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micromax a50

  1. D

    Root [ROM]DARK_BLUE For Micromax A50 NINJA

    Do At UR Own Risk I'm Not Responsible to ANY DAMAGE TO UR ninja Hello friends,this is new custom Rom For our Micromax A50 Ninja. This ROM is based on Our Micromax A50 S3 stock Rom firmware. so no problems like 3G or force closes... :FEATURES: 1.Rooted...
  2. M

    Root Error on Rooting Micromax A50

    I am getting error while trying to root my Micromax A50 phone. I am using Windows XP Profession 32 Bit Operating System on my PC. I get stuck at the 3rd step which is mentioned on the How to Root Micromax A50 thread on this forum. When I MT6573_Android_scatter.txt in SP Flash Tool, I get...
  3. S

    i want reboot my micromax a50

    i forgot my username and password . now my phone is not unlocking . i do not know how to install CWM . i also used switch on and volume button . it showing only two options 1.reboot your system now 2.apply update from sdcard. please help how to unlock my phone ..!!!:mad::confused::frown:
  4. M

    cannot install viber

    i cant install viber on micromax a50.....plz help
  5. D

    Root [HELP]set cpu anyone use on micromax a50?

    hello i'm having micromax a50 with new x-zoom 4.0 installed. i want to know that anyone have used set cpu on a50?any special condition? if yes what is max limit for overclocking? and i can install any version of app or need specific version? if i overclock then can i play temple run and other...
  6. A

    Root New custom rom x-zoom working 100% for micromax a50

    X-ZOOM v4.0 Features Pre-Rooted Completly Deodexed Transparent Apps (most of all) Transparent Statusbar Advanced Power Menu (reboot & recovery mode) Full ICS Theme ICS Style Setting.apk Quick Toggle Option added In Settings New LockScreen. Added Init.d Support Lots of Init.d Tweaks...
  7. T

    Root New jelly bean rom for micromax a50

    So heres the idea..Eliora is an open source rom platform for android Created by pavel singh!!What Really excites people is that it is fully customisable by the people demselves soo no boundations!!Also Eliora features different distros-Each one under a specifc name and u can upload our cwm...
  8. A

    Root Custom Rom Request For Micromax A50 (NEW)

    Going to upload new rom for micromax a50 soon... ... After JETMOD 3.0 by varun chitre .15 new rom will be uploaded very soon..!!! acc.to this forum ,new member should have some replies to this thread and some reputation SO PLEASE WAIT AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW..!!!!
  9. S

    Root Google play download problem after flashing Jetmod on Micromax A50

    I just finished flashing custom rom Jetmod 3.0 on my Micromax A50. But after that I am not able to download any apps or update the existing apps from the Google Play. I am using mobile data connection and there is not problem with that as I am getting gmails. I was also trying to download...
  10. T

    Help getting error 500 504 while donwloading any application from google store

    Hi wheneverI try to download to any application from android google market I get an error message "error downloading the application error (500) (504)...
  11. S

    Good games please......

    Actually I have played some 3d games on this phone like raging thunder,destroy gunners and even dead space :) but need more games...... The problem is I have bricked previous phone and can't take the risk of rooting a new one :( . Can anyone please give some name of games playable on A50...
  12. R

    Root How to remove custom recovery from Micromax A50

    I have searched the internet alot but I could not find a way to remove the cwm custom recovery from my micromax a50. I installed this recovery just to check it out. Now I want to remove this custom recovery. Please think about it guys. I need help.:(
  13. S

    Root Touch and auto rotate not working

    I am facing two major problems in my phone for last 2 days. The touch is not working. To solve this I removed the battery ( as touch is not working so cannot switch off it via proper way ) and again inserted the battery, switched it on , now touch worked fine ( till the display is on ) but as...
  14. A

    Root bluetooth problem in jetmod 3.0

    Friends, I have installed jetmod 3.0 and i am unable to connect to other phones via bluetooth.I know that many of u have also faced similar problem.Is there any solution that you have found? I have searched all over the net but couldn't find a solution.please help me. Anand
  15. S

    A 50 Micromax Insufficient Storage

    How to solve insufficient storage available in Micromax A 50 ........:confused:
  16. A

    Help Usb Connected Notification is not coming

    hi everyone, my problem is when i coonect usb to my micromax A50 , is starts charging but usb connected is not showing on notification. Please help me to find the solution
  17. K

    Help upgrading micromax a50

    Hi, i have bought a micromax a50 and i want to know which version of flash player will work on it . if anybody know plz help me....:confused:
  18. J

    Help Inbuilt browser not working

    hi, Inbuilt browser and opera mobile not working on mobile data but works on WiFi. Opera mini, dolfin mini and all other apps work on mobile data. I have this problem from the very first day. similarly, google play dosen't download apps while on mobile data but works on WiFi. It shows...
  19. D

    Help Can't install .jar file

    I can't install .jar file in my Micromax A50 Android 2.3.6 Kindly give suggestion to solve the problem
  20. D

    Help Problem in Gujarati & Hindi font view

    I can't view Gujarati & Hindi fonts in my Micromax A50 Android 2.3.6 When I open any Gujarati file it shows only small squeres & can't be read. Kindly give suggestion to solve the problem.
  21. gta

    What's the screen resolution of Micromax a50 ?

    whats the res ? can anyone confirm ?
  22. R

    How to hard reset Micromax A50 Ninja

    Hi, I need a help here, I forgot my password pattern and im trying to do a hard reset of my micromax ninja a50. I used the "volume up" and the "power" button to enter the system recovery mode. but i can not find an option to reset it. These are the only 2 options I'm getting in Android...
  23. varun.chitre15

    Root [RECOVERY][10-June-2012]ClockworkMod Recovery|Micromax A50-Ninja|Stable

    As we know recovery is most important aspect before starting development of any phone, so for the same reason i have built ClockworkMod recovery for Micromax A50-Ninja for flashing ROMs and lots of other stuff Here is the link to recovery image Here is link to files required for...
  24. M

    Help icon still appearing in menu

    am facing problem i have uninstalled the app but it is still visible in menu bar i have restarted my cell twice..but it still there :confused:

    Root Any new version for a50 ninja