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Oct 18, 2022
Let me introduce you to our new app

I’m Safe is an easy-to-use and cryptographically secure women’s safety app built to ensure women’s safety at all times. The app is user-friendly, reliable, secure, and easy on the battery.
I’m Safe is equipped with several features that can be used every day and especially during life-threatening situations. it supports both android and apple devices
app Links: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imsafe.app
The features are listed below:

Trusted Contacts

You can add up to 5 Trusted Contacts on the app with whom you can share your whereabouts and alert them immediately when you are in danger. You can choose to share your whereabouts constantly or between selected intervals. You can switch between the options as you like.
Track Me
Track Me shares your live location with your trusted contacts. You can also share updates in the form of text and images.

SOS alerts your trusted contacts with your location details, warning them that you are in danger. During an SOS, the app captures images and audio recordings. SOS is designed to seek help to rescue you during a dangerous situation.

Selective info-sharing
While starting a Track Me session, you can choose which members among the trusted contacts you wish to share your activity with. Selective info-sharing lets you withhold specific information from certain contacts without removing them from your trusted contacts list.

Battery friendly
I’m Safe is optimized to provide the best safety features while consuming minimal battery.
Organization Features for Institutions and organizations:
The app has cab tracking, incident marketing, anonymous reporting, and organizational features for institutions and organizations.

Optional Safety Device:
The app also comes with an optional 18-month battery life safety device for you and your loved ones

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Despite the criticisms that are falsely implying that every hazardous situation a woman may encounter has to be immediately violent, I think this app serves as a pretty good deterrent to a sadly prevalent societal problem (domestic assault and sexual abuse just as examples) , something most of us with XY chromosomes can't or won't accept to be a reality. Also, its purpose is a deterrent, it doesn't claim to be a solution, so implying it does is just using misinformation as proof of an unfounded opinion.
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While I agree that no app can prevent danger, and I concede that some situations would benefit from such an app, I take exception to your assertion that domestic violence is prevalent. Present, yes... tragically. Those are more the exception, however, than the rule.

I can see that in some situations in which a woman is in an abusive situation, she may benefit from this app: but then abusers (who are really insecure worms) will likely scan the woman's phone, remove such apps and then take their rage out on her. One would hope she would reach out to someone who can help her & any kids exit the situation.

I'm Safe would do well to consider a camouflage name, icon and opening so it appears to be a game and plays as such: but a certain pattern or key combination will open the REAL app and send a distress call.
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