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  1. Astr4y4L

    [ROM] [ROOT] [Moto G Pure] [LiniageOS 20] [OrangeFox] Android 13 and ROOT with Recovery

    LineageOS 20 Android 13 Custom Rom and OrangeFox Device: Moto G Pure CodeName: ellis Model: XT2163-4 Android Version: 13 Build Type: VANILLA / GAPPS using included flashable A-Team Version: 0.03 Rom Built By: LgPWNd Recovery Built By: LgPWNd Contribution : PizzaG Testing By : David Cameron —...
  2. lebigmac

    Root The Ultimate DIY Custom ROM Maker v1.1 including Magiskless Systemfull ADB ROOT ( DOUBLE ROOT ) for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and other devices!!!

    It is finally here my friends :D The prophecy has been fulfilled yet again :D Allow me to present to you the Ultimate DIY Custom ROM Maker v1.1 powered by SystemRW / SuperRW v1.41 featuring MakeRW / ro2rw v1.2 by lebigmac NOW WITH MAGISKLESS SYSTEMFULL ADB ROOT FEATURE !!! ( AKA DOUBLE ROOT )...
  3. lebigmac

    Root The one and only official SYSTEM-RW for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (and other devices) by lebigmac

    Ladies and Gentlemen. The one and only official SYSTEM-RW for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (and other devices) by lebigmac has finally arrived. Always download the real SYSTEM-RW by lebigmac and never trust any dubious fake wannabe copycat imitations. Enjoy :D (Installation and usage instructions...
  4. lebigmac


    BRAND NEW DIY TUTORIAL BY LEBIGMAC ! How to ROOT your boot.img with Magisk (for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra & more) NOTE: For Android 13. Your bootloader needs to be unlocked for this procedure to work! 1) Download your device's firmware from the internet (check your firmware version in 'About...
  5. L

    Rooting my OnePlus

    I have had my oneplus rooted previously by someone else. I accidentally updated my OnePlus Nord ce 2 lite 5g to android 13 without installing magisk to the inactive slot first so when my phone rebooted I had lost root although my bootloader was still unlocked. I've done some research on how to...
  6. Y

    Help Verified root but after flashing stock rom, "Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this de

    Hey guys, had a little problem pop while while setting up my moto 9 g plus. I have already successfully rooted and verified it on my phone once, and after flashing stock rom, it says in Root Checker App it says "Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device. I thought once...
  7. Y

    Phone has no os, errors installing custom roms with twrp

    Hey guys, hoping someone can save me from having to buy a new phone. I either need to fix it quickly or replace it quickly cause my job depends on having one. I have a Moto 9 g plus. I wanted to root my phone for a long time and today I decided to try since the Android 11 update ****ed up the...
  8. 2

    Help... OnePlus 6t Not allowing updates or reinstall of TWRP OR NEW OS.

    Hey, everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue. So, I was avoiding any updates because I didn't want to lose root. Well, I eventually did update Lineage and lost root. Now for some reason I can't regain it. I have a OnePlus 6T (T-Mobile, bottloader unlocked, obviously ), Linkage...
  9. Android News

    Magisk v15.1 released to stable with fixes for bootloop issues

    The latest version of Magisk has been upgraded to a stable release, bringing with it fixes for bootloops that some devices were experiencing.
  10. Android News

    Magisk 14.6 Released

    Magisk's developer has revealed Magisk 14.6 is now ready to download. This update features a project restructure and more stability updates.
  11. Android News

    Magisk 13.3 released to circumvent SafetyNet protections

    Magisk 13.3 is now available for download. The update once again circumvents SafetyNet protection so you can easily manage root access on your phone.
  12. Android News

    SafetyNet can detect Magisk again, but a fix is on the way

    If you are a Magisk user, and you fired up Pokemon Go or Android Pay today just to be met with an error message, you aren't alone. The game of cat and rooted mouse continues, as Google's detection methods have expanded again to catch Magisk 13.2, which is the latest version. But, Magisk...
  13. Android News

    Latest version of Magisk fixes SafetyNet issues and adds support for Android O

    Magisk has been updated to version 13.1 and adds support for Android O while also providing a new workaround for SafetyNet issues.
  14. Android News

    A beta of Magisk v13 is now available to download

    Recently, Magisk users noticed they were failing SafetyNet checks but the developer said they would release an update soon. Today, they did just that with a beta of v13, but feedback seems to indicate that Magisk Manager is force closing right now.
  15. Android News

    Magisk: Some Words On Tamper Detections

    Magisk developer says he is working on the new stricter SafetyNet restrictions that Google has enabled in order to better detect rooted phones.
  16. Android News

    Magisk 13.0 beta is now available to test

    After being removed from Google Play last week, Magisk is now hosted on XDA Labs. The devs have announced the 13.0 beta is ready for testing and includes a unified binary and other useful features.
  17. Android News

    This Magisk module allows you to enable Miracast and tethering

    A new Magisk module is available on XDA Developers that allows rooted devices to enable Miracast and tethering support, in addition to disabling ADB Notify.
  18. Android News

    This Magisk Module lets you enable Doze for Google Play Services

    Normally, you're not allowed to let Doze shut down the Google Play Services application, but a new Magisk Module will actually let you do that so you can save some battery life.
  19. Android News

    How to Install Magisk on Your Pixel or Pixel XL

    Dallas from Gadget Hacks takes a look at how you can install Magisk on your Pixel or Pixel XL. This will allow you to gain access to various modules, which are only available if your device is rooted.
  20. Android News

    The Terminal Debloater Magisk module to lets you debloat your device systemlessly

    There's a new Magisk module called Terminal Debloater that will let you systemlessly debloat your smartphone or tablet in a systemless way.
  21. Android News

    Version 12 of Magisk just released, legacy modules are hidden, fixes Samsung bugs and more

    The developer behind Magisk just pushed out a new update that brings it up to version 12 and comes with the following changes. . . - [General] Move most binaries into magisk.img (Samsung cannot run su daemon in /data). - [General] Move sepolicy live patch to late_start service This shall fix...
  22. Android News

    Latest version of Magisk fixes bugs for Samsung devices and SELinux issues

    The developer behind Magisk just rolled out a new update that fixes issues with Samsung devices and SELinux bugs.
  23. Android News

    SafetyNet seems to have updated and now Magisk no longer bypassing the checks

    Magisk is a tool to help people bypass the SafetyNet checks so they can use applications like Android Pay while their phone is rooted. However, it's being reported that SafetyNet has just been updated and that it is no longer being bypassed by Magisk.
  24. Android News

    Magisk has been updated to version 10, adds no limits to mounts, new ways to mount vendor, and more

    The developer behind Magisk has pushed out a big update to the Android modification today, and it comes with the following changes. . . - [Magic Mount] Use a new way to mount system (vendor) mirrors - [Magic Mount] Use universal way to deal with /vendor, handle both separate partition or not...
  25. Android News

    Google has updated SafetyNet so that root hiding methods no longer work

    There have been a number of methods to hide root on devices so people could continue to use Android Pay, play Pokemon Go, etc. The latest update to SafetyNet has patched these methods and will no longer let you hide root from Android apps.