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location tracking

  1. startac4

    How To Turn Off Location Tracking On Samsung Galaxy J2

    I want to turn off location tracking on Samsung Galaxy J2 but I don't see Location in Settings; nor in Settings -> Connections, nor in Settings -> WI-FI - > More Connections. Where did Samsung hide this setting so that I can turn off the location tracking?
  2. G

    Accessories I'M SAFE- Women's Safety App

    Let me introduce you to our new app I’m Safe is an easy-to-use and cryptographically secure women’s safety app built to ensure women’s safety at all times. The app is user-friendly, reliable, secure, and easy on the battery. I’m Safe is equipped with several features that can be used every day...
  3. Android News

    Tracking a lost of stolen Android phone is hard even with Device Manager or other security apps

    Android's Device Manager or third-party security apps are a great way to lock down your smartphone in case you lose it or if it is stolen, but a new piece from Android Authority shows that it's not necessarily easy to track down the phone and find it in a crowded city.