root Creating nandroid on LG Vortex running 2.2.2

    Hi all, I rooted my Vortex running 2.2.2 with GingerBreak v1.2. It worked great and I was able to run Titanium Backup and ES File Explorer File Manager and backed up a few things and deleted a few. However, I got cold feet and decided to try to make a nandroid backup before going further...
  4. S

    Help Help... please i accidently deleted google play sync (rooted)

    I accidentally deleted Google play sync, I thought I could fix it by uninstalling my Google play off my vs660 vortex, cause it was asking me if I wanted to sign into a Google account but when I clicked on yes it would just close & still even now when I even try 2 go directly 2 Google play web...
  5. A

    Help How to get the screen to light up when you get a notification

    Please tell me how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. E

    Root Moving apps on rooted Vortex

    After reading several posts on different sites, I needed to ask for clarification. I've rooted my LG Vortex (v2.2.2) using Gingerbreak and have Titanium Backup installed. Using the adb shell, I've confirmed that the install location is set to install on external media. But there are still some...
  7. Webelos8

    Root Rooted LG Vortex. Questions

    I have rooted my LG Vortex using Gingerbreak and have Titanium Backup installed, and disabled all of those crapware things installed by Verizon. YAY ME! BUT: I upgraded from the Vortex to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (No, not the S3. This one is fine, thanks, and it was free, so..) and failed to...
  8. D

    Help Factory Reset Failure

    Hey All, Have a LG Vortex. Last night the low storage icon appeared and phone slowed to a crawl. Today after power cycle hung on Verizon splash screen. After several attempted cycles I decided to factory reset the thing. Now after entering the reset dialog I get an error after...
  9. D


    Tried doing the method "Downgrade LG Vortex from 2.2.1" as other people has done to fix the problem I'm having. Phone is detected in LGNPST but when I start the process it throws an error: Failed to load setting xml files. Reason: The system cannot locate the resource specified. then...
  10. M

    Help Stock mms.apk for lg vortex (cricket)

    I'm new to this, but I was reading a tutorial about how to fix my mms on my lg vortex that I use for cricket. So the tutorial gave the mms .apk, and I followed the steps and used overwrite in the systems/app folder. (big mistake, I know) I didn't back up the original file and at first it...
  11. S

    Root Making the SD card internal memory? MSD2INT type thing

    I have seen this done on several other phones, but nothing on the Vortex, I know it has to do with mounting the SD card as internal, but has anyone seen (or done) this completed successfully? I tried out a vold.fstab from another phone and all it did was make my SD card unmountable.
  12. Narut0

    Root App Compatibility Issues with Vortex + CM7

    What determines if an app is incompatible with the LG Vortex? Is there another way to at least TRY to attempt to install it? Was wondering if I found the standalone .apk file and tried to install it, if it would work. I know this question is not directly related to rooting the Vortex, but I...
  13. J

    Root rom manager reset my phone!

    i downloaded rom manager and made a back up of my current rom (the standard one, i hadn't downloaded any other roms yet) and it totally reset my phone to as if i just opened it out of the box! i got it on and its working but i lost all my stuff! is there anyway i can access that backup and...
  14. J

    Root updating LG vortex passed 2.2.2?

    is it possible to put maybe jellybean or icecream sandwhich (i think thats 4.2?) on my Lg vortex? froyo is what is on it now. it is rooted.
  15. V

    Help App Only runs on 2.3

    Hello, I lurked through a bit for my issue, so please forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere. I have an App that only runs on 2.3 and up. I have a rooted 2.2. How can I get it to run without bricking it. Should I: a) Try to update to 2.3 and then root again or...
  16. S

    Root Home Button not working

    I have been having an issue with my Home button on my Vortex. I recently soft-bricked and recovered it and decided that I would start learning how to build my own ROMs. When I installed ROM Manager (no CWM or flash recovery, yet) my Home button stopped working. It registers the button press...
  17. D

    help flashing verizon Lg-vs660 (vortex)

    After a few days of searching online I can't seem to find how to flash the lg-vs660 (vortex) over to metro pcs 1. Do I need to root the phone? 2. Is there a way to edit the Meid,Min etc to what i have on my working cell phone? 3. is there some type of software that can flash the phone? (for...
  18. Jared631

    Root [ROOT][RECOV] LG Vortex Utility [LINUX][WINDOWS]

    I'm a brony. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Windows Pictures Updated: 13:53 12/1/2012 Linux Pictures Updated: 17:06 10/23/2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LINUX AND...
  19. BKiv

    Root root issue

    I use the Vortex as a kids toy and to call & text them over WiFi. But all of a sudden it seems I have lost the ability to go into custom recovery & super user although it is installed doesn't work anymore. Just FC's. any sugestions on how to fix this? Thanks
  20. Narut0

    Root What to do before factory data reset

    Just wondering what needs to be done in preparation for a factory data reset. All I've been able to find is the need to uninstall super user beforehand? Any info would be greatly appreciated. First time trying it after rooting my phone. I'm done tinkering with it, and want to root it from...
  21. Jared631

    Root [rom][wip]cm10 lg vortex

    [JUST BEEN STARTED!]THIS IS NOT DONE, IT HAS] [NOTICE] Alright guys, I've decided to take a crack at CM10 for the Lg Vortex. My Vortex itself has hit some hard times and broke. I got a brand new one. Anyways, to cut too the chase; I'm not sure if it will be possible but, I've got my hands on...
  22. shaylakay2007


    Hi! I am new the forums so bare with me please! I have a rooted Lg Vortex, and I love it. However, as we all know the vortex does not have the best internal memory. This was my first time rooting a phone and I have moved as much to the memory card as possible (that I think I can be moved safely...
  23. D

    Help Vortex message suffix

    Bot a used Vortex to replce my water logged one. Activated fine but now whenever I text there is an annoyng suffix on every message. How can I delete these? THX!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. S

    Root Removing Facebook for LG

    I'm trying to remove some of the apps that I don't need/use/want from my Vortex. I've installed Titanium Backup and have managed to uninstall things like Tetris, Scrabble, and Slacker but I can't seem to find a way to get rid of Facebook for LG or Twitter. They don't appear in the list of apps...
  25. B

    Root semi-bricked my phone

    I've searched for nearly a week and haven't been able find any help that works. I've successfully rooted from 2.2.2 and deleted most of the bloatware and other crap that I don't use (keeping a log of what was killed so I could put it back on if needed).:D I deleted the DUNservice apps last...